Points of Interest

The most important points of interest grouped by the maps on which they are located.


List of NPCs that can join your party - Party Members / Companions.


Lists of NPCs you will encounter during your adventure. You can talk to them, sometimes you can buy something from them or sell them something. It may happen that as a result of a conversation or your actions, they will become aggressive towards you. The lists also include companions who can join your party.

NPCs, The Hold

NPCs, Fort Joy

NPCs, Lady Vengeance

NPCs, Reaper's Coast, Spirit NPCs, Reaper's Coast, Animal NPCs, Reaper's Coast

NPCs, The Nameless Isle

NPCs, Arx

Locked passages

Lists of locked doors, gates, magical barriers, and the like that will need a key or high lockpicking skill to open them. Some of them, these with low HP, can be opened by force. These lists will also contain locations of keys, levers, etc. used to open locked passages.

Is it locked? There is definitely something precious inside!

Locked Passages, The Hold

Locked Passages, Fort Joy

Locked Passages, Reaper's Coast

Locked Passages, The Nameless Isle

Locked Passages, Arx

Treasure chests

Lists of different types of treasure chests (chests, worn-out chests, ornate chests, etc.) you may encounter during your adventure.

Chests, The Hold

Chests, Fort Joy

Chests, Lady Vengeance

Chests, Reaper's Coast

Chests, The Nameless Isle

Chests, Arx

Waypoint Shrines

Lists of waypoint shrines. They let you quickly travel between waypoints you've discovered.

Waypoint Shrines, Fort Joy

Waypoint Shrines, Reaper's Coast

Waypoint Shrines, The Nameless Isle

Waypoint Shrines, Arx

Unique Items

Lists of weapons, armour parts, and other unique quality items that can be found and which can be picked up. These lists doesn't include unique quality items which drop from defeated enemies.

Unique Items, Fort Joy

Unique Items, Reaper's Coast

Unique Items, Arx


Soul Jars, Fort Joy - A list of Soul Jars that can be found on the map of Fort Joy. In some cases, they are part of a quest that involves destroying them, but you can also absorb the souls locked inside them and receive an additional source point.

Altars, Reaper's Coast - A list of altars located on the Reaper's Coast map where you must pray to complete The Three Altars quest.

Altars, The Nameless Isle - List of altars located on The Nameless Isle map where you can pray and thus get to know the correct alignment of the pillars in The Nameless Isle quest. These altars are also needed to get the achievement The Seven Altars.