Missions Mass Effect: Andromeda Missions

This is a list of Mass Effect: Andromeda missions.Click on the title of the mission to get more information about it.

- Name / Title Type Zone / Planet Description
1Prologue: Hyperion Priority Ops This is the first Mass Effect: Andromeda mission, that you get when you start playing the game.
2Planetside Priority Ops The scouting mission on Habitat 7 has met with disaster. The planet is far from the golden world the initial scans indicated; instead, its atmosphere is toxic and wracked with deadly electrical storms that struck the shuttle.
3Nexus Reunion Priority Ops The Hyperion has docked with the Nexus, the support hub for Andromeda Initiative teams.
4A Better Beginning Priority Ops The Nexus needs a resource-producing outpost, but Eos is the only planet in range. As the only Pathfinder, you have been asked to achieve the impossible: find a way to settle Eos and give the Initiative the foothold it needs. Director Tann has commited the resources for a last ditch effort, including a ship and support team for the Pathfinder.
5First Strike Priority Ops The militia's strike teams handle dangerous operations across the cluster. Speak with Kandros for authorization to participate.
6A Trail of Hope Priority Ops After establishing a new outpost, Tann and the Initiative have more faith in your abilities as Pathfinder. You're now free to follow the lead you discovered in the Remnant vault on Eos - the existence of a potentially active vault. This lead is your best hope to make Heleus a home.
7AVP Cryo Deployment Perks Priority Ops Andromeda Viability Points lead to Perks that directly empower your efforts. Because as Pathfinder, you choose what is important to life in Heleus. Speak to Director Addison and her assistant about AVP, and decide what experts will shape and strengthen your Initiative.
8Hunting the Archon Priority Ops The Moshae says the Archon has a Remnant map that may point the way to Meridian. But you don't know where his ship is. You must first track down the angaran traitor, Vehn Terev, on Kadara Port, and learn what you can from him.
9Elaaden: A New World Priority Ops Drack is concerned about tensions at the krogan colony on Elaaden. He's forwarded you an email from Jorgal Strux, a well respected krogan from an old family. Strux has asked to meet you at a trading post called Paradise. He's also asked that you keep it secret.
10H-047c: A New World Priority Ops There are reports of interesting and potentially lucrative activity in the Remav system. While those reports alone seen vague, it's also the area that the turian ark may have been headed. Vetra and Peebee suggest that we check it out.
11The Journey to Meridian Priority Ops The Archon's map shows the way to Meridian. However, this issue affects the entire Andromeda Initiative, and leadership should be consulted before proceeding further.
12Meridian: The Way Home Priority Ops Meridian was lost when the Scourge was launched against the Jardaan. As the heart of the vault network, it is the key to restoring worlds all across the cluster. Only when Meridian is found and secured will the future of Heleus be certain.
13Epilogue: Home and Away Priority Ops It's been some time since the battle against the Archon, and Meridian is beginning to function as a hub for humanity. Everyone is building on the foundation you gave them.
14The World is Waiting Priority Ops When the Initiative arrived in Heleus, they thought their golden worlds were lost. As Pathfinder, you restored the pioneer dream, and brought every available world to 100% viability. Now everyone wants to show you what that effort has earned.
15Missing Arks Allies and Relationships Tann asked you to look for leads on the various missing arks.
16Ryder Family Secrets Allies and Relationships Your father locked portions of SAM's memory array, and SAM is unable to recall certain information. You must explore in order to find the numerous memory triggers scattered throughout the world.
17Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal Allies and Relationships By all accounts, William Spender is a difficult man. But there is reason to suspect that the Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs is actively working to undermine the krogan. Drack has asked you to investigate Spender's activities.
18Nakmor Drack: A Future for Our People Allies and Relationships LOYALTY MISSION: A krogan transport containing an essential seed vault was stolen from their colony on Elaaden.
19Nakmor Drack: Knock 'em Down Allies and Relationships You've received a new email.
20Nakmor Drack: How to Act Tough Allies and Relationships You've received a new email.
21Nakmor Drack: Firebreathing Thresher Maws Allies and Relationships You have received a new email.
22Nakmor Drack: Clutch Moment Allies and Relationships A new email is waiting for you.
23Peebee: Secret Project Allies and Relationships Collect the rem-tech Peebee needs.
24Peebee: The Museum Trip Allies and Relationships Peebee has asked you to meet her at the museum on Aya.
25Peebee: Remnant Scanner Allies and Relationships Find rare Remnant tech so Peebee can perfect her scanner.
26Peebee: Reclaiming Poc Allies and Relationships Poc has been stolen and must be recovered.
