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This is a list of Assassin's Creed Odyssey quests.Click on the title of the quest to get more information about it.

Another Day, Another Drachma

Another day dawned on Kephallonia. Alexios's "usual" business as a misthios could wait. Today, he would find Markos and get paid. Little did he know how difficult that task would be.

- Name / Title Category Description
1So It Begins Odyssey Quest This is the first quest that you will receive after completing the prologue.
2Debt Collector Odyssey Quest As the Fates would have it, Markos had spent Alexios's drachmae again - on a vineyard of all things. Alexios would have do some debt collecting to get back what was owed.

A Debt to Pay

The Cyclops cast a long shadow over the poor people of Kephallonia, including Alexios and his sometimes-ally, Markos. Now, he demanded payment or Markos's head - or both.

- Name / Title Category Description
1An Eye for an Eye Odyssey Quest In order to pay his debts, Markos hatched another get-rich-quick scheme: steal from the Cyclops himself. He swore to Alexios that if they had his obsidian eye, their problems would be over.
2Fancy Guests Odyssey Quest Alexios had had enough of Markos's scheming, but the fun wasn't quite over. Unknown visitors had docked in Kephallonia. and Markos was sure they would stand in the way of his plans.
3Penelope's Shroud Odyssey Quest Enticed by the mysterious Elpenor, Alexios accepted his request to retrieve the mythical Penelope's shroud. Its recovery, said Elpenor, was crucial. and Alexios would find out why.
4The Big Break Odyssey Quest Impressed with his skills, Elpenor offered Alexios the contract of a lifetime: to kill a military general. The problem was his new target was in Megaris, which meant Alexios would need a boat.

The Wolf Hunt

Seeing something rare in Alexios, Elpenor gave him a chance to prove himself. The mercenary set off to kill the Wolf of Sparta - a job that would prove more complicated than it first appeared.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Learning the Ropes Odyssey Quest Barnabas's ship had seen better days, but Alexios quickly learned how to make it formidable once more.
2Equal Employment Opportunity Program Odyssey Quest Barnabas's ship was under-crewed, so he suggested a new hire. Alexios decided that he'd be in charge of recruiting new crew members himself.
3A Journey into War Odyssey Quest As Alexios neared Megaris, he was greeted by an almighty Athenian blockade preventing access to the port. To reach the Spartans, he would have to smash his waythrough.
4The Athenian Leader Odyssey Quest In order to defeat the Athenians in Megaris. Stentor asked Alexios to kill the region's Leader. He mentioned that this task would be easier if Alexios weakened the Athenian's position first.
5Crumble and Burn Support Quest This is a support quest for The Athenian Leader quest, to help you lower the nation power in Megaris.
6One Man Army Support Quest This is a support quest for The Athenian Leader quest, to help you lower the nation power in Megaris.
7The Athenian Treasure Trove Support Quest This is a support quest for The Athenian Leader quest, to help you lower the nation power in Megaris.
8The Missing Map Support Quest To get this quest you should talk to Spartan Hoplite. This is a support quest for The Athenian Leader quest, to help you lower the nation power in Megaris.
9Portion Control Support Quest Tensions were high in the Spartan camp after a supply convoy was plundered and the men guarding it killed. In hopes of gaining more favor with the Spartans, Alexios set out to find the perpetrator.
10Hunting Hyrkanos Support Quest Dolios located Hyrkanos, a dangerous mercenary who was disrupting the Spartan advance in the region. He asked Alexios to deal with the menace before he could do any more damage.
11The Final Push Odyssey Quest Having weakened the Athenian hold on Megaris, Alexios joined the Spartans in battle to conquer the region. The time had come to turn the blue banners red.
12The Wolf of Sparta Odyssey Quest The time had come for Alexios to confront his father Nikolaos, the Wolf of Sparta, and revisit the ghosts of the past.

The Wolf and the Snake

As was the case with Elpenor, his reasons for wanting the Wolf of Sparta dead were unknown. What was known was only that the price on the contract was high, and this contract was unlike any other.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Onwards to Phokis Odyssey Quest Alexios knew his confrontation with Nikolaos made him a marked man. He had to flee Megaris or face the wrath of the entire Spartan army for what he'd done.
2The Wolf's Fate Odyssey Quest Alexios traveled to Pilgrim's Landing in Phokis to confront the mysterious Elpenor and collect his reward for the Wolf's head.

Of Visions and Visionaries

After what happened to Nikolaos, Alexios sought guidance from Barnabas, who encouraged him to consult the Oracle at Delphi.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Consulting a Ghost Odyssey Quest Oracles and prophecies had destroyed Alexios's family. So when Barnabas suggested he consult with the Oracle of Delphi to help find his mother, he did so with great reluctance and skepticism.
2The Truth Will Out Odyssey Quest All at once Alexios met the Oracle, renowned for predicting futures, and Herodotos, famous documentarian of the past. To get to the truth, however, he sought a private audience with the former.

Beware the Snakes

Things in Delphi were not as they used to be. A new wind was blowing, stirring up the pious reputation of Phokis. There was something strange about the Pythia and her prophetic abilities.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Snake in the Grass Odyssey Quest Nikolaos had ominously warned Alexios about snakes in the grass. So when Elpenor tried to kill him in Pilgrim’s Landing, he'd finally shed his skin and revealed his deceitful and deadly nature.
2The Serpent's Lair Odyssey Quest The Oracle revealed the secret meeting place of the mysterious Cult of Kosmos, and Alexios could finally lift the veil they had drawn around their cause. The time had come to infiltrate.

An Old Enemy and a New Ally

Alexios had infiltrated the Cult, but was left with more questions about his spear, his mother, and the mysterious Fragments worn by the Cultists. He hoped answers awaited him in Thermoplyai.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Memories Awoken Odyssey Quest From the moment he laid eyes on Alexios's spear, Herodotos knew it was special. Before sailing to Athens he met Alexios at Thermopylai, where the blade last fell from King Leonidas's mighty hand.

From the Shadows

The Cult of Kosmos was revealed as a threat to Alexios, his family, and the entire Greek world. He knew they must be stopped no matter the cost.

- Name / Title Category Description
1The Delian League Odyssey Quest Had the people of Athens known the Cult plotted against them, would they have acted to protect their fragile freedom and rise up? Perhaps it wouldn't matter. Alexios would fight for them.
2The Eyes of Kosmos Odyssey Quest No secret went unheard during the war, thanks to the ones known as the Eyes of Kosmos. To them, knowledge was the greatest tool to control the world, and they endeavored to know all.
3The Gods of the Aegean Sea Odyssey Quest The fleets that mysteriously disappeared in the night did not meet sirens, nor Charybdis, nor the Hydra, but the Gods of the Aegean. The Cult's masters of the sea, they left chaos in their wake.
4The Heroes of the Cult Odyssey Quest The Heroes of the Cult were among the greatest warriors in the known world. So long as they stood ready for battle, the Cult would always be a threat.
5The Peloponnesian League Odyssey Quest Peering through the billowing smoke of war were the red eyes of the Cultists' Peloponnesian League, a small group that would stop at nothing to turn all Greeks into Spartan slaves.
6The Silver Vein Odyssey Quest The Cultists of the Silver Vein amassed wealth through war, slavery, and when that didn't work, theft. So long as they tived, the Cult would have drachmae, and lots of it.
7The Worshippers of the Bloodline Odyssey Quest To some, like the Worshippers of the Bloodline, Kosmos lived in the blood of Deimos. To worship Deimos was to worship chaos itself, and all other blood would be the sacrifice they'd offer.
8A Fresh Start Odyssey Quest With one Cultist left alive, it was time for Alexios to fulfill his vow. To find them, he was called to the place where he learned of their existence. He'd have to go back to where it all began.

