Quests Kingdom Come: Deliverance Quests

This is a list of Kingdom Come: Deliverance quests.Click on the title of the quest to get more information about it.

Main Story

List of all Kingdom Come: Deliverance main storyline quests.

- Name / Title Location Description
1Unexpected Visit This is the first quest in the main storyline of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and it will be automatically added to your journal when you start a new game.
2Run! My home town was attacked by foreign soldiers and many people slaughtered. I couldn't get inside the castle before they closed the gates, so they sent me to Talmberg to warn the people there in case they faced a similar fate.
3Homecoming Although my liege lord Sir Radzig Kobyla forbade me to leave Talmberg and the Lord of Talmberg, Sir Divish, complied with his wishes and tried to keep me in the castle, in the end I succeeded in leaving. I had to get back to Skalitz to bury my parents. I couldn't just leave their bodies to the dogs.
4Awakening I woke up from bad dreams. Theresa, the Skalitz miller's daughter was sitting leaning over me. It turns out it was she, together with Sir Robard and his men, who saved my life. Then she took me to Rattay to uncle Peshek's mill. They looked after me the whole time I was delirious and feverish. Theresa also lost everything and is now living at her uncle's mill. I may stay there if I wish, but I have a debt to settle. My treatment was not without cost.
5Vengeance This is some kind of meta quest. All it's objectives are completed automatically throughout the main story. It will be added to your journal after you complete Homecoming quest.
6Train Hard, Fight Easy Sir Radzig wants me to undertake training with his Captain, Sir Bernard. He has a reputation for being gruff, and I'm not sure whether he'll be too happy about Sir Radzig taking me, a blacksmith's son, into his service.
7Keeping the Peace In order to become one of Sir Radzig's men, I had to enter the service of the Bailiff of Rattay. He wants me to serve on sentry duty with Nightingale the watchman.
8The Prey In the course of my training I had the honour of making the acquaintance of Sir Hans Capon, and we didn't get off to a very good start; we ended up brawling in the tavern. Sir Hanush is punishing both of us by sending us hunting together. It was clear that neither one of us was looking forward to the expedition.
9The Hunt Begins Someone raided the Neuhof stud farm and Sir Radzig has sent me there along with a squad of his men to investigate what actually happened.
10Ginger in a Pickle The Neuhof stud farm met with tragedy. A raiding party killed several horses and some people. The trail led me to suspect that someone from the farm may have been involved.
11Mysterious Ways Ginger is hiding out in the woods in fear of his life, because by chance he recognised one of the bandits involved in the Neuhof massacre, some fellow with a limp who lives in Uzhitz.
12On the Scent One of the members of the Neuhof gang, a fellow who goes by the moniker of Reeky, should be somewhere in the vicinity of Ledetchko. Unfortunately, that's about all I could find out so far. I expect it shouldn't be too hard to... well, catch scent of this Reeky, though I don't expect it will be a pleasant encounter.
13My Friend Timmy I found out from Reeky that another of the bandits who raided Neuhof is apparently hiding out in a windmill south of Merhojed.
14Nest of Vipers Sir Radzig asked me to scout out the location of the camp where the bandits who attacked Neuhof are holed up. I've got to find out as much as I can about the camp and, if possible, sabotage things a bit.
15Baptism of Fire A raiding party led by Captain Robard of Talmberg is preparing to attack the bandit camp and I'm to go with them. It will be my baptism of fire.
16Questions and Answers While we were battling in Pribyslavitz, another gang of bandits attacked Merhojed. However, the villagers not only held of the raiders, but even took one captive. Sir Radzig wants me to interrogate him.
17All that Glisters I found quite a pile of Groschen in the Pribyslavitz encampment, which Master Engineer Feyfar subsequently discovered to be fakes. Not only is that a capital crime against the Crown, but it's also proof that there's more going on around Rattay than meets the eye.
18If You Can't Beat 'em After the affair of the counterfeiters, it's become clear that Sasau conceals many secrets. There's talk that there are "crimps", as they're called, recruiting men for a new bandit camp...
19Poverty, Chastity and Obedience I discovered that the only way to the monastery leads through a young nobleman, who is supposed to join the monks' ranks.
20A Needle in a Haystack A fellow is hiding in the Sasau monastery who I'm supposed to find and kill. All I know about him is that he's one of the novices.
21The Die is Cast My spiritual contemplation in the Order of St. Benedict is over. Farewell, Brother Gregor! Now, back to those crimps - let's hope they finally lead me to the bandit encampment.
22Payback We finally tracked down the nest of vipers and now it's time to crush the head of the biggest and most venomous of them with our heels.
23Out of the Frying Pan The victory in Vranik may have been for nothing. Istvan Toth and some of his men managed to slip away before our assault and head for Talmberg, which was left undefended. The foe has taken cover behind the castle walls, but we still have a chance to win the day.
24Night Raid A decision was reached to try once more to sneak into the castle and free the hostages.
25Siege None of our attacks succeeded and Talmberg remained in Istvan’s hands. Several camps sprung up around the castle and they all had to be got up and running.
26Rocketeer For the conquest of Talmberg you need to build a trebuchet. This is more difficult than may seem at first glance.
27Cold Steel, Hot Blood A messenger galloped into Talmberg with a report that Istvan's reinforcements are approaching. A battle seems inevitable.
28Family Values Istvan didn't wait for the outcome of the skirmish, but took advantage of our departure and attacked the few men left guarding our trebuchet.
29An Oath is an Oath The men are prepared, the trebuchet built and Istvan refuses to surrender. Talmberg must be conquered by force!
30Epilogue Toth is gone and his men scattered, but there are still many things left unresolved.