27Peebee: A Mysterious Remnant Signal Allies and Relationships LOYALTY MISSION: Peebee has found something that she wants to share with you.
28Peebee: Spirits Allies and Relationships Peebee has left a gift for you. The note says to enjoy the drink and that she has an additional surprise waiting.
29Know Your Enemy Allies and Relationships Raelis, an Angaran Resistance fighter, wishes to speak you on Voeld.
30Dissension in the Ranks Allies and Relationships Nakmor scouts from New Tuchanka have reported kett ships crashed on Elaaden. They believe this is something that warrants a Pathfinder's attention.
31Lexi T'Perro: Bottom of a Bottle Allies and Relationships When you docked at the Nexus, Dr. Lexi T'Perro stepped off the ship. Suvi isn't sure where she went.
32Liam Kosta: Outpost Worlds Allies and Relationships More planets need to be evaluated for potential outposts. You did the impossible on Eos: you restored a golden world and gave colonization an overdue start. Liam helped coordinate efforts on the ground, and he's confirmed the obvious: you need to keep pushing. Thousands of lives in Heleus depend on you as their Pathfinder. Evaluate UNC worlds and call for the placement of outposts where possible.
33Liam Kosta: Armor Diplomacy Allies and Relationships Liam wants a small armor project approved, calling it a diplomatic effort with Jaal. Complete the research project to secure what he needs.
34Liam Kosta: Day out on Aya Allies and Relationships Liam thinks it's time for something "familiar," like a day out on Aya. He also mentioned "getting your eyes on something," but wasn't specific about what he meant.
35Liam Kosta: All In Allies and Relationships LOYALTY MISSION: Liam needs help with something.
36Liam Costa: Community Allies and Relationships Liam has arranged something special on Eos "for everyone." Travel with him to the meeting spot near Prodromos.
37Cora Harper: Asari Ark Allies and Relationships Cora's message mentioned a potential breakthrough in the search for the asari ark.
38Cora Harper: At Duty's Edge Allies and Relationships LOYALTY MISSION: The asari ark, the Leusinia, is still missing. Given Cora's history with asari commandos, she has spearheaded the effort to find the Leusinia and bring it home to the Nexus.
39Cora Harper: A Foundation Allies and Relationships A new e-mail notification is waiting for you.
40Cora Harper: Duty Calls Allies and Relationships A new e-mail notification is waiting for you.
41Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet Allies and Relationships The turian ark has been missing since its arrival in Heleus. Turians wearing Ark Natanus uniforms have been spotted on Havarl. Find them to gain information about what happened to the ark.
42Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten Allies and Relationships Avitus Rix believes that Macen Barro, the turian Pathfinder, is still alive. He has recruited you to help find him.
43Gil Brodie: A Game of Poker Allies and Relationships A new email is waiting for you from Gil.
44Gil Brodie: The Friend Allies and Relationships A new email from Gil is waiting for you.
45Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends Allies and Relationships LOYALTY MISSION: Vetra's sister, Sid, is waiting for a call from you and Vetra.
46Vetra Nyx: A Moment Planetside Allies and Relationships An new email notification is waiting for Ryder.
47Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe? Allies and Relationships While gaining Evfra's trust, you have garnered the attention of the Roekaar, a cell of angaran fighters who hate all aliens. Jaal has information about the Roekaar's leader, Akksul.
48Jaal Ama Darav: Flesh and Blood Allies and Relationships LOYALTY MISSION: After a failed attack on Prodromos, the situation with the Roekaar and their leader, Akksul, has escalated. Jaal worries about future relations between his people and the Milky Way Species as more angara join this xenophobic cause.
49Jaal Ama Darav: Runs in the Family Allies and Relationships Jaal has asked Ryder to accompany him to Havarl and meet his mother.
50The Little Things That Matter Allies and Relationships A strange signal caused the Tempest to auto-respond, suggesting someone knows a lot about Andromeda Initiative tech. Search the system for the source.
51Task: Getting to Know the Nexus Additional Tasks Nexus The Nexus has many moving parts and departments. To get a full lay of the land, get to know the various leaders and important personnel stationed here.
52First Murderer Heleus Assignments Nexus Initiative personnel Nilken has been convinced of murder but it may be a mistake. Investigate all the details to discern the truth.
53Station Sabotage Heleus Assignments Nexus Technician Raj Patil believes someone is sabotaging Nexus systems, and he's asked your help investigating possible sabotage sites.
54Task: Lost Brother Additional Tasks Nexus Nigel McCoy's brother Dash died on Eos. To honor Dash, Nigel has asked you to place a family pendant at a spot on the planet where his brother went to think.
55Task: Path of a Hero Additional Tasks Nexus An asari journalist, Keri T'Vessa, wants to interview you for her documentary about current events.