The Spear of Leonidas

Every Cultist wore a strange Fragment which, when returned to the ancient forge, would augment the spear of Leonidas. Perhaps, when all Fragments were combined, they would unlock its true power.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Upgrade the Spear Odyssey Quest The only way to charge the power of Leonidas's spear would be to collect the Artifact Fragments from each member of the Cult of Kosmos.

The Road to the Symposium

It was certain now that the Cult's threat was imminent - they were coming. Not only were they after Alexios and his mythic bloodline, but they wanted Perikles, father of democracy, too. Meeting him was crucial.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Welcome to Athens Odyssey Quest After meeting Deimos face to face, Herodotos and Alexios headed to Perikles, leader of Athens, in the hopes he would have information on the whereabouts of Alexios's mother.
2A Venomous Encounter Odyssey Quest Perikles mentioned a colleague named Metiochos who missed an appointment. To enter the symposium, Alexios needed to find him.
3Escape from Athens Odyssey Quest In order to gain access to his symposium, Perikles tasked Alexios with getting his friend and famous artist, Phidias, out of Athens.
4Ostracized Odyssey Quest Tasked with influencing a vote to ostracize a seemingly innocent man, Alexios had no choice but to do it if he wished to attend Perikles's illustrious symposium.
5Perikles's Symposium Odyssey Quest Alexios was finally given access to Perikles's fabled symposium. He knew the other guests were his best chance for information about his missing mother.
6Oil and Love Support Quest This is a support quest for The Perikles's Symposium quest.
7Drink Up Support Quest This is a support quest for The Perikles's Symposium quest.

A Prescription for Discovery

In his journey to find information about his mother, Alexios sought Hippokrates, the famous physician.

- Name / Title Category Description
1First Do No Harm Odyssey Quest Rumors that a physician called Hippokrates may have information regarding the whereabouts of Myrrine led Alexios to the city of Argos, where his clinic was located.
2The Priests of Asklepios Odyssey Quest To help find Alexios's mother, Hippokrates directed him towards the Sanctuary of Asklepios, where the priests would know more about the Spartan woman who passed through so long ago.
3The Doctor Will See You Now Odyssey Quest Alexios found Hippokrates busy with a crowd of the wounded and sick. In order to save his dying patient, the good doctor needed medical notes from a nearby fort's chief physician.
4Enough Is Enough Support Quest This is a support quest for The Priests of Asklepios quest.
5A Heart for a Head Support Quest This is a support quest for The Priests of Asklepios quest.
6Written in Stone Support Quest This is a support quest for The Priests of Asklepios quest.
7Speak No Evil Odyssey Quest Alexios's visit to the sanctuary was like walking in his mother's footsteps. The priests were helpful, but the man he needed to speak to the most was the man who could not speak at all.
8A Herald of Murder Odyssey Quest Trying to recall what happened seventeen years pior, Hippokrates sent Alexios to find a farmer who may have come across Myrinne during her visit to Argolis.
9Ashes to Ashes Odyssey Quest How Alexios managed to retrieve information from a man with no tongue was beyond all reason. Once armed with the truth about his mother and sibling, however, he set off to confront Chrysis.

Land of the Lawless

Alkibiades gave the name of Anthousa, a hetaera in Korinth who sees all. It wasn't much, but Alexios would leave no stone unturned.

- Name / Title Category Description
1To Find a Girl Odyssey Quest Alexios followed Alkibiades's lead to Korinthia, a Land of corrupt commerce and elusive hetaerae. So elusive were the hetaerae, in fact, Alexios would have some trouble finding Anthousa, their leader.
2Follow That Boat Odyssey Quest No member of the hetaerae would ever be left behind. Kleio had been kidnapped, and her desperate friend Erinna would do anything to have her brought back to Korinthia's shores.
3Port of Lawlessness Odyssey Quest Anthousa's information about Myrrine would not come without a price. To start weakening the Monger's hold on Korinthia, Anthousa asked Alexios to destroy his warehouse of imports and exports.
4To Help a Girl Odyssey Quest Gaining the trust of the hetaerae was easier said then done. When one of their clients acted strangely, a reluctant Damalis asked Alexios to investigate what could have changed him.
5Monger Down Odyssey Quest To end the war between her and the Monger, Anthousa required one more favor: to kill him. Both Anthousa and Brasidas had opposing solutions, but it was up to Alexios to make the right choice.

Pirate Hospitality

In typical Aspasia fashion, she knew something few others did. Her seaward contact Xenia, a fearsome admiral, would likely have information on Myrrine's whereabouts.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Island of Misfortune Odyssey Quest Alexios's search for his mother led him to seek out Xenia, a ruthless admiral with a vicious reputation.
2A Chest Full of Drachmae Support Quest This is a support quest for Island of Misfortune quest.
3Red in the Wreckage Support Quest This is a support quest for Island of Misfortune quest.
4We're Not Thieves Support Quest This is a support quest for Island of Misfortune quest.
5Recruitment Drive Support Quest This is a support quest for Island of Misfortune quest.
6We're Treasure Hunters Support Quest This is a support quest for Island of Misfortune quest.
7Lost and Found Support Quest This is a support quest for Island of Misfortune quest.

Rising from the Ashes

Myrrine was known as Phoenix. She saved Kassandra and brought her to Argolis. She won a ship, and sailed for freedom, just like Alexios. Surely this would be enough for Aspasia to help find her now.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Abandoned By the Gods Odyssey Quest It was as if the gods themselves had infected and cursed Athens with the plague. Having found the clues required to locate his mother, Alexios returned to find Aspasia.
2And the Streets Run Red Odyssey Quest Alexios, angry that Aspasia had sent Phoibe out on an errand in Athens's infected and dangerous streets. decided to go and find his friend himself.
3Athens's Last Hope Odyssey Quest Athens had never looked more unlike itself. Chaos ran rampant in the streets, Phoibe was dead, Perikles was missing, and Aspasia was desperate to take him out of Athens. Alexios had to persist.

The Reunion

After a decisive battle on the beach, Myrrine asked Alexios to return with her to Naxos. After thinking her son was dead for so long, she had a lot to talk about.

- Name / Title Category Description
1A Mother's Prayers Odyssey Quest After searching through all of the Greek world, Alexios finally found his mother's trail. Although seventeen years had passed, the time had come to reunite with her in Naxos.
2Catching Up Odyssey Quest After a quick but decisive battle on the beach, Myrrine took Alexios on a tour of her newfound city. After each thinking the other dead for so long, there was much catching up to do.

Paradise Lost

After an emotional reunion, Myrrine asked Alexios to secure Naxos from the invaders of the nearby island of Paros.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Death and Disorder Odyssey Quest As she suspected, Myrrine learned of the Cult's plans to assassinate both her and Alexios. Hearing that their attackers were hiding somewhere on the island, Alexios planned to hunt them down.
2Going Down Odyssey Quest Alexios knew lowering Paros’s Nation Power would give Naxos an advantage in the war, one Myrrine and the people of Naxos desperately needed.
3Quarry Quandary Odyssey Quest Euneas, the admiral of Myrrine's fleet, didn't return from a mission to Paros island, causing anxiety among the ranks. Fearing the worst, Myrrine asked Alexios to find him and bring him home.
4The Paros Blockade Odyssey Quest Paros blockaded the Naxos harbor in preparation for an assault. Myrrine feared the Naxos fleet couldn't take Paros alone, but Alexios knew his own crew was up to the task.
5Unified Front Odyssey Quest With the blockade removed, the time had come to finish things with Paros once and for all. Myrrine waited for Alexios at the Fort of the Aloades as she prepared to sail her fleet against Paros.

