The Escape Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 2 - Escape from Reaper's Eye

Type: Main Quest

Starting Map: Fort Joy

You will receive this quest automatically after escaping the prison ship. Your main goal in this quest will be to find a way to leave the island. This quest also consists of many smaller, optional tasks.

After surviving the shipwreck, we have arrived at the island, known as Reaper's Eye. Fort Joy looms ahead - we have to escape from this place.

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Icon of Starting point Starting point Fort Joy

Icon of Voidlings (lvl 1) Voidlings (lvl 1) Fort Joy

Icon of Corpse of Magister Atusa Corpse of Magister Atusa Fort Joy

Icon of Malady Malady Fort Joy

Icon of Han Han Fort Joy

Icon of Paladin Cork Paladin Cork Fort Joy

Icon of Letter / Warning from Dallis Letter / Warning from Dallis Fort Joy

Icon of Vasyna Vasyna Fort Joy

Icon of Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8) Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8) Fort Joy

Icon of Gawin Gawin Fort Joy

Icon of Magister Yarrow Magister Yarrow Fort Joy

Icon of Unnis Unnis Fort Joy

Prior quests

To begin The Escape you must first complete Troubled Waters.

Quest stages of The Escape

1. Beach Voidlings

Find and kill Voidlings (lvl 1).

We were attacked by Voidlings - the same creatures that wrecked our ship enroute to the island.

Beach Voidlings

2. Execution

Find the location marked as Corpse of Magister Atusa. When you come here for the first time, you will witness the meeting of Magister Atusa with Dallis, the Hammer and Bishop Alexandar, which will end with the death of the first of them.

We witnessed the death of a Magister named Atusa at the hands of Dallis, the right hand of the Divine Order's leader, Bishop Alexandar. It seems that there is dissent in the ranks of the Order. Perhaps this is something we can exploit in order to escape.


2.1. Atusa Limb

You need an elf in your party, ie. Sebille. You should eat Atusa's Leg, you can loot it from Atusa's corpse.

After part of Magister Atusa was eaten, we discovered that she wanted to help someone named Verdas to escape from Fort Joy. Perhaps Atusa had accomplices. Perhaps we will be able to escape with their help.

3. Fort Joy Ghetto

Enter the Fort Joy Ghetto.

We have arrived in Fort Joy's Sourcerer ghetto. Perhaps some people around here will know of a way to escape. We should look around.

4. Yarrow Reward

You need to peacefully complete The Murderous Gheist quest.

After we helped to find her father, Magister Yarrow gave us a key that lets us enter the main structure of the Fort. This will no doubt come in use during our efforts to escape.

Yarrow Reward

5. Teleport Met

Talk to Gawin.

We encountered a Sourcerer called Gawin who claimed to be able to escape Fort Joy. We could try to help him with his scheme, although he seemed to say he could only bring a single person.

Teleport Met

6. Escape Prisoner

Find and talk to Unnis. You should talk to her as an elf.

We've learned that some people managed to escape with the help of some Magisters. We should try to find such Magisters.

Escape Prisoner

7. Dallis Defeated In Ghetto

In order to be able to defeat Dallis in the ghetto, you must skip Magister Atusa event and enter the ghetto by Ladder, level your team as much as you can and then attack Dallis before you get to the other side of the fort.

We defeated Dallis and Alexandar. It's likely that this is not the last we'll see of them.

8. People Talk Griff

We've heard of some sort of gang leader called Griff. Perhaps someone like him will know of a way to escape.

People Talk Griff

8.1. Griff No Escape

It seems that Griff doesn't know how to escape Fort Joy. We'll have to find someone else to help us.

9. People Talk Saheila

Talk to Elodi (Caverns). You need to help her first - The Shakedown quest.

*Say you'd like to know who's in charge around here.*

The result will be ...

We learned of an elf named Saheila. Perhaps she will know of a way of here.