56Task: An Exile Raid Additional Tasks Nexus Outlaws intercepted medical supplies meant for Initiative outposts, and you've been asked to hit outlaw bases and reclaim them for redistribution.
57Task: Broken Wires Additional Tasks Nexus The Nexus is experiencing strange power failures. A technician needs help discovering the reason.
58Task: Better Crafting Additional Tasks Nexus Anan T'Mari asked you to find ingredients for new drinks to give to Dutch, the Vortex bartender.
59Sleeping Dragons Heleus Assignments Nexus There appears to be a disturbance in Hydroponics. Investigate what's happening there.
60The Firefighters Heleus Assignments Nexus Dr. Aridana has attempted to contact you. Speak to her at the Nexus tech labs.
61Task: Boosting the Signal Additional Tasks Nexus Davis Qar, who runs fledgling news agency HNS from the Nexus, has asked if the Pathfinder will help certain habitable worlds receive his broadcast by placing receivers on high points planetside.
62Task: Earn Your Badge Additional Tasks Nexus Angaran Special forces have issued a series of challenges. Time to impress.
63Contagion Heleus Assignments Nexus An Initiative citizen with an incurable disease has been awakened from stasis. Track her down and return her to stasis before the disease spreads.
64Life on the Frontier Heleus Assignments Nexus You've received an email from Sid, Vetra's sister, who thinks she has uncovered something suspicious going on at the Nexus.
65Task: Beer Run Additional Tasks Nexus Kesh's assistant, Wilma, wants to surprise Kesh with some bootlegged swill from Kadara. She asked you to secure some.
66Task: Investigating Embezzlement Additional Tasks Nexus Supplies are being stolen for delivery to the exiles. The Nexus dock manager has asked you to look out for hidden caches around Nexus and Hyperion.
67Task: Traitor or Victim? Additional Tasks Nexus Sanjiv Clement has been labeled a traitor, but his friend is sure he was taken against his will by exiles and asked for proof to help clear Sanjiv's name.
68Task: Comparatively Alien Additional Tasks Nexus Professor Herik is working on a comparative wildlife conservation effort. Travel the cluster and take scans of any unknown wildlife.
69Task: Hitting Rocks for Science Additional Tasks Nexus Use your scanner on uncharted worlds to test out Chief Lucan's new geophysics survey VI.
70Task: Cultivation Additional Tasks Nexus Nexus Hydroponics requires specimens of Andromeda plant life. Search near the suggested navpoints for appropriate specimens to harvest.
71Task: Programming a Pathfinder Additional Tasks Nexus The Cultural Exchange's informational VI about Pathfinders requires new settings. Speak with the VI to reset it.
72Task: Missing Scientists Additional Tasks Nexus Dr. Aridana sent a team out to study the Scourge; they haven't reported in. She fears the worst and asked you to find out what happened to them.
73Task: The Model of the Spheres Additional Tasks Nexus Travel the cluster and take planetary scans to improve Dr. Aridana's celestial model.
74Monkeys in Space Heleus Assignments Tempest Professor Herik from the Nexus tech labs has asked you to make a home for a young pyjak aboard the Tempest.
75Truth and Trespass Allies and Relationships Tempest There's a development concerning the salarian ark. Kallo has the information.
76Movie Night: Getting Started Heleus Assignments Tempest Liam suggests the crew would enjoy a relaxing movie night.
77Movie Night: Snacks Heleus Assignments Tempest Suvi has offered to make snacks for Liam's movie night, but needs specific ingredients.
78Movie Night: Better Snacks Heleus Assignments Tempest Vetra isn't impressed with Suvi's movie night snacks. She's tracked down alternatives on Kadara.
79Movie Night: The Right Setup Heleus Assignments Tempest Jaal believes he can create a superior audio-visual setup for movie night, with Gil's help and certain angaran components.
80Movie Night: Raise a Glass Heleus Assignments Tempest With Liam's plans for movie night almost complete, Lexi suggests asari liquor from the Nexus would make the evening better.
81Movie Night: The Final Piece Heleus Assignments Tempest Liam has a final request before everything is ready for movie night.
82Excess Baggage Heleus Assignments Tempest Suvi's scans show the Tempest is carrying more mass than it should. Scan around the ship to find what - or who - is aboard.
83The Visitor Heleus Assignments Tempest Evidence suggests a creature has been eating the Tempest's food stores. Search the ship to find it.
84Task: The Angaran Initiative Additional Tasks Tempest Director Tann reports that the angara have opened an embassy on Aya. Check in with the Initiative's representatives there to make sure things go smoothly.