Home Is Where My Mother Is

Myrrine was waiting for Alexios in Lakonia.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Home Sweet Home Odyssey Quest After helping his mother secure Naxos and learning the whereabouts of his real father, Alexios set sail for Lakonia to face his Spartan past and reclaim the place he once called home.
2Kings of Sparta Odyssey Quest To regain his and his mother's citizenship and reclaim their home, Alexios had to convince Sparta's kings. No one forgot that night on Mount Taygetos, and forgiveness came at an incredible cost.
3Bully the Bullies Support Quest This is a support quest for Kings of Sparta quest.
4One Bad Spartan Spoils the Bunch Support Quest This is a support quest for Kings of Sparta quest.

The Gates of Atlantis

Once the Artifacts were back where they belonged, the only thing left to do was seal Atlantis.

- Name / Title Category Description
1The Gates of Atlantis Odyssey Quest Through Pythagoras, Alexios learned of the locked vaults in Atlantis. He was tasked with traveling the Greek world searching for the powerful Artifacts that would unlock the mysterious chambers.
2Ancient Revelations Odyssey Quest With all the Artifacts returned, Alexios discovered the knowledge kept hidden and a means to seal Atlantis forever.

The Last Riddle

To retrieve the Artifact that would unlock Atlantis, more than just wits were needed.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Lore of the Sphinx Odyssey Quest With his clue from Pythagoras, Alexios journeyed to Boeotia to uncover the Artifact supposedly hidden by the legendary Sphinx.
2Awaken the Myth Odyssey Quest The key to awakening the Sphinx was complete. All that remained was to use it and recover the Artifact.

A Place of Twists and Turns

There were rumors of a powerful ancient Artifact that would lead to a mythical place full of twists and turns. The relic, so claimed the locals, was to be found in Krete.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Myths and Minotaurs Odyssey Quest Though the young boy's claim of a living Minotaur seemed improbable to him. Alexios decided to help him search for his father.
2Of Minotaurs and Men Odyssey Quest The young and scrappy Ardos spoke of three men who left his father for dead. If Alexios was a real hero, he would help find him.
3Blood in the Water Support Quest This is a support quest for Of Minotaurs and Men quest.
4Full Circle Support Quest This is a support quest for Of Minotaurs and Men quest.
5Recollections Support Quest This is a support quest for Of Minotaurs and Men quest.
6The Lost Arkalochori Axe Support Quest This is a support quest for Blood in the Water quest.
7Catch and Release Support Quest This is a support quest for Blood in the Water quest.
8Seeking Answers Support Quest This is a support quest for Of Minotaurs and Men quest.
9He Waits Odyssey Quest Alexios descended into the depths of Knossos Palace to slay the dreaded Minotaur.

Paint It Red

Proving loyalty to Sparta would be hard, but the bigger task would be proving loyalty to Archidamos. If Alexios could secure victory in the battle for Boeotia, he could count himself Spartan again.

- Name / Title Category Description
1The Conqueror Odyssey Quest With the King's edict in one hand and his spear in the other, Alexios was tasked with conquering Boeotia for Sparta, making sure the Athenians didn't get there first.
2The End of Drakon Odyssey Quest The Boeotian people used to say that Drakon was the descendant of Herakles. He would be a challenge worthy of a true mercenary.
3The Fall of Deianeira Odyssey Quest As one of the champions of Boeotia, Deianeira was in Alexios's way and had to be dealt with, but she was not to be taken lightly.
4Sibling Revenge Support Quest This is a support quest for The Fall of Deianeira quest.
5The Last Fight of Aristaios Odyssey Quest Alexios had to face Aristaios, a skilled warrior and smart tactician. Despite his skill, his devotion to Boeotia was always going to get him killed.
6The Last Hunt of Nesaia Odyssey Quest Nesaia, the legendary huntress of Boeotia was marked by Alexios. For the first time in her life, the hunter had become the hunted.

The Olympian

By winning the Olympics, Alexios would bring glory to Sparta. But, as all athletes know, the road to victory is not as straight as it seems.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Delivering a Champion Odyssey Quest With the King's edict in one hand and his spear in the other, Alexios was tasked with conquering Boeotia for Sparta, making sure the Athenians didn't get there first.
2The Contender Odyssey Quest With Testikles out of the competition, Alexios had to win the Pankration with only his bare fists and a loving pat on the back from Alkibiades.
3The Long Game Odyssey Quest Alkibiades, his charm known to get him in ample amounts of trouble, was poisoned at a party celebrating the Games. Alexios went in search of the culprit - and a way to save his friend.
4Pankration Odyssey Quest Alexios, having returned to the Pankration arena, needed to take the prize for Sparta by defeating the reigning champion Dorieus.

The Cult and the Archon

There was a time when Arkadia was a prosperous land, and its Archon a just leader. Those days were no more. Lagos had to be stopped.

- Name / Title Category Description
1To Kill or Not to Kill Odyssey Quest After their audience with the kings of Sparta, Myrrine and Brasidas went Cultist hunting in Arkadia. Alexios planned to meet up with them there, but Arkadia was no safe place for the misthios.
2Judge, Jury, Executioner Odyssey Quest Lagos, the Archon of Arkadia, had every mercenary under Helios on the hunt for Alexios and his mother. Myrrine wanted him dead, but Brasidas felt he should live. In the end, Alexios had to choose.
3White Lies and Blackmail Support Quest This is a support quest for Judge, Jury, Executioner quest. You will get it if you think Brasidas' idea is better.
4Breaking Bread Support Quest This is a support quest for Judge, Jury, Executioner quest.
5Fourth-Degree Burns Support Quest This is a support quest for Judge, Jury, Executioner quest.
6Gluten Free Support Quest This is a support quest for Judge, Jury, Executioner quest.

Tunnel Vision

Pythagoras's records told of a powerful ancient Artifact in Korinth that could grant powerful focus and singular vision. A self-proclaimed descendent of the gods in Kythera held the key to the artifact.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Stairway to Olympos Odyssey Quest Fully clothed and key in hand, Empedokles invited Alexios to meet those who he claimed as family - the gods themselves.

The Cultist King

With their tasks to regain citizenship completed, Alexios and Myrrine returned to Sparta to reclaim what was theirs, but also to remove the Cultist King once and for all.

- Name / Title Category Description
1A Bloody Feast Odyssey Quest With an Olympic victory for Sparta and the Athenians dealt with in Boeotia, Alexios met with the two kings. He changed Sparta forever when he accused one of them of being a Cult member.
2The Battle of Pylos Odyssey Quest With Spartan soldiers cornered at Pylos, Brasidas asked Alexios to join forces with Sparta to help turn the tide of battle. It was also rumored that Deimos was fighting for the Athenians.


The time had finally come to take Kleon down.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Doing Time Odyssey Quest After the confrontation at Pylos with Deimos, Alexios was imprisoned in an Athenian jail. However, before even attempting to escape, he had some important things to say to his captors.
2The Resistance Odyssey Quest Kleon revealed that he and the Cult were responsible for Perikles's death and that a ship was sailing to Mytilene to quell a rebellion against his rule. Those loyal to Perikles knew his time was up.

