Troubled Waters Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 1 - The Merryweather

Type: Main Quest

Starting Map: The Hold

This is the first quest available in Divinity:Original Sin 2, and you will receive it automatically when you start a new game.

We are Sourcerers, being transported to Fort Joy, an ancient fortress on a remote island where Magisters of the Divine Order have established an internment camp.

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Quest stages of Troubled Waters

1. Collaring Sourcerer

Talk to Magister Siwan, who is in the same room as you are. He will tell you what you should do next.

We have been told to look for Magister William at the stern of the ship in order to be registered. Perhaps we can explore a little, before we go to him.

Collaring Sourcerer

2. Crime Scene

Talk to Magister Waters in the cabin where the corpse lies on the floor.

A fellow Sourcerer has been discovered murdered - we've been told we'll receive a gold piece as reward if we bring back evidence to Magister Waters regarding who did it.

Crime Scene

3. Ate Victim Limb

Your character has to be an elf. You need to eat the Chunk Of Flesh which can be find in the corpse of the victim.

After consuming the flesh of the victim, we saw how he was attacked by an old woman.

Ate Victim Limb

4. William and Windego

Talk to Magister Payde, he will open the door to the room where Magister William and Windego are. You will witness an event that will end with a big explosion.

A fellow Sourcerer named Windego confessed to the killing. She also implied that we share something in common with her target... before we could learn more, she somehow triggered a huge explosion. We have to get out of here - it might be wise to find weapons in case there's more dangers ahead.

Magister Payde

William and Windego

Magister William and Windego

William and Windego

5. Middle Deck Carnage

Use the stairs (To the Middle Deck) to get to the middle deck.

We have made it to the middle deck. The ship is badly damaged - possibly even sinking. We have to keep moving.

The stairs to the middle deck

Middle Deck Carnage

The middle deck

Middle Deck Carnage

6. Cowering Magisters

Persuade (need 1 or more Persuasion skill points) two magisters located in the cabin at the stern - Magisters Murtof and Ricks.

*Tell him there is no mutiny. You almost died at this woman's hands!*


*Tell him Magister Siwan is injured; she asked you to go find help.*

If you fail then you will have to kill them. The door to the room (Door) is locked, but you can use your weapon and easily destroy it.

I encountered some Magisters who have survived thus far. I convinced them to let me pass.

Cowering Magisters

7. Death Fog

Take the Skull-Marked Key from the Skull-Marked Key and use it to open the Skull-Marked Door. Enter the cabin.

One of the cabins seems to have become infested with tentacles and some sort of lethal fog. We should keep our distance.

Corpse of Priest Medwyn

Death Fog

Skull-Marked Door

Death Fog

8. Kraken

Go to the main deck (To the Main Deck). Be prepared for a fight - Voidlings (lvl 1).

The ship is being attacked by a gigantic kraken. It looks intent on pulling the entire vessel to the bottom of the sea - we have to escape.

To the Main Deck


The Main Deck - Voidlings


9. Ending #1: Fled

Talk to the passengers of the Lifeboat and choose an immediate escape.

*Reach for the release mechanism. Forget the others; you just want off this bloody ship.*


*Insist that there's no time to spare. Enter the boat and lower it into the chilly sea.*

The result will be ...

We managed to escape the ship. Anyone who still remained on board must have surely perished.

Ending #1: Fled

10. Go Rescue Origins

If you decided to save other passengers the you should go to the lower deck (use To the Lower Deck) and help other Sourcerers. You will together kill a few Viscous Voidlings.

You can also try to help Magister Siwan.

We are going to check the lower deck for survivors. No-one deserves to die like this.

Ladder directly to the Lower Deck

Go Rescue Origins

The lower deck voidlings

Go Rescue Origins

11. Ending #2: Rescued

Help Sourcerers, don't try to save Magister Siwan, and return to the main deck. Try to reach the boat, you will be knocked down and you will not be able to get in but you will survive.

Some other Sourcerers have abandoned the ship, while we ourselves just managed to escape in the nick of time..

Ending #2: Rescued

12. Ending #3: Failed

Help sourcerers, and try to save Magister Siwan. You will not be able to save him, but no one will blame you for not trying to save him. Kraken will destroy the ship but you will survive.

The kraken has dragged the ship to the depths. We survived - just barely.

Ending #3: Failed

After completing Troubled Waters you will get or will be able to get The Escape.