85Task: The Witnesses Additional Tasks Tempest Moshae Sjefa urges you to speak with the few remaining angara on Aya who remember how the kett conquered their people. The Moshae believes these elders' insights can aid the Initiative's struggle against the kett.
86Task: Past, Present, and Future Additional Tasks Tempest Avela sent you a message indicating she discovered something interesting from the relics you recovered. She wants to speak the next time you visit Aya.
87Task: Remnant Data Cores Additional Tasks Eos Peebee calls these items "Remnant data cores". She believes they are data storage devices.
88The Secret Project Heleus Assignments Eos Site 2 - Resilience was the second attempt to settle Eos, but it was destroyed by a kett attack. Searching for clues about what the engineers were working on may yield more answers.
89Task: Research Center Development Additional Tasks Eos You have reactivated a Research Center on Eos. Test its capabilities by gathering the resources to craft a weapon.
90Task: Pathfinder Armor Crafting Additional Tasks Eos You need to gather the necessary materials to craft a chestpiece for your armor at a research station.
91Kett's Bane Heleus Assignments Eos Meet with a mysterious stranger who sent a comm and claims they would like to help you fight the kett on Eos.
92Making an Impression Heleus Assignments Eos Eos is experiencing seismic activity. Altering the tremors with a survey hammer might allow better irrigation for Prodromos.
93Shock Treatment Heleus Assignments Eos A work crew from Prodromos has a dangerous plan to try and control the Remnant. They should be stopped before someone is injured. Search Prodromos for clues to where the work crew has gone.
94Defeating the Kett Heleus Assignments Eos The kett stronghold is a large power station. It has allowed them to spy on Initiative activity and stage repeated attacks that are quickly reinforced. Dealing with the station will greatly improve the viability of Eos. A direct assault in inevitable, but perhaps there is a way to weaken the stronghold before the attack.
95Something Personnel Heleus Assignments Eos Chief Engineer Grace Lito was one of the last people off Eos after watching both Promise and Resilience slowly fail. She went back into cryo on the Nexus. She might be willing to redeploy once your outpost is placed.
96Task: Waking up to the Future Additional Tasks Eos The family of Darket Tiervian, a turian still in cryo, are asking that she be allowed to join them instead of waiting for a future cryo block deployment. Prodromos is getting the experts it needs, but morale contributes as much to viability as resources.
97Task: Drone Recovery Additional Tasks Eos Place beacons to mark any malfunctioned drones you find.
98Task: Supply Loss and Recovery Additional Tasks Eos A discovered report indicates that supplies headed for Prodromos have gone missing. Checking the supply drop sites might uncover some information about what's happening.
99Task: Naming the Dead Additional Tasks Eos Bodies of fallen colonists have been left to rot on the hostile surface of Eos. Find and scan them all, then bring back information to the Nexus to provide closure to family and loved ones.
100Doesn't Add Up Heleus Assignments Eos The Majordomo at Prodromos added the names of Site 1 and Site 2 casualties to the list of survivors, and something doesn't add up. There are still people missing from Promise and Resilience. Evidence might be found to explain those still missing at a number of possible emergency muster points.
101Task: The Watchers Additional Tasks Eos You've discovered a surveillance device in a kett camp that monitors the activity of Prodromos' colonists. Prodromos won't be safe unless these devices are destroyed.
102Task: Data Trail Additional Tasks Eos The kett have been keeping Remnant data cores for testing in their camps. SAM suggests they may be extracting important information from the cores.
103Task: What He Would Have Wanted Additional Tasks Eos You found a survey job started by Initiative technician Eric Camber. He was apparently interrupted by kett, and may have died. Accurate surveys are simple, but critical. Completing his beacon run is a small thing, but will help make Eos more viable.
104Task: The Ghost of Promise Additional Tasks Eos You've discovered a research station left behind by one of Eos' first settlers. SAM theorizes that there may be more at other Remnant sites.
105Trading Favors Heleus Assignments Aya To start this quest you need to talk to Sohkaa Esof near the Aya docks.
106Recovering the Past Heleus Assignments Aya Avela Kjar, curator for the Repository of History on Aya, has asked you to investigate an ancient crashed shuttle on Havarl and recover any artifacts.
107Forgotten History Heleus Assignments Aya Avela Kjar suspects there are angaran artifacts hidden on the planets of Heleus. Search the planets and recover lost relics.
108Safe Journeys Heleus Assignments Aya Maariko, Aya's chief astronomer, requests help locating several missing satellites essential to monitoring the Scourge. Fly the Tempest to Maariko's satellite navpoints and search the areas.
109The Vesaal Heleus Assignments Aya Ambassador Rialla, leader of the Initiative's embassy on Aya, reports that an angara from the Resistance has threatened a salarian scientist named Sorvis Lenn. She has asked you to resolve this matter discreetly.