Public Opinion

Sokrates and Aristophanes awaited Alexios at the home of Perikles, needing his help to discredit Kleon before all of Athens.

- Name / Title Category Description
1An Actor's Life for Me Odyssey Quest Athens's finest actor. Thespis, was nowhere to be found. If Aristophanes wanted his next play to succeed in its critique of Kleon, he needed the talents of this man. Alexios swore to find him.
2Unearthing the Truth Odyssey Quest Sokrates asked Alexios to help find information at the Akropolis that could turn the people against Kleon. Sokrates asked him to meet at the Pnyx once he found evidence of his madness.
3A-Musing Tale Odyssey Quest Thespis wouldn't perform in Aristophanes's latest play unless he had his muse by his side. It was crucial that he and the woman who inspired him were reunited in time for his performance.
4The Knights Odyssey Quest With the play complete and the people aware of Kleon's plans for Mytilene, Alexios returned to Sokrates to find out what the next step was.

Battle of Amphipolis

With Kleon finally cornered, it was time to end his tyranny.

- Name / Title Category Description
1We Will Rise Odyssey Quest In a move to rally the Athenians, Kleon left safety to lead an army to reclaim Amphipolis from the Spartans. Alexios needed to make this Kleon's last campaign and take down the enigmatic Cultist.


With Kleon's reign finally brought to an end, the only thing left to do was to return home to Myrrine.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Where It All Began Odyssey Quest Battle-weary and brokenhearted, Alexios returned to Myrrine in Sparta. Many of those he loved had been killed by his enemies. For Alexios to move forward, he had to face his greatest nemesis - his past.
2Dinner in Sparta Odyssey Quest After so much tension and strife, Alexios finally found a moment away from his hardships. It was time to relax, and he sat down for a meal in an unexpected place - his childhood home in Sparta.

Shadows of Serpents

Pythagoras's records told of a powerful ancient Artifact that could lead to a writhing and deadly end for those unworthy of it. It lay hidden, so it was said, far to the northeast.

- Name / Title Category Description
1Romancing the Stone Garden Odyssey Quest After agreeing to help Bryce save Ligeia, Alexios followed her deep into the woods where the Writhing Dread was believed to lurk.
2Love's Long Shadow Odyssey Quest Having saved a panic-stricken Bryce from an angry mob, Alexios unknowingly became part of a tragic tale involving two star-crossed lovers...
3A Slithery Plea Odyssey Quest Alexios met Bryce at - such was Bryce's claim - the lair of the Writhing Dread. Bryce asked Alexios to aid her in saving her lover.
4Hard to Artemis Support Quest This is a support quest for A Slithery Plea quest.
5Heavy is the Spear Support Quest This is a support quest for A Slithery Plea quest.
6Hearts of War Thaletas When Thaletas sailed to Mykonos he expected many things. Falling in love wasn't one of them. So he invited Alexios to his favorite spot. to show his affection the only way a Spartan knew how.
7Keys to Happiness? Support Quest This is a support quest for A Slithery Plea quest.
8Writhing Dead Odyssey Quest Having opened the gate, Alexios rushed in with Bryce to find Ligeia and fight the Writhing Dread.

