Lady Vengeance Divinity: Original Sin 2 Map

This is a map of Lady Vengeance, the ship you use after getting out of Fort Joy island to cross the sea and get to Reaper's Coast. During this journey you will complete two relatively short main quests: Lady o' War and To the Hall of Echoes.

Once you leave the Fort Joy island and board the ship, your team will be disbanded. However, all possible party members are on board and you can re-assemble the entire team as you like.

Warning: After leaving the ship you will no longer be able to change the team members.

The map below is interactive. Use mouse drag/roller or mobile device gestures to move it or resize it. Mouse over map markers for tooltips with additional information.

Quests that begin on Lady Vengeance map

An alphabetical list of quests that begin on this map.

Points of interest

Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on Lady Vengeance map.

Icon of Letter / Dallis' Draft Letter
Letter / Dallis' Draft Letter
Icon of Loose Plank
Loose Plank

You need some Wits to be able to detect it. Some loot inside.

Icon of Magic Mirror
Magic Mirror

You can change appearance, atributes, abilities and talents here. You will be able to do it every time you return to the ship.

Icon of Starting point
Starting point
Icon of Teleporter Pyramid (Blue)
Teleporter Pyramid (Blue)
Icon of Teleporter Pyramid (Red)
Teleporter Pyramid (Red)

When you use this pyramid you will be teleported to the second pyramid located in the secret room.

Icon of The Figurehead
The Figurehead

*Sing the song from the tome you found belowdecks.*


Icon of Dusty Tome
Dusty Tome
Icon of Sodden Diary
Sodden Diary

Its in the corpse of Dead Magister. It contains password required to open Port-Side Stateroom Door.

Special ChestsSpecial Chests

Icon of Dallis' Stateroom Chest
Dallis' Stateroom Chest

It's locked (lock lvl 2). It can be unlocked with the Key.

Icon of Small Strongbox (lvl 8)
Small Strongbox (lvl 8)

It's locked (lock lvl 3). It can be unlocked with the Key. Inside you will find Dallis' Diary.

Icon of Storage Chest
Storage Chest

You can put unneeded items into this chest that you do not want to sell yet.

Unique ItemsUnique Items

Icon of Corpse of Kerban
Corpse of Kerban

Nice loot inside, including Hallorn's Blade (Dagger).

Levers and SwitchesLevers and Switches

Icon of Pressure Plate
Pressure Plate

It's hidden. Come close to see it. Place one of the characters on it to gain access to the hidden Switch.

Icon of Switch
Icon of Switch

To be able to access it you have to place one of your characters onto Pressure Plate. It opens the Grating Door.


Icon of Key

It's in the cupboard. It opens Dallis' Stateroom Chest in Dallis' Stateroom.

Locked PassagesLocked Passages

Icon of Grating Door
Grating Door

To remove it you should use Switch.

Icon of Port-Side Stateroom Door
Port-Side Stateroom Door

It's locked. To open it you need to already know the password (given by Starboard Stateroom Door) and have Strange Gem (can be found on Bishop Alexandar).

Icon of Starboard Stateroom Door
Starboard Stateroom Door

It's locked.

*Tell the door to open.*

*Tell the door you've forgotten your password. Ask to be reminded.*

*Tell it that before you answer you'll need it to give you the password.*

Party MembersParty Members

When you board Lady Vengeance your party is disbanded, but all possible team members are on board and you can re-invite them.

Icon of Beast

He is moving aroud.

Icon of Fane
Icon of Ifan ben-Mezd
Ifan ben-Mezd
Icon of Lohse
Icon of Sebille
Icon of The Red Prince
The Red Prince


Icon of Bishop Alexandar
Bishop Alexandar

Examine him and take the Strange Gem.

Icon of Constance

She can unlock the gate to the cage.

Icon of Exter

He is moving around. He sells Polymorph and Scoundrel skillbooks, and Knaap (Shield).

Icon of Magister Ranley
Magister Ranley
Icon of Malady
Icon of Simone

She is moving around the main deck. She sells Hydrosophist skillbooks.

Icon of Tarquin

He sells Necromancer skillbooks, weapons and armor parts.


Icon of Ship Rat
Ship Rat

It is moving around the whole middle deck.


Icon of The Hammer's Pets (lvl 8)
The Hammer's Pets (lvl 8)

2 x The Hammer's Pet.

The fight will start right after teleporting here (you have to use Teleporter Pyramid (Red)) or after entering the room through Entrance to the Secret Room.

Ornate ChestsOrnate Chests

Icon of Ornate Chest (lvl 8)
Ornate Chest (lvl 8)


Icon of Chest (lvl 8)
Chest (lvl 8)
Icon of Chest (lvl 8)
Chest (lvl 8)
Icon of Chest (lvl 8)
Chest (lvl 8)
Icon of Chest (lvl 8)
Chest (lvl 8)
Icon of Chest (lvl 8)
Chest (lvl 8)


Icon of Entrance to the Secret Room
Entrance to the Secret Room

You need enought Wits to be able to see it.

Icon of Ladder to the Lower Deck
Ladder to the Lower Deck
Icon of To the Lower Deck
To the Lower Deck
Icon of To the Main Deck
To the Main Deck
Icon of To the Middle Deck
To the Middle Deck
Icon of To the Middle Deck
To the Middle Deck