110Task: Test Subject Additional Tasks Aya SAM identified an angara who was scanning you without permission on Aya. Speak to this person and learn why.
111Task: Laws and Customs Additional Tasks Aya An angaran arbiter in Aya's marketplace advises you to learn the laws and customs of her people. She has directed you to visit two other arbiters in the city for more information.
112Task: Messages to the Nexus Additional Tasks Aya Governor Shie's assistant, Enroh Bosaan, has established message terminals across the city for citizens to record personal messages to the Nexus. Enroh has asked you to visit each of these terminals, view the messages, and pass them along to the Nexus leaders.
113Task: The Nexus Exchange Additional Tasks Aya Director Tann has suggested strengthening ties between the initiative and Aya by allowing angaran volunteers to live on the Nexus. Several angara have expressed interest, and Ambassador Rialla has tasked you with interviewing each candidate.
114Task: Outpost Supplies on Eos Additional Tasks Aya Merixus, a turian supply pilot for the outposts, is looking for quilloa seeds for the outpost on Eos. He has not been granted clearance to enter the city, and so has asked you to track them down for him.
115Task: Outpost Supplies on Voeld Additional Tasks Aya Merixus has informed you that the Voeld outpost has requested an angaran solar amplifier to aid with energy production. He believes one can be purchased in the city, but still has no clearance to enter. He hopes you can obtain it for him.
116Task: Outpost Supplies on Kadara Additional Tasks Aya Merixus says people at the Kadara Port outpost are suffering from a widespread bacterial infection. This bacteria is native to Heleus, so perhaps angaran antibiotics can treat it.
117Task: Outpost Supplies on Elaaden Additional Tasks Aya Merixus needs an angaran ionic filter to improve production of purified water on Elaaden. He still hasn't been allowed into the city, and has asked you to track down the filter for him.
118Helping Havarl's Scientists Heleus Assignments Havarl After making initial contact with the angara, you must now gain their trust in order to meet the Moshae and access the vault on Aya. Either Voeld or Havarl would be likely places to start.
119Forgotten Stars Heleus Assignments Havarl Recover Raashel Vier's data from the ruins of her jungle home.
120A Dying Planet Heleus Assignments Havarl After you saved Kiiran Dals' team from Remnant stasis, she mentioned that Havarl was in decline. Though Havarl appears to be thriving, not everything is as it seems.
121A Lost Sister Heleus Assignments Havarl Sage Amurd's sister, Amara, left Mithrava years ago. He longs to see Amara again, but she likely moved away from Daar Pelaav when it was overtaken by the jungle. However, records of her whereabouts might still exist.
122Task: Turian Salvage Additional Tasks Havarl Drusa needs you to find and tag bits of debris from Ark Natanus to prevent the Roekaar from getting their hands on new tech.
123Task: Unearthed Additional Tasks Havarl A sage in Mithrava told you that upheaval in the jungles of Havarl often unearths Remnant devices that would otherwise remain buried. Studying these devices could reveal more information about Remnant technology.
124Cross-Cultural Alliances Heleus Assignments Havarl By activating Havarl's lost monolith and resetting the vault, you prevented the planet's destruction. Angaran scientists at the Pelaav research station expressed an interest in working with Initiative teams. Director Addison dispatched several researchers to the planet, and has asked you to check in on the situation there.
125Overgrown Heleus Assignments Havarl Initiative scientists have asked you to analyze mutated wildlife in order to determine what's causing the accelerated growth rate of life on Havarl.
126Task: Roekaar Manifestos Additional Tasks Havarl Learn more about the Roekaar by collecting and examining their manifestos.
127Meet the Resistance Heleus Assignments Voeld Having made contact with the angara, their trust must be gained in order to meet the Moshae and access the vault on Aya. Either Voeld or Havarl may be a good place to start.
128Settling Voeld Heleus Assignments Voeld The ice planet Voeld has potential, but a lot will need to be done before the Initiative can create a viable outpost.
129Intercepted Heleus Assignments Voeld A datapad found in the Resistance base states that supply drops aren't arriving as scheduled. Investigating the matter could turn up clues.
130Medical Caches Heleus Assignments Voeld The doctor at the Voeld Resistance base needs the emergency medical supply caches around Voeld to be restocked, so that injured fighters and civilians can tend to their wounds and improve their chances of survival in the harsh wasteland.
131Reformation Heleus Assignments Voeld An angaran priestess knows about a new faction within their religion called the Gloryseekers. They seem driven to self-destruction. She would like you to dissuade them from their course of action.