World Quests

- Name / Title Category Description
1Hungry Gods Kephallonia Islands To get this quest you should talk to the Worried Worshipper sitting in front of the Drogarati Cave.
2A Fight with Talos Kephallonia Islands You will receive this quest automatically when you release Phoibe from the hands of bandits while doing the Debt Collector quest.
3Merciful Gods Kephallonia Islands When you leave the cave through a gap in the wall after completing Kill the bandits in the cave objective of Hungry Gods quest, you will come across a woman asking for the grace of God.
4In the Footsteps of Gods Kephallonia Islands To get this quest, you must talk to a priestess standing next to the Temple of Zeus.
5Lumbering Along Kephallonia Islands This quest will appear in your questlog after completion of the Debt Collector quest.
6Mercenary Work Kephallonia Islands To get this quest, check the Message Board in Sami.
7Shark the Vagrant Kephallonia Islands You will receive this quest if you agree to help Vegetable Sellers.
8A Small Odyssey Kephallonia Islands You will receive this quest when you talk to Odessa locked in a cage in the Odysseus's Palace.
9A Ship Came Sailing Kephallonia Islands You can start this quest by offering your help to Davos or by freeing Orneos.
10Intrinsic Beatdowns Phokis This quest can be obtained from the naval message board.
11Besieging Bandits Greece In order to start this quest you need to find a Mysterious Letter. I found it in a treasure chest in Fort Geraneia in Megaris.
12Shop Talk Megaris After discovering a coded message, one man realized his employer was a spy. Afraid, and understandably so, he asked Alexios for help.
13Age is Just a Number Phokis An old woman's husband had issues keeping up with her lustful hunger. She needed Alexios to gather ingredients for an elixir that could fix his libido.
14Photios's Pre-Tirement Phokis Photios, an aging Kephallonian mercenary, was tired. While he was guarding a treasury, priests stole valuable sapphires. Luckily, his old friend Alexios found him just in time to lend a hand.
15Cave Crusader Greece In order to start this quest you need to find a Mysterious Letter. I found it in a treasure chest in Korykian Cave in Phokis.
16Crewless Phokis Captain Gelon's ship, the Shark's Tooth, had failed to return and meet her. Alexios agreed to find out what had happened to the ship and its crew.
17The Daughters of Artemis Greece It was suggested that Alexios seek out Daphnae, the leader of the Daughters of Artemis, in Phokis. A great task was meant to await him there...
18Family Values Lokris When the Oracle told Supideo he would do terrible things to his parents, he locked himself in a cage. To further ensure their safety, he hired Alexios to retrieve his sword from the Blacksmith.
19Confiscated Lokris Supideo felt better once his parents had the sword, but he couldn't rest easy until they had his shield as well. The shield had been stolen by bandits, however, so Alexios had to steal it back.
20Making Friends Pirate Islands An odd little girl in the clay pits asked Alexios to help her get materials to make jewelry for her friends. Strangely enough, these friends of hers were nowhere in sight...
21Heart of Stone Pirate Islands In a beauty pageant where the prize was marriage to Aetios, the scion of the most influential family in Keos, Alexios was asked to help a lovelorn girl stand out with the help of a witch.
22Once a Slave Abantis Islands A slave owner from Karystos was distraught: his priceless vase had been stolen. As it was a family heirloom, he would do anything to get it back - anything like hire a misthios.
23Escort Service Attika You will get this quest if you manage to board the pirate ship and rescue Kleio during the Follow That Boat quest.
24Death Comes for Us All Argolis This quest will be available if you decided to save the child and did not kill Chrysis while doing Ashes to Ashes quest.
25A Growing Sickness Attika This quest can only be acquired when there is a plague in Athens. This takes place during the Abandoned By the Gods quest.
26The Writing's on the Wall Naxos Island The political situation between Naxos and Paros was tenuous at best. Some outspoken individuals took to creating propaganda art against Myrrine's rule, and she had had enough.
27A Family's Legacy Volcanic Islands Myrrine told Alexios that his real father was hidden somewhere on the island of Thera. She told her son to start looking where civilization once was.
28Trouble in Paradise Silver Islands Alexios landed on Mykonos in response to a desperate plea from a failing rebellion. But to help the people overthrow their Athenian oppressors, he first had to find the rebel leader named Kyra.
29The Grand Minotour Pephka Alexios accepted a "Minotaur Tour" from a street-wise boy in Pephka named Arsenios, but quickly came to wonder if he'd made a mistake.
30Bravely Ran Away Pephka A cowardly warrior needed to look like a proper Minotaur slayer in order to convince his entire village that he'd slayed the beast. Even if he hadn't. Alexios decided to help him look the part.
31Revenge Served Cold Messara In Gortyn, Alexios came across grieving families who'd fallen victim to the Followers of Ares. Anguished, they beseeched Alexios to avenge their dead.
32Gortyn Out of Hand Messara Some would argue war wasn't good for much, but one man thought it was just what Gortyn needed.
33Fang for Your Buck Messara The weaponsmith had a discerning eye and knew only the sharpest teeth would do for his new bow. Having known sharp teeth his whole life, Alexios was the one to get them.
34Flowers for the Dead Messara Alexios came across an old man who knew firsthand that all flowers eventually wither.
35Bare It All Messara After saving a man, Alexios came to learn of an object of great value in the hands of the Followers of Ares. Getting it would reward him handsomely.
36It's Complicated Messara Amongst the ruins of a war-torn Messara, Alexios found himself helping a man reach out to the one he loved.
37Civil Unrest Messara In Kydonia, the military and the merchants found themselves constantly at odds. Alexios set out to settle these unruly disputes.
38Say That Again! Messara Craving peace and quiet, Alexios left the loud Blacksmith and his apprentice in Kydonia to find the obsidian glass he asked for.
39A Legendary Hunt Lakonia You will receive this quest at the end of the audience with the Kings of Sparta if you haven't completed additional support quests.
40Training Days Lakonia Magistrate Xanthe, an influential noblewoman of Pitana, asked Alexios to escort her son, Makarios, to the agoge for his training. The misthios's presence was seen as a great honor.
41Brothers in Arms Lakonia Alexios's abilities had earned the respect of latrokles, the agoge master. He then entrusted her with finding two lost recruits who disappeared mysteriously from their overnight camp.
42Not My Mother's Daughter Lakonia This quest will be available for you to take when you complete Brothers in Arms quest. In order to receive it you should talk to Zita and Zopheras.
43A Godless Blight Lakonia This quest will be available for you to take when you complete Brothers in Arms quest. In order to receive it you should talk to Lanike.
44A Treasury of Legends Lakonia This quest will be available for you to take when you complete Brothers in Arms quest. In order to receive it you should talk to Damia.
45Sacred Favors Lakonia This quest will be available for you to take when you complete Brothers in Arms quest. In order to receive it you should talk to Zeuxo.
46End of the Day Lakonia After helping the people of Lakonia, Alexios had become a local legend and earned his reward tenfold. Xanthe was always willing to acknowledge good service.
47Purple Pain Kythera Island Begged by a grieving father, Alexios set out to investigate the murder of the man's son.
48Takes Drachmae to Make Drachmae Kythera Island To start this quest you have to buy a treasure tablet from Street Vendor. It costs 1000 drachmae.
49Idiot Hunt Kythera Island Alexios ventured into the wilds to help a worried woman find her husband - an idiot by her claim.
50Place in the Kosmos Kythera Island Kythera risked falling into the clutches of the Cult, but Diona, a persuasive priestess of Aphrodite, convinced Alexios to help secure the island.
51All Bonds Will Break Support Quest This is a support quest for Place in the Kosmos quest.
52Pick Your Poison Support Quest This is a support quest for Place in the Kosmos quest.
53The Handmaiden's Story Support Quest This is a support quest for Place in the Kosmos quest.
54Atoll Order Support Quest This is a support quest for Place in the Kosmos quest.
55We Remember Attika Alexios and Sokrates had gone through many things together, both good and bad. When they met once again in Athens, Sokrates insisted it was all valuable and worth examining.
56Revenge of the Wolf Petrified Islands Concerned about her husband's obsession with hunting down a giant wolf, a woman hired Alexios to take care of the beast and find her husband.
57Shroud of the Bear Petrified Islands A merchant in Mytilene was commissioned to craft a breastplate using bear skins, and hired Alexios to gather the skins needed.
58Qamra, Medicine Woman Petrified Islands After workers in a vineyard on Lesbos fell ill, Alexios was hired to find the local physician's tools and medicine.
59Waiting for Galarnos Petrified Islands When Galarnos, an art dealer, did not return from his trip, his friend hired Alexios to track him down.
60Son of a Fisherman Petrified Islands A fisherman in Eresos asked Alexios for help finding his son, who he believed had taken his boat to meet a girl.
61The Elixir Petrified Islands A scholar, obsessed with finding a way to reverse petrification, asked Alexios for help crafting an elixir that she believed was a cure.
62Clothes Make the Daughter Petrified Islands Rejected by the Daughters of Artemis, a young woman asked Alexios to aid her in disguising herself as one of them.
63Artemis's Request Greece Daphnae had one last trial for Alexios. She believed that by completing his hunts for Artemis, Alexios had proven himself worthy of challenging her for the leadership of the Daughters of Artemis.
64Caged and Enraged Petrified Islands Alexios freed a huntress who was more animal than woman. She requested that Alexios do the same for the rest of her family.
65Hostage Situation Petrified Islands When her farm was captured by bandits, the last thing on the farmer's mind was her lost property. What she held most valuable was also stolen from her: her two sons.
66Chip on Your Shoulder Petrified Islands A lumber merchant in Chios city hired Alexios to kill the leader of Lesbos, who some claimed had been exploiting the island's resources to line his own pockets.
67A Business Opportunity Southern Sporades Looking for a big reward? The Cerberus wants you. No matter if he's dead or alive, the Con of Kos must be brought to justice - now.
68Call to Arms Silver Islands To watch Alexios cripple the Athenians was a thing to behold. As Spartan reinforcements flooded the beaches, Herodianos invited him to fight in one of the bloodiest battles Mykonos had ever seen.
69The Thaletas Way Support Quest This is a support quest for Call to Arms quest.
70Hades, Meet Podarkes Silver Islands Podarkes's days of cruelty were numbered. The time had come for Alexios to slit his throat. And much like the goddess his ship was named after, there were none who could escape his wrath.
71Kyra with a Cause Support Quest This is a support quest for Hades, Meet Podarkes quest.
72Paint the Sand Red Support Quest This is a support quest for Call to Arms quest.
73Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money Support Quest This is a support quest for Hades, Meet Podarkes quest.
74Grin and Bear It Silver Islands A wounded traveler wanted two things: to get off Delos, and to kill the beast that slaughtered her crew and nearly took her life. She offered Alexios good money to help her with the latter.
75"M" for Murder Silver Islands A mysterious beggar sent Alexios to an old abandoned house to uncover the truth about Kyra, the fearless rebel leader everyone thought they knew.
76A Night to Remember Silver Islands Podarkes the Cruel had fallen. The Delians pried themselves free from the grip of Athens. Thanks to Alexios, the rebellion was all but won. He had much to celebrate and many farewells to give.