Side Quests

Not all side quests are available at all times. Some of them are unlocked after completing a specific main story quest or are a continuation of another side quest.

- Name / Title Location Description
1Restless Spirit Ledetchko To start this quest you should talk to Herbalist Kunhuta. You will find her in her hut in the forest north of Ledetchko.
2Tricks of the Trade Ledetchko To start this quest you should talk to the Ledetchko Blacksmith and offer him your help.
3Pestilence Merhojed This quest will be added to your journal when you talk to Matthias during Questions and Answers main story quest. You should complete this quest if you want to talk to the captive.
4Besmirched Inn in the Glade To get this quest you should talk to Andrew, you will find him in the Inn in the Glade. Ask him if anything interesting is going on. To be able to do this, you must first complete Masquerade quest.
5The Sport of Kings Neuhof To start this quest you should talk to Zora. You must first complete Ginger in a Pickle quest.
6A Bird in the Hand... Rattay To start this quest you should talk to Huntsman Berthold in Rattay.
7Aquarius Rattay You can start this quest by talking to the Bailiff in Rattay. Ask him some questions to get more objectives.
8Clothes Make the Man Rattay To start this quest you must first complete Next to Godliness quest then talk to Hans Capon. You will have to wait until the next day and talk to him again.
9Courtship Rattay This quest can be given by Nightingale during Keeping the Peace quest, but you have to tell him that Theresa saved you. if not, it will appear in your journal after some time.
10Money for Old Rope Rattay There's to be an execution in Rattay - without Hermann, the Rattay Executioner.
11Next to Godliness Rattay To start this quest you should talk to Hans Capon. To be able to do this, you must first complete The Prey quest.
12Robber Baron Rattay It's not unusual for family quarrels to get blown out of proportion, though they usually end with nothing worse than bruised feelings. Not so in the case of Captain Bernard's kin! Two of his cousins are feuding so fiercely that one is lying seriously wounded in Rattay and the other is pillaging farms around Neuhof with his band of renegades. Sir Hanush has sent me and Lord Capon on a punitive expedition to deal with the robber baron. Captain Bernard will naturally be leading the corps himself.
13Scavenger Rattay You can start this quest by talking to Kunesh. You will find him begging at a random place in Rattay.
14The Good Thief Rattay Miller Peshek and his niece, Theresa, took care of me while I was at death's door. I owe them my life.
15Tough Love Rattay Hermann the Executioner is trying to help the widow Elishka. Only living with an executioner brings all sorts of problems.
16...Is a Friend Indeed Sasau This quest will appear in your journal automatically some time after the A Friend In Need... quest has been completed.
17A Costly Brawl Sasau You can start this quest by talking to Fritz. He will move to the Inn in the Glade some time after completing the ...Is a Friend Indeed quest.
18A Friend In Need... Sasau I met my old mates Fritz and Matthew. And as usual they're in a pickle.
19Damsel in Distress Sasau You can receive this quest during the All that Glisters main story quest. During the conversation with Florian you have to suggest that you will save his woman.
20Last Will and Testament Sasau Everyone deals with the approach of death in their own way. Some look for God's forgiveness, others try to do right by their loved ones, others to set their worldly affairs in order.
21Miracles While You Wait Sasau To start this quest you should talk to Charlatan. You can find him in Sasau city.