People Talk Saheila

10. Amryo Met

We met an elf named Amyro who claimed that he could help us to escape if we were to release him from his cage.

Amryo Met

10.1. Amyro Saved

To trigger this state you need to complete The Imprisoned Elf quest. Check its description for more details how to do it.

After saving Amyro, he has told us of a way out of this place, and asked that we make contact with a group of free elves to inform them of the elf Saheila's presence in Fort Joy. We should look for a secret passage that he marked on our map.

11. Withermoore Deal

Find Lord Withermoore and accept his deal - Withermoore's Soul Jar quest.

We uncovered a possible way to escape the island. A trapped undead being named Withermoore will show us a way to escape if we destroy his Soul Jar and free him. He told us of a secret switch hidden on shrine to the Divine in the main courtyard of Fort Joy. The switch will reveal a hatch that leads to the dungeons. From there, we should seek out the Phylactery Room on the main castle floor. Withermoore's Soul Jar ought to be in this room - likely hidden in some way.

Withermoore Deal

12. Divine Statue Info

Discover Hatch to the Underground.

We found a secret passage near the statue of the Divine, in the main courtyard of Fort Joy. Could this be a path to freedom?

Divine Statue Info

12.1. Enter Underground

We entered the underground of Fort Joy. We should be on our guard.

Enter Underground

13. Fort Joy Castle / Fort Joy Prison

13.1. Enter Upper Area

Enter upper area of Fort Joy, ie. Hall of Penitence.

We have entered a heavily-guarded section of the Fort. We had best not alert any Magisters to our presence.

13.1.1. Paladin Conflict

To trigger this you need to save Paladin Cork from Magister Captain Trippel (lvl 4) and his companions. You need to act fast, protect, heal, etc. paladin. You can also try to teleport Captain Trippel far from paladin so he won't be able to hit him.

I've met a Paladin confronting the Magisters in the prison's courtyard. It seems there's disagreement within the Divine Order about what is happening in Fort Joy.

Paladin Conflict

13.1.2. Chapel Info

We discovered that there may be a way to escape from this place through the Hall of Penitence.

13.1.3. Dallis Warning

Find Letter / Warning from Dallis and read it.

We learned that a group of dissident Magisters called the Seekers are helping Sourcerers to escape - we should try to find them.

Dallis Warning

13.1.4. Purging

Enter the Hall of Penitence, talk to High Judge Orivand (lvl 4) an witness the "purging process".

We learned that the Hall of Penitence is being used to purge Sourcerers of their power. There is no cure - only torture, enslavement, and death.


13.1.5. Enter Main Gate

Use the Drawbridge Wheel to lower the bridge.

We forced our way through the main gate of Fort Joy.

Enter Main Gate

13.2. Vasnya Shelter

Convince Vasyna to tell you a bit more.

We met a Sourcerer called Vasnya in the dungeons beneath Fort Joy who revealed the existence of some sort of hideout in another part of Reaper's Eye, beyond Fort Joy.

Vasnya Shelter

13.3. Kniles Slaughter

You need to discover this location within Fort Joy Prison - The Flenser's Playground

We have discovered a slaughterhouse known as the Flenser's Playground, where Magisters torture Sourcerers.

13.4. Delorus Saved

Save Delorus.

We saved the life of Magister Delorus, who revealed us a way to escape the Fort. To get away safely, we should tell his co-conspirator that 'Madam Zoor' sent us.

Delorus Saved

13.5. Kidnapped Kid

Magisters Carin and Goa and Han.

We saved a young boy named Han from some Magisters. He suggested that we could escape to another part of the island using a small boat.

Kidnapped Kid

13.5.1. Escape Han

After escaping with Han, he told us of an hideout deep within the Hollow Marshes. He told us that he could be found there, alongside his friends.

14. Enter Dunes

In any way get to the other side of Fort Joy.

We have escaped from Fort Joy. There's no going back now - we have to get off the island. Magisters within the Fort will be attack us on sight if we try to return, and no doubt more of their comrades are patrolling the rest of the island.