- Name / Title Category Description
1The Blood Fever Kephallonia Islands To start this quest you should talk to Phoibe once the Debt Collector quest has been completed.
2They Just Want Cruelty Skoura This quest will appear in your diary after you kill Talos the Stone-Fist (A Fight with Talos quest) and take the Arena Invitation from his corpse.
3A Family Ordeal Odessa To start this quest you have to save Odessa on the island of Ithaka and then find her and talk to her in Megaris.
4The True Story Odessa Alexios received a note from Odessa, apologizing for her abrupt, mysterious departure and requesting he return to her father's estate to figure out exactly who was trying kill her, and why.
5Hull, Yeah! Barnabas You will receive this quest when you sail to Andros Island while doing quest Memories Awoken.
6Minotour De Force Leiandros In order to battle the Minotaur and win the Prize of Pephka, Alexios was told that he'd first have to endure certain suspicious sounding "Pre-Trials.”
7Helping a Healer Lykaon The people of Phokis praised Lykaon as a kind-hearted physician. But perhaps he was the one who truly needed healing.
8Sins of the Past Lykaon Lykaon requested that Alexios accompany him on a visit to his grandmother. It did not seem to be an ordinary house call.
9The Unkindest Cut Lykaon Alexios began his search for Lykaon's grandmother - kidnapping victim, and holder of a terrible secret.
10The Goddesses' Hunt The Daughters of Artemis Daphnae challenged Alexios to hunt down seven legendary creatures throughout the Greek world and deliver their pelts back to her.
11Kallisto the Bear Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
12The Erymanthian Boar Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
13The Hind of Keryneia Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
14The Kretan Bull Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
15The Krokottas Hyena Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
16The Lykaon Wolf Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
17The Nemean Lion Support Quest This is a support quest for The Goddesses' Hunt quest.
18A Pirate's Life Barnabas A carpenter who lost his brother to pirates agreed to join the crew and put his skills to use if Alexios rescued his sibling.
19For the People Kleon Kleon, a political rival of Perikles, saw the plight of his people in Athens and asked Alexios to help strike back against the Spartans outside their walls.
20Creating Opportunity Demosthenes General Demosthenes, a wise and cunning man, wished for the Eagle Bearer's aid against the Spartans. If he could throw them into chaos, the war was all but won.
21Citizenship Test Sokrates Alexios found Alkibiades speaking with Sokrates. Apparently, a man named Sophanes wanted to become an Athenian citizen, but needed Alexios's help in doing so.
22Witness Him Sokrates After placing Sophanes's name on the citizen list, Alkibiades said the task wasn't complete. Apparently, Alexios had to also convince a witness to claim Sophanes was a true citizen.
23A Friend in Need... Heitor Alexios agreed to help his old comrade Heitor return a special blade that had seen him through many campaigns. A local Polemarch had taken it. He would find him and get the sword.
24Heitor's Gonna Hate Heitor Heitor had one more request for Alexios. An old mercenary friend of his had been captured, and he hoped Alexios would free him.
25Free Speech Sokrates Aristophanes had a difficult time convincing Sokrates that Hermippos shouldn’t be allowed to speak freely. With Alexios's help, he hoped to find Hermippos and confront him.
26On a High Horse Sokrates Sokrates caught a man stealing a horse and wanted Alexios to decide what to do with him. As always with Sokrates, the outcome wasn't going to be as simple as it seemed.
27A Life's Worth Sokrates Alexios came across a slave who said he paid his master for his freedom, but wasn't given it. He begged Alexios for help in getting justice.
28He Who Stops Kleon One of Kleon's agents was captured by the Spartans. Alexios agreed to free him and escort him to his destination, a ship waiting off the coast of Attika.
29The Liberator Kleon The freed prisoner begged Alexios for help, claiming he was on urgent business for Athens and needed to reach his ship safely. Alexios agreed to aid his return.
30Death and Taxes Agapios Agapios had been tasked with investigating the warehouse in Chalkis for clues to the identity of The Dagger's Leader. And so, with guards in the way, Alexios was hired to infiltrate the warehouse.
31Freedom Isn't Free Agapios By the orders of Chalkis's Magistrate, Agapios hired Alexios to take down The Dagger, who - by the claim of many - had been corrupting Euboea.
32Blood and Water Support Quest This is a support quest for Freedom Isn't Free quest.
33Dagger to the Heart Support Quest This is a support quest for Freedom Isn't Free quest.
34The Taxman Cometh Support Quest This is a support quest for Freedom Isn't Free quest.
35Sharp Tongue Support Quest This is a support quest for Freedom Isn't Free quest. You will get this quest after completing the three previous ones: Dagger to the Heart, Blood and Water and The Taxman Cometh.
36The Kingfisher and the Robin Agapios After learning the Kingfisher was Agapios's brother, Alexios headed to Skyros for a final confrontation.
37Handle with Care Alkibiades Alkibiades asked Alexios to deliver a small package to a man named Bardas at the Korinthian military fort. Apparently. it was originally from a man named Diodoros.
38Designated Rider Alkibiades After a long, drunken night, Alkibiades begged Alexios to make sure an equally drunk politician made it home.
39Rock Hard Alkibiades Alkibiades left an olisbos at a woman's home. He asked Atexios to retrieve it without the woman finding out. He claimed she would want to keep it for herself.
40Across the Border Alkibiades A friend of Alkibiades's needed to be taken near the border of Megaris. He asked Alexios to avoid roads or people if possible, although he didn’t share why.
41Happily Ever After? Alkibiades Alkibiades fell in love... apparently. He asked Alexios to retrieve a few items for the wedding and to take them to his bride to be.
42Birds of a Feather Xenia The sultry and headstrong pirate queen of the Aegean, Xenia, tasked Alexios with finding a lost treasure - the Golden Feather of Ajax.
43Rumored Feather Location Support Quest This is a support quest for Birds of a Feather quest. You will get it automatically when you approach the Lighthouse of Ajax while doing the Birds of a Feather quest.
44Sacred Vows Xenia The rapacious pirate queen Xenia asked Alexios to find a Makedonian bracelet left by a foreign dignitary for the gods at one of several sanctuaries.
45Rumored Bracelet Location Support Quest This is a support quest for Sacred Vows quest. You will get it automatically when you approach the Sanctuary of Sounion while doing the Sacred Vows quest.
46She Who Controls the Seas Xenia The wealthy pirate queen, Xenia, offered Alexios more riches in exchange for Triton's legendary conch shell.
47Rumored Conch Shell Location Support Quest This is a support quest for She Who Controls the Seas quest. You will get it automatically when you approach the Underwater Cavern while doing the She Who Controls the Seas quest.
48Throw the Dice Xenia When Alexios found the ardent pirate queen in a rage over the thief Autolykos, he vowed to find the stolen maps and recover the lost treasures.
49Pan's Flute Support Quest This is a support quest for Throw the Dice quest. You will get it automatically when you approach the Cave of Pan while doing the Throw the Dice quest.
50Apollo's Lyre Support Quest This is a support quest for Throw the Dice quest. You will get it automatically when you approach the Apollo Temple while doing the Throw the Dice quest.
51Priceless Treasure Xenia After one of her crews was attacked and its cargo lost, Xenia implored Alexios to recover her precious coffer and, if possible, rescue her imprisoned crew.
52The Pre-Trial of Accuracy Support Quest This is a support quest for Minotour De Force quest.
53The Pre-Trial of Endurance Support Quest This is a support quest for Minotour De Force quest.
54The Pre-Trial of Strength Support Quest This is a support quest for Minotour De Force quest.
55Cashing In On the Cow Leiandros After Alexios had collected all of Leiandros’s “Pre-Trial” tokens, he was determined to return and fight the Minotaur to win the Prize of Pephka.
56What Lies Below the Surface Leiandros Alexios teamed up with two warrior brothers and ventured deep into the caves of Pephka to finally confront the dreaded Minotaur and win Leiandros's much vaunted Prize of Pephka.