132Eyes on the Ground / On the Frontlines Heleus Assignments Voeld The Resistance lookouts mentioned angara who were captured by kett. Someone at Hjara might know more about this.
133Stage a Rescue Heleus Assignments Voeld An angaran excursion group failed to return at their scheduled time. Resistance spies report the kett captured the group and took them to a holding site for extraction.
134Frequency Heleus Assignments Voeld A Voeld scientist is complaining about some kind of interference with his equipment.
135Meet the Family Heleus Assignments Voeld You rescued Niilj, an angaran Resistance operative known by the codename "Shavod-Gaan", from the kett. Before their capture, Niilj, and his team were looking for a way to take down kett operations on Voeld. They downloaded codes and information, now stored on a data drive, from the kett. This drive must be delivered to Niilj's sister, Buxil, in Techiix, and Niilj has entrusted this task to you.
136The Vanished Heleus Assignments Voeld A discovered audio log revealed that an angaran refugee family is being hunted by the kett. Search the area for signs of survivors.
137Remove the Heart Heleus Assignments Voeld Niilj and his team, whom you rescued from the kett, were Resistance operatives who were working to destroy the kett. They discovered that the kett operations station on the mountain controls all kett missions for the planet and provides power to the shield that blocks access to an ancient angaran city. Buxil, Niilj's sister, is helping you decrypt the password for the kett operations station.
138Fact or Fiction Heleus Assignments Voeld Ari Vesjek, an angaran scholar, is looking for information on first contact between the angara and the kett, speciifically from the kett's point of view. He believes logs may be found in the kett operations center on Voeld.
139Brought to Light Heleus Assignments Voeld An angaran historian, Rjoek, sent his colleagues to recover a priceless artifact from the Eroesk ruins, but they haven't returned. He's asked for help getting them out of kett territory.
140The Lost Song Heleus Assignments Voeld Outlaws are poaching the yevara, a native species cherished by the angara. Tracking down these poachers would win favor with the angara on Voeld.
141Restoring a World Heleus Assignments Voeld Activating the Remnant monoliths has unearthed another structure, most likely a vault.
142Missing Science Crew Heleus Assignments Voeld News of missing scientists has come from the Voeld outpost.
143The Lost Scout Heleus Assignments Voeld An angaran saboteur was trapped in rubble after destroying a kett weapons depot.
144Uncovering the Past Heleus Assignments Voeld Uncover the angaran roots on the ice planet known as Voeld.
145Task: White Death Additional Tasks Voeld A local sniper has asked for help tracking down a hidden wraith. Scan the ice to reveal the cloaked enemy.
146Resistance Trap Event Voeld
147A Frosty Reception Event Voeld Embattled Resistance fighters could use reinforcements in a firefight against kett forces. Help them drive off the enemy.
148Task: Nomad Shield Crafting Additional Tasks Voeld You need to craft the Improved Shield Regenerator for the Nomad.
149Strange Beacon Event Voeld
150Task: Gone Dark Additional Tasks Voeld SAM has detected surveillance bugs belonging to the Resistance inside kett camps. Their transmission source appears to have been disabled.
151End of Watch Heleus Assignments Voeld Voeld has many battle sites where kett invaders fought Angaran Resistance forces. Some sites contain datapads left by an elite team of Resistance fighters hunting kett that exterminated a small angaran outpost. The Resistance may need help bringing the kett to justice.
152Task: Catch and Release Additional Tasks Voeld The kett outfitted angaran slaves with tracking chips; each chip points to a central source. SAM may be able to trace the source's location.
153Task: Clearing the Air Additional Tasks Voeld You've discovered a kett shuttle control center on Voeld. Hacking its message terminals will help SAM assemble its entry code.
154Bridge Sabotage Heleus Assignments Voeld Find the bombs.
155Task: Subjugation Additional Tasks Voeld You've discovered a suspicious kett device among some Remnant ruins. To determine its purpose, SAM needs more information.
156Out of the Frying Pan Heleus Assignments Kadara Outcast recruit named Grayson Wessler wrongly banished Remi Tamayo to the badlands. You have agreed to help track Remi down before Kaetus finds out about Grayson's mistake.
157Gone with the Wind Heleus Assignments Kadara Scavengers are stealing turbine parts from the wind farm outside Kadara Port. An exile namel Aislin has enlisted your help to bring the parts back.
158Something in the Water Heleus Assignments Kadara While exploring Kadara, you found a settlement littered with dead angara.
159Murder in Kadara Port Heleus Assignments Kadara A corpse has been discovered in the market. This is the latest in a string of murders plaguing Kadara Port.