15. Meet Zaleskar

Talk to Zaleskar.

We met an undead being named Zaleskar, who told us of the Seekers. They intend to escape the Reaper's Eye by taking a Magister flagship, the Lady Vengeance.

Meet Zaleskar

16. Found Shelter

Find Corpse of Magister Swordsman, loot and read Orders from Dallis.

We have learned that there's a place in the Hollow Marshes, beyond Fort Joy, where we may be safe from the Magisters.

Found Shelter

17. Bahara Welcome

Find the entrance to Sanctuary of Amadia and talk to Bahara.

We have arrived at a hideout in the Hollow Marshes. The lizard guarding its entrance, Bahara, has welcomed us inside.

Bahara Welcome

18. Find Gratiana

We should find Gratiana. What she knows will likely be crucial to our escape.

19. Find Gareth

It seems that Gareth will be able to lead an attempt to break through the Magisters and escape the island. We need to find him.

20. Met Gareth

Find Gareth and help him.

We met a man named Gareth. He told me that he is a Seeker - an ally of Sourcerers. He claims that he might be able to help us to escape this island. He told us of an hideout where we could meet again. It seems he has a plan to escape the island - one that involves seizing a Magister flagship.

Met Gareth

21. Gareth Plan

Gareth told us of his plan to escape on board of the Lady Vengeance. We should try to help him if we want to get away from this place. Above all, we need to clear a path through any Magister defences on the shore, before the ship can be taken.

22. Fight Shriekers

We've learned that if we're to stand any chance of getting off this island, then we need to find a way to get past the Shriekers. There must be some way to overcome them, and we need to find it.

23. Purging Wand

Purging Wand.

Purging Wand

23.1. Find Wand Gratiana

These 'Purging Wands' seem to be key to our escape - we have to find some, then return to Gratiana.

23.2. Find Wand Gareth

These 'Purging Wands' seem to be key to our escape - we have to find some, then return to Gareth.

23.3. Find Wand Exter

These 'Purging Wands' seem to be key to our escape - we have to find some, then return to Exter

24. Lucian Encounter

Visit Hall of Echoes and talk to Your God. He will teach you a new spell - Bless.

I was transported to a strange realm and spoke with a mysterious spirit. It taught me how to Bless the world around me.

Lucian Encounter

25. Call To Arm Ready

The Seekers are going to rally at an abandoned camp overlooking the shore to prepare for their attack on the Lady Vengeance. We should meet them there as soon as we are ready.

26. Lady Vengeance Spotted

Far in the horizon, we saw a large Magister warship. That looks like our way off this island, if we can seize it.

27. Final Battle

Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8).

Final Battle

27.1. Final Battle Start

We confronted Alexandar - he demanded our surrender. We refused and fought him.

27.2. Final Battle

We defeated Alexandar and his forces. We should be able to escape the island now. Let's just hope that the Seekers managed to take over the ship. We are to regroup at the shore.

27.3. Final Battle No Seeker

We defeated Alexandar and his forces. We should be able to escape the island now, by boarding the Magister warship that is anchored just offshore.

28. Met River

Malady will show up after you kill Bishop Alexandar (lvl 8) and his assistants.

We have met a strange elf named Malady, who shows great interest in whether we are Godwoken. If we want to get off this island, then we had best heed her words - at least for now.

Met River

28.1. Leave River

Whenever we are ready to leave Reaper's Eye, we should talk to Malady.

28.1.1. Lady Vengeance

Tell Malady that you are ready to leave the island.

Malady has decided that we should come with her aboard the Lady Vengeance.

29. Escape Lady Vengeance

We have escaped the island by boarding the Magister flagship, the Lady Vengeance.

30. Quest Reward

Malady has rewarded us for helping the Seekers to escape from the island.

After completing The Escape you will get or will be able to get Lady o' War.