57No More Bull Leiandros Though he discovered the Minotaur to be nothing but Leiandros in an ill-fitting, poorly-made mask, Alexios agreed to save his daughter, who'd been kidnapped by the Cult.
58Ambition Lysander General Lysander wanted the Athenian Fort Polemarch dead and their military seals as proof, for it was on those blood-stained marks that he would rise to power.
59Kallipateira The Olympics Kallipateira was accused of lusting over the athletes. She claimed she only wanted to watch her son compete, as they were from a line of famous Olympians. Alexios vowed to prove her innocence.
60The Drachmae of Romance The Olympics A long-standing family feud boiled over after the theft of valuables and threatened to break the truce of the Olympics. Alexios needed to find out who the culprit was.
61Gutter Runner The Olympics Distracted on the busy streets of Olympia by a con man, Alexios was robbed by his partner, a young girl who reminded him of Phoibe. Alexios needed to find her and get his drachmae back.
62The Message, the Stick, and the Artist Phidias Phidias was convinced that those who sought to kill him in Athens had found him again. He had received a scytale, a Spartan tool for decoding secret messages. Alexios agreed to unravel the mystery.
63Throwing the Bet The Olympics Alexios found a man taking bets on the Olympics. He wanted him to help a competitor in the javelin competition who seemed to have lost his confidence.
64Barnabas Abroad The Olympics Barnabas was overjoyed to be at the Olympics and was more than willing to share his knowledge of Olympia with Alexios.
65Art Leading Life Phidias Phidias had decoded the secret message found near the statue of Zeus. It listed the location of three famous statues throughout the Greek world that needed Alexios's investigative eye.
66The Kytheran Statue Support Quest This is a support quest for Art Leading Life quest.
67The Samian Statue Support Quest This is a support quest for Art Leading Life quest.
68The Thasian Statue Support Quest This is a support quest for Art Leading Life quest.
69Pieces of the Puzzle Support Quest This is a support quest for Art Leading Life quest.
70A God Among Men Empedokles Having interrupted the stoning of a religious fanatic, Alexios learned of a man who claimed he was a god and was asked to rescue him.
71Left to Dye Empedokles Empedokles, freed from his bondage, requested that Alexios find his purple cloak - though it was the key hidden inside that was the most important item of all.
72I, Diona Eritha Having saved Diona's life, Alexios agreed to escort the priestess back to town in exchange for learning more about the Cult of Kosmos.
73By the Fates Eritha Diona invited Alexios to discuss the information her scouts had gathered, but the plucky priestess had other things on her mind...
74The Hunting Party Hippokrates Hippokrates heard rumors that a hunting party was attacked by an animal and badly injured. The physician asked Alexios to look for survivors.
75A Life's Dedication Eppie Guided by wits and gods, Eppie unearthed a Mycenaean stele fragment that promised a greater discovery to come. Would this finally bring the respect the young archeologist craved?
76Language of the Ancients Eppie The rare Mycenaean stele was the keystone to unlock the ancient language etched into the tomb's walls. A most worthy discovery, indeed! Thus, Eppie set aside doubt and embraced adventure.
77Chasing Phantoms Eppie Uncovering the meaning behind the text presented more questions. Soon the full stele would reveal the answers. Would it cause turmoil within young Eppie’s noble dedication to Greek history?
78Origins of a Ritual Eppie Eppie's clue indicated a stale piece was taken to a temple within Orchomenos City. The wealthy would have understood its value for rituals and hoarded itjealously.
79The Tribute Eppie According to Eppie's clue, a stele piece was hidden in the temple. How could they know the sea had long since claimed that ancient place?
80Keep the Faith Eppie Something had awakened with the tomb's opening. Those who heard the whispers of gods across the wind found themselves divinely inspired or driven to madness.
81Let My Patients Go Hippokrates The survivor of the animal attack was a ruthless slaver. Hippokrates wouldn't treat him until Alexios Investigated Galeos's camp and freed his "merchandise."
82The Wise Warrior Demosthenes Long underestimated by his peers, General Demosthenes wished to prove his mettle in the blood of Spartan Polemarchs.
83Tough Love Mikkos Arriving on Thasos, Alexios found himself caught in the middle of a family drama that included his trusty ship captain Barnabas, his nephew, and an overly friendly caretaker.
84School of Hard Knocks Support Quest This is a support quest for Have You Seen My Mikkos? quest. However, you can get it in advance by talking to Ide.
85Old Friends, Old Problems Markos Unsurprisingly, Markos got himself into trouble after failing to pay his debt to the Cerberus. In order to appease him, Markos asked Alexios to deliver his best wine to the Cerberus as a peace offering.
86Farm in Flames Markos It was only a matter of time until the Cerberus brothers went after Markos to split him in two. In a preemptive strike, Markos asked Alexios to distract them by burning their farm.
87Markos's Fate Markos In his grand finale, Markos needed Alexios more than ever - the vengeful Cerberus brothers were at his door. As Markos begged for protection, Alexios realized it might just be too little, too late.
88Call to Arms Drakios When Alexios met Drakios, the man behind the great Battle of One Hundred Hands, he would have to prove his strength before competing.
89Sparring with Roxana Roxana When the fierce warrior Roxana met Alexios, she knew she had found the perfect training partner for the Battle of One Hundred Hands.
90Archery Practice Roxana Roxana knew that to win the Battle of One Hundred Hands, a diverse mix of skills was required. One of these skills was archery.
91Foot Race Roxana A champion doesn't just need brute strength combat, but also lightness-of-foot. To test Alexios, Roxana challenged him to a foot race.
92The Great Contender Drakios To be victorious in the Battle of One Hundred Hands, Alexios needed to crush all those who stood in his way.
93Legend No More Drakios Facing the final challenger of the Battle, Roxana of Hydrea, Alexios's grit and morals would be tested.
94The Sokratic Method Sokrates A rebel broke sacred laws and was sentenced to death. Did the punishment fit the crime? Did the man deserve death? What is "justice"? The infinitely wise Sokrates inspired Alexios to find out.
95Heroes of the Arena Skoura Alexios, now the reigning champion of the Arena, was surprised by Skoura's offer to fight one last mystery opponent who was said to be the best fighter in the Arena's history.
96Only Fools Want War Lysander Considered ruthless, the much-feared General Lysander was not numb to the horror of war. His desire was to bring it to a quick end while ensuring that he would reap the benefits of victory.
97Journey's End Phidias After Phidias's murder, Alexios set off to solve the clues he had him find. It was his hope that completing the puzzle would avenge his lost friend.
98Inheritance lnsurance Hippokrates Hippokrates was treating a slowly dying patient when Alexios found him. The man worried about his young son's future and asked Alexios to help.
99Too Much of a Good Thing Hippokrates Pentheus's mind was at peace, but he still suffered in life. Hippokrates knew of a way to ease his pain, but too much could be fatal.
100Prince of Persia The Blind King This quest was a special quest for those who pre-ordered the game. Now it's also available as a Club Reward for 40 Ubi Points.
101In the Midst of Chaos Demosthenes Demosthenes, while an experienced tactician with many victories, was dogged by early failures. In removing Spartan Leaders, he hoped to make clear his cunning.
102Swift as Wind Demosthenes Seeing the success of his initiative thus far, Demosthenes determined to maintain his course. Many Spartan Polemarchs would lose their lives at his word.
103Last Request Demosthenes Though steeped in blood. Demosthenes pursued his course. Far better to take Spartan lives than lose Athenian ones.
104Have You Seen My Mikkos? Mikkos After his investigations into the problem plaguing Thasos, Alexios decided to return to Mikkos to tell him what was going on.
105Doctor's Pet Support Quest This is a support quest for Have You Seen My Mikkos? quest.
106Indulging Just a Little Support Quest This is a support quest for Have You Seen My Mikkos? quest.
107Retribution Mikkos Ending the reign of terror on Thasos from Cult guards would need one last push. Alexios could handle it alone, or let the begrudged Thasians have their turn.