160Old Skinner Heleus Assignments Kadara A group of settlers have created a cult to worship a massive machine they call "Old Skinner". Their leader, Bishop, left to pay tribute in Kurinth's Valley but has not returned.
161Settling Kadara Heleus Assignments Kadara Before an outpost can be established on Kadara, you must solve Kadara's water toxicity problems and quell the escalating rivalry between the Outcasts and Collective.
162Counting Bodies Heleus Assignments Kadara Saneris and Drexel have both asked you to scan murder victims in the badlands; one wants justice, the other wants profit. Search for bodies in the cesspools, scan them, and decide who you'll give the information to.
163Emergency S.O.S. Heleus Assignments Kadara An urgent S.O.S. signal from someone in serious trouble was received.
164A Packaged Deal Heleus Assignments Kadara A turian named Thrasia sold you the navpoint for a weapons cache stolen from the Nexus.
165Mind Games Heleus Assignments Kadara You came across some people living in a hut; they are acting strangely and babbling nonsensically. Investigate the cause of their odd behavior.
166High Noon Heleus Assignments Kadara Sloane has uncharacteristically requested your presence at Outcast headquarters.
167Night on the Town Heleus Assignments Kadara Reyes Vidal has sent an email asking you to contact him via comms.
168Healing Kadara's Heart Heleus Assignments Kadara Kadara needs clean drinking water - streams and lakes are toxic and filled with sulfuric acid. Remnant technology could transform Kadara's water supply, but the monoliths around the planet must be activated to begin this process.
169Mixed Messages Heleus Assignments Kadara An exile named Jim asked you to deliver a message to his asari girlfriend, who works at Tartarus.
170Precious Cargo Heleus Assignments Kadara A rival smuggler named Zia Cordier has stolen cargo from Reyes Vidal. Hoping to retrieve the cargo before his client discovers it's missing, Reyes asked you to help him locate Zia.
171The Baryte Rush Heleus Assignments Kadara An exile named Derc hired you to check in on a missing surveyor, who was collecting baryte samples in Draullir.
172Behind Enemy Lines Heleus Assignments Kadara Upon their arrival, Sloane Kelly and the Outcasts pushed back the kett from Kadara Port, but there are rumors that a band of stragglers are still causing trouble in the badlands. Kaetus, Sloane's second, has asked you to investigate.
173Modern Medicine Heleus Assignments Kadara Dr. Ryota Nakamoto has requested your help in stealing back a medical formula, which Sloane Kelly has been abusing to create a drug called "Oblivion".
174A People Divided Heleus Assignments Kadara A string of violent murders plague Kadara Port. Reyes Vidal believes the Roekaar are the culprits. He has recruited you to investigate the murders and prove his theory correct.
175Task: Outlaw Weapon Crafting Additional Tasks Kadara You need to craft one of the outlaw weapons, either a Sandstorm, Sidewinder, or Vanquisher.
176Task: Searching for Morga Additional Tasks Kadara You agreed to help an angara named Jataa look for her sister, Morga, who has been missing for three days.
177Task: Broken Family Additional Tasks Kadara An asari on Kadara hasn't spoken to her mother since she was exiled from the Nexus. There's a possibility the signal from her communications equipment could reach the Nexus, but it's broken. You need to look into repairing the equipment for her.
178Task: Herbal Entrepreneurs Additional Tasks Kadara You've found a UV light that could help the herbal entrepreneurs grow their plants.
179The Charlatan's Charlatan Heleus Assignments Kadara One of the Charlatan's representatives has been tweaking orders for their own gain. You have offered to discreetly investigate the Collective base to help uncover the imposter.
180The Collective Base Heleus Assignments Kadara You've learned that the Collective built a hideout deep within one of the cave networks in Draullir.
181Task: Kadara's Ransom Additional Tasks Kadara You found a datapad revealing that the Collective is holding a member of the Outcast for ransom.
182Task: Cold Hard Cache Additional Tasks Kadara You discovered a weapons cache on Kadara. Continue to scan caches to determine their destinations.
183Conflict in the Colony Heleus Assignments Elaaden A krogan contact named Jorgal Strux has asked to meet secretly at the Paradise on Elaaden.
184Parlay with the Krogan Heleus Assignments Elaaden Strux insists that Morda is planning a move against the Nexus. We need to visit the Krogan colony and check it out ourselves. We should look for Ravenor Brenk.
185Investigate Remnant Derelict Heleus Assignments Elaaden To keep Morda from potentially building a bomb, retrieve the drive core located inside the heart of the Remnant derelict. We need to get it before her people do.
186Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core Heleus Assignments Elaaden SAM scanned the drive core housing and was able to discern a unique signature. Suvi will use global planet scans to help us pinpoint the location of the stolen drive core so that we can get it back.
