Lady o' War Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 3 - I, the Godwoken

Type: Main Quest

Starting Map: Lady Vengeance

This quest will be added to your journal when you board the ship Lady Vengeance (after talking to Malady and leaving Fort Joy island).

We have boarded the Lady Vengeance. The Seekers appear to have taken control of the ship after a battle with the Magisters on board. We should speak to someone to see what's to happen next.


We have boarded the Lady Vengeance. It seems that a group of pro-Sourcerer dissidents known as the Seekers took control of the vessel, after defeating its crew. We should speak to someone to see what's to happen next.

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Prior quests

To begin Lady o' War you must first complete The Escape.

Quest stages of Lady o' War

1. Met Malady

Talk to Malady aboard the ship.

We spoke with Malady once again. She ought to know what must be done next.

Met Malady

1.1. Alexandar Captive

We have learned that Alexandar survived, and is now the prisoner of the Seekers. He is locked upon a lower deck of the Lady Vengeance, unconscious.

1.2. Malady Ship Inactive

We learned that the Lady Vengeance is made from elven livewood, meaning that it is effectively conscious. Something is preventing the Seekers from taking control of it, however - the means of getting the ship moving must be hidden aboard it somewhere. We should search it thoroughly.

2. Info Ship

Examine The Figurehead. Scholar character can detect a living scar.

We discovered a living scar engraved upon the figurehead at the bow of the Lady Vengeance. If the ship was built using elven ancestor trees, Dallis could have used the living scar to control it... and perhaps we can too.

Info Ship

2.1. Need Control

Talk to Malady and tell her about your discovery.

As the ship is controlled by a Living Scar, we need to find the song that controls it. We must look around.

3. Info Rat

Talk to Ship Rat (you need Pet Pal talent) and ask him:

*Ask the rat if it knows how to steer the ship.*

The result will be ...

We spoke with a rat who recalls that Dallis controlled the ship by singing from an old book of songs, written in a strange language.

Info Rat

4. Info Magister

Talk to Magister Ranley. You need at least +1 Persuasion skill(?), and tell her:

*Point to Alexandar and tell her that she ought not antagonise their captors, or she could wind up with the Divine's blood on her hands by proxy...*

The result will be ...

We spoke to a Magister survivor named Ranley, locked in the Lady Vengeance's brig. She told us that Dallis seemed to control the ship by singing to it. The secret to controlling the Lady Vengeance might be found in Dallis's cabin.

Info Magister

5. Alexandar Key

Come to Bishop Alexandar lying on the bed. If Magister Ranley wants to stop you, tell her:

*Point out that she's alone, unarmed, and there's a shipful of Seekers who'd happily throw her overboard. She's in no position to be making demands.*

... otherwise you will have to fight with her.

Inspect Bishop Alexandar:

*Look closely at his simple regalia.*

and take the gem (Strange Gem)

*Slip the gem from around his neck. Place it in your pocket.*

You can also kill him and get the gem from his corpse. The result will be ...

A still unconscious Alexandar turned out to be in possession of a rather peculiar gem. We decided to borrow it: who knows when such a trinket might come in handy.

Alexandar Key

6. Met Door

Try to open one of the two doors: Port-Side Stateroom Door or Starboard Stateroom Door.

Belowdecks, we found the cabin that Dallis had been using. The entrance is guarded by two speaking doors. We must get past them somehow.

Met Door

7. Door Password

You can learn the password in two ways:


Find and read the Sodden Diary.

Door Password


Find Starboard Stateroom Door and try to open it then select:

*Tell the door to open.*

*Tell the door you've forgotten your password. Ask to be reminded.*

*Tell it that before you answer you'll need it to give you the password.*

Door Password

The result will be ...

We have learned that the password for the master cabin is 'Fortitude'.

8. Get Into Dallis Room

To open Port-Side Stateroom Door you need to already know the password and have the Strange Gem (can be found on Bishop Alexandar).

Try to open the door then:

*Hold the gem you took from Alexandar out towards the door.*

*Hold the gem to the six-sided shape carved in the figure's forehead.*

*State the password: Fortitude*

The result will be ...

We managed to get inside Dallis' cabin. We should search it thoroughly.

9. Tarquin Met

Talk to Tarquin.

We found a strange man named Tarquin locked inside Dallis' cabin. He claimed that he was being held aboard the ship as her prisoner.

Tarquin Met

9.1. Tarquin Lizard Info

During the conversation with Tarquin, ask him ...

*Tell him that the ship is immobile. Does he know what might be causing that?*

The result will be ...

Tarquin told us that Dallis may have used an ancient lizard technique of using songs to control slaves. Perhaps this is related to controlling the ship. We ought to investigate further.

9.2. Tarquin Kill

Kill Tarquin (not recommended).

Whoever this Tarquin fellow truly was, we decided that we couldn't trust him, and were forced to kill him.

10. Info The Mistake

Pick up Letter / Dallis' Draft Letter and read it.

We learned about 'The Mistake' - a Sourcerer who was once trained by the Seekers, only to turn on them and cause a great deal of death and destruction. This calamity caused the Seekers to fall out of favour with the Divine Order, forcing them to become an underground movement.

Info The Mistake

11. Get Song Book

Pick up Dusty Tome.

We have found a book of songs in Dallis's cabin aboard the Lady Vengeance.

Get Song Book

12. Asked Sing

Tell Malady that you found the book.

*Show her the tome you found.*

The result will be ...

Malady wants us to take control of the ship, using the song that we discovered.

13. Used Song Book

You must first find Dusty Tome from Dallis' cabin, then you can talk to The Figurehead and sing it a song.

*Sing the song from the tome you found belowdecks.*

The result will be ..

Standing before the figurehead, we recited the contents of the book from Dallis's cabin. The ship spoke to us - it possesses the consciousness of a dead elf, whose ancestor tree was chopped down by the Magisters.

Used Song Book

13.1. Free Ship

During the conversation with The Figurehead chose:

*Answer that you are no slaver - you wish for the ship to be free, and hope that it will help you in return.*

The result will be ...

We have chosen to restore free will to the ship. In gratitude, it will take us wherever we need to go.

13.2. Subjugate Ship

During the conversation with The Figurehead chose:

*Tell the ship that it is to do as you command from now on.*

The result will be ...

We have chosen to impose our will over the ship. It will have no choice but to do as it is commanded to.

14. Stayed Ship

Speak with Malady again when you are ready to move forward.

We must inform Malady when we are ready to set sail for Reaper's Coast.

Stayed Ship

15. Dallis Assault Start

After a shot cutscene, you will be attacked by another ship with Dallis aboard.

Dallis has caught up with us and is boarding the Lady Vengeance with a powerful force of Magisters. We could try to kill Dallis, but if we concentrate on buying Malady some time, she can cast a spell that might save us.

Dallis Assault Start

Dallis Assault Start

15.1. Dallis Assault End

Yuo have to survive a few rounds rounds and let Malady comple her spell. You will be teleported to the Hall of Echoes. This ending is most likely :-)

Malady completed her spell, and saved us by transporting the entire ship to the Hall of Echoes.

15.2. Defeated Dallis LV

If you managed to defeat Dallis before Malady finished her spell.

We have managed to defeat Dallis in battle.

15.3. Defeated Dallis FTJ LV

If you managed to defeat Dallis before Malady finished her spell and you also defeated her in Fort Joy.

We have defeated Dallis in battle for the second time. Could it be that her formidable reputation is unearned...?

After completing Lady o' War you will get or will be able to get To the Hall of Echoes.