The Lost Tales of Greece

- Name / Title Category Description
1Setting the Stage The Show Must Go On The great actor Thespis approached Alexios for help putting on his latest play. The mercenary had no interest in the dramatic arts until he learned of its particular subject.
2A Sophisticated Tipple Support Quest This is a support quest for Setting the Stage quest.
3Everyman's Drink Support Quest This is a support quest for Setting the Stage quest.
4Evening the Odds The Show Must Go On One of Thespis’s actors found himself deeply indebted to a military commander. Alexios would have to use all his wit and strength to restore the cast.
5The Curse of Fame The Show Must Go On Thespis's villain was nowhere to be found. Had he fallen into a worse predicament than those he'd portrayed on stage?
6The Hedonistic Method The Show Must Go On As part of putting on Thespis's play, Alexios tracked an absent actor to a mystery cult. But the true mystery was yet to come.
7Showtime The Show Must Go On Alexios faced one final challenge: the production of "Leonidas and His 300 Spartans" itself. How would he ensure the muses and the audience were satisfied?
8Test of Judgment Divine Intervention A mysterious woman tasked Alexios with solving a strange riddle. But perhaps the strangest riddle was the woman herself.
9Test of Faith Divine Intervention It is said that once, a mouse befriended a lion by removing a thorn from its paw. But what happens when the lion himself is the thorn in a village's side?
10Test of Character Divine Intervention The challenges of being a pirate are substantial in both number and danger. Alexios would have to pick his battles to help a captain in need.
11Test of Adaptability Divine Intervention You will receive this quest after completing one of the two quests: Test of Faith or Test of Character.
12Test of Courage Divine Intervention Fetching a helmet seemed simple, until Alexios learned it was from the foundry of Hephaistos himself. But would he be the only deity involved in the mercenary's quest?
13The Measure of a Man The Image of Faith After renowned artist Polykleitos was robbed by bandits, he beseeched the gods for help. Alexios agreed to help him recover his missing tools, noting he was overcome by a sense of wonder.
14Bad Weed The Image of Faith Farmer Menalkas feared the gods had cursed him. Alexios needed to investigate to see if he had truly angered the gods, or whether a more earthly cause was responsible for his terrors.
15Down From On High The Image of Faith One of the villagers of Linou who needed Alexios's help was Heriphile, a shepherdess. When her flock was attacked by wolves, she lost her eagle totem. She asked her idol, Alexios, to recover it.
16The Wild Hunt The Image of Faith The lame hunter Akatos said his daughter, Myrto, had gone into the woods to try her hand at hunting. But she had been gone too long, and he grew worried. Alexios agreed to look for her.
17Chicken or Egg The Image of Faith To start this task you should talk to Priestess Hexione when you have completed quests Bad Weed, Down From On High and The Wild Hunt.
18A Matter of Faith The Image of Faith While preparing for the Eagle Bearer Celebration, Myrto fell strangely ill, and then Priestess Hexione vanished. Alexios needed to find the priestess and find out what happened to help Myrto.
19A Gathering Storm The Daughters of Lalaia To start this quest you have to talk to Magistrate Periktione in Lalaia in Phokis.
20Sharp Lessons The Daughters of Lalaia Thyia, acting General of Lalaia, asked Alexios to meet her at Kephisos Spring to discuss strategy.
21Learning the Land The Daughters of Lalaia To aid the women of Lalaia, Alexios took out a hunting party and taught them the way of the bow.
22The Ore of Aphrodite The Daughters of Lalaia To aid the women of Lataia, Alexios gathered legendary ore for the village blacksmith.
23The Best Defense The Daughters of Lalaia When tasked with picking the first strike against the Sons of Xerxes, Alexios had to side with either Periktione or Thyia.
24Blood for Aphrodite The Daughters of Lalaia To get this quest, you need to talk to Magistrate Periktione again after completing the The Best Defense quest.
25Praxilla's Admirer A Poet's Legacy To start this quest you have to go to Boeotia and talk to Alkibiades and Orchimedes. You will find them near the Port of Kreusis.
26Lyre Lyre A Poet's Legacy Praxilla's lyre was missing and presumed stolen by Orchimedes. Alexios had to rescue the instrument, lest Praxilla be unable to perform.
27Repairing the Lyre A Poet's Legacy To get this quest, you need to talk to Praxilla again after completing the Lyre Lyre quest.
28Praxilla's Legacy A Poet's Legacy To get this quest, you need to talk to Praxilla again after completing the Repairing the Lyre quest. She will be waiting for you in her camp.
108Prodigal Son's Return A Brother's Seduction To start this quest, you must go to the Altar of the Cyclops ruins in Korinthia, eliminate the bandits occupying the ruins and pick up the wounded Lykinos.
109Honoring the Dead A Brother's Seduction Lykinos, an Athenian poet of alleged renown, found out from his brother, Timotheos, that their father had been murdered. The brothers asked Alexios to help prepare them for the funeral.
110Bloody Libation Support Quest This is a support quest for Honoring the Dead quest.
111Dressing up for Charon Support Quest This is a support quest for Honoring the Dead quest.
112Career Orientation A Brother's Seduction Thinly veiling his desire to spend more time with the Eagle Bearer as gratitude, Lykinos offered to cook Alexios dinner and asked that he hunt deer to provide for the meal.
113Wounds of Days Gone By A Brother's Seduction Upon encountering Timotheos training on the cliffs, Alexios challenged the ex-warrior to a friendly sparring match.
114Moving On A Brother's Seduction After spending time getting to know both brothers, Alexios decided to check in on Lykinos and Timotheos at their house.


- Name / Title Category Description
1Bounty on Merchant Ships This quest can be obtained from the naval message board.
2Bounty on a Bandit "A filthy scavenger steals from the bodies on the battlefield before they can be returned to their families. Make sure that bastard is next to fall."
3The Lightning Bringer Shipwrecks were always a risk, but they were never as abundant as when Steropes roamed. Witnesses swore they'd seen him, the Lightning Bringer, on a rampage around the Greek world.
4Bounty on a Pirate Ship "No one can catch the Flying lkaros once the wind blows its sails. Some even say it doesn't sail but flies on the horizon. A reward awaits the captain who'll break this pirate ship's wings."
5The Bright One This quest should appear automatically in your quest log when you enter the game (if you have the right level of experience?).


- Name / Title Category Description
1Out for Blood This quest can be obtained from the naval message board.
2Red Tears on the Sea "Athenian vessels can't keep up with the Spartan penteconters."
3Watered Down "Raider ships pose a threat to allied boats."
4War for the Sea Our ships are getting destroyed by Athenian vessels. Clear the sea for our ships.


- Name / Title Category Description
1I Wish You Hadn't Done That Megaris A priestess was concerned when a ship of military supplies sank despite her omens of safe passage. The shark-infested waters the ship sank in made retrieving the supplies daunting.
2Up for Grabs l offer great riches to anyone willing to help me recover them! Come see me.