187Taming a Desert Heleus Assignments Elaaden Elaaden is an arid, burning desert, but Remnant technology could make conditions more livable for Milky Way species and the angara. The key to doing so is the vault, which can be unearthed by activating the Remnant monoliths scattered arround the planet.
188Settling Elaaden Heleus Assignments Elaaden Several issues must be addressed before we can establish an outpost on Elaaden. One of the most pressing is to ensure that the krogan there do not see our activity as a threat. Being supportive of them might gain their trust.
189Architect on Elaaden Heleus Assignments Elaaden A report has come in from New Tuchanka about a giant Remnant construct that has appeared and is working a path towards the outpost.
190The Mind of An Exile Heleus Assignments Elaaden Lexi suspects the scavengers on Elaaden may have more problems than meets the eye. Scan scavengers in the Paradise and surrounding area so she can provide an analysis.
191The Search for Ljeta Heleus Assignments Elaaden A New Tuchanka krogan named Rorik is concerned about his angaran friend Ljeta, who disappeared some time ago. Track Ljeta down and give her Rorik's gift.
192Hard Luck Heleus Assignments Elaaden Nora Tallis is stranded on Elaaden until her shuttle is repaired. Retrieve her shuttle's thruster from the scavengers she sold it to.
193Aspirations Heleus Assignments Elaaden An exile named Barrett harbors aspirations of turning Elaaden into something more than the lawless wasteland it is now. To do that, he needs a hideout that is well-fortified, and has his sights set on a rival gang's outpost.
194Save Dr. Okeer's Krogan Research Heleus Assignments Elaaden A terminal holding important krogan research from the famous Dr. Okeer was accidentally sold to a junker. Dr. Ganar doesn't need the terminal, but insists that the data is important to the future of the krogan species.
195Gray Matter Heleus Assignments Elaaden Lexi has developed a serum that may hold off the symptoms of neural decay that a number of scavengers are experiencing. All she needs is the perfect test subject.
196Crisis Response Heleus Assignments Elaaden A recent transmission between two scavengers discusses a recent ship crash. There might be survivors.
197Rising Tensions Heleus Assignments Elaaden Shaman Krotik fears New Tuchanka will descent into a clan war unless two rival warriors perform the Rite of Union. A krogan war will likely be bad news for the Nexus and the stability of Heleus.
198The Rebel Heleus Assignments Elaaden Kent Hasley traveled from the Nexus to locate his exile sister, Isabel, but he needs help. He thinks Velonia in the Paradise might have information to help find her.
199Water Supply Heleus Assignments Elaaden Annea knows about the water source on Elaaden. Rather then share its location, she sells water to the planet's inhabitants, who then live and die by her whim. Looking into this situation would probably benefit all involved, as well as Eladeen's future residents.
200The Flophouse Heleus Assignments Elaaden Nakmor scouts have reported that many of Elaaden's scavengers take refuge in a flophouse hidden in a canyon. A concentrated population of troublemakers might be cause for concern.
201Dismantled Heleus Assignments Elaaden Scavengers are attempting to remove cores from a Remnant site. According to Peebee, this could make the cores unstable, which will attract the Scourge. Making the cores inert will prevent this.
202Out of Gas Heleus Assignments Elaaden You wandered off the beaten path and something in the middle of nowhere seems to have disabled the Nomad. A scavenger named Hardy, who just happened to be around, claims he can fix it.
203Task: Cache Flow Additional Tasks Elaaden You've discovered a Remnant data cache the scavengers have tampered with. SAM can piece together its data if you locate additional caches.
204Task: Little Mouse Additional Tasks Elaaden You've discovered a datapad that recounted a scavenger's run-in with a gang run by "Little Mouse." Find more datapads to lean more about this gang and its activities.
205Task: Volatile Additional Tasks Elaaden SAM has discovered a tracking device inside an explosive cannister. The scavengers on Elaaden may be up to something.
206Task: Infection Additional Tasks Elaaden You've discovered the body of a scavenger who was killed by a highly infectious disease. SAM recommends finding the source to prevent the disease from spreading.
207Task: A Flower for Kesh Additional Tasks Elaaden Vorn has asked you to deliver a gift to Kesh the next time you see her.
208From the Dust Heleus Assignments H-047c A group of outlaws are on H-047c mining helium-3, a potentially dangerous explosive substance. You've also found a partial passcode to their main base. To learn the extent of their plans, locate the rest of their passcode.
209The Remnant Tiller Heleus Assignments H-047c The Outlaws discovered a Remnant device in a Remnant conservatory on H-047c that they believed would unlock vast quantities of helium-3 to exploit. Attain that supply for the Initiative.