22New Herbarium Sasau To unlock this quest you have to complete Weeds quest then speak with Brother Nicodemus in the Sasau Monastery.
23Rattled Sasau Master Armourer Ota Rabstein refuses to sell his forge to the Sasau blacksmith, Zach. Zach's so furious that he decides to humiliate Ota in front of the whole town. If he can't have Ota's forge, he'll at least take his customers.
24In God's Hands Sasau Monastery I met Johanka at the monastery, and it looks like she's having trouble...
25In the Cloister Sasau Monastery This task will appear in your journal after entering the Sasau monastery and it will be a kind of obstacle in performing the main story quest A Needle in a Haystack, as it requires you to perform certain activities at certain times.
26Libri Prohibiti Sasau Monastery To start this quest you should talk to Brother Nevlas in Sasau monastery.
27Nasty Habits Sasau Monastery This quest will appear in your journal when you enter the basement of the Sasau monastery. You can do this while doing A Needle in a Haystack main story quest.
28Saintly Remains Sasau Monastery You can start this quest by talking to Urban. You can find him in the Sassau monastery.
29Scattered Pages Sasau Monastery You can start this quest by talking to Brother Librarian in Sasau monastery while doing A Needle in a Haystack main quest. You have to find 10 pages.
30The Abbot's List Sasau Monastery To get this quest, you must first finish Libri Prohibiti quest and then ask Brother Nevlas about the background of other novices.
31The House of God Sasau Monastery To start this quest you should talk The Quarry Master. you can also talk to Sir Divish at Talmberg castle.
32The Trials of a Novice Sasau Monastery Novice Lucas has asked me to help solve his problem with the Brother Circators. They've been picking on him and making his life a misery.
33Weeds Sasau Monastery Brother Nicodemus asked me to weed his patch.
34Worldly Goods Sasau Monastery I found an interesting secret stash in the monastery.
35The King's Silver Skalitz The Skalitz mineworks are standing idle, still damaged by the Cuman raid. It’s time to assess the state they're in and start the job of getting them back up and running, if possible…
36A Rock and a Hard Place Talmberg Matthew and Fritz want to raid the quarry in Talmberg. It looks dangerous, but if we're successful we'll be rich!
37At Your Service, My Lady Talmberg To start this quest you should talk to one of the guards at Talmberg Castle. You can also go directly to Lady Stephanie.
38Cherchez la Femme Talmberg This quest will appear in your journal if you decide to trust Hanekin Hare during a conversation with him while doing Hare Hunt or Sheep in Wolf's Clothing.
39Emergency Supply Talmberg Hanekin Hare's band of poachers isn't as merry as it was. They were attacked by the Talmberg soldiers and Hanekin had to hide out in a mine shaft with a handful of his faithful followers. But one of them, Black Lukesh, has lost the faith and plans to desert Hare. He doesn't want to go empty-handed though, especially since he has something put away for a rainy day at his house. Only his house is being watched by the soldiers.
40Gallows Brothers Talmberg All my life I’ve been asking myself one thing: “Who to pin the blame on?"
41Hare Hunt Talmberg You can start this quest by talking to huntsman Nicholas in Talmberg.
42Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Inn in the Glade To get this quest you should talk to Andrew, you will find him in the Inn in the Glade. To be able to do this, you must already have Hare Hunt quest.
43Talmberg Horse Race Talmberg This quest is a sub-quest of The Sport of Kings quest.
44Mightier than the Sword Uzhitz You can start this quest asking the Bailiff of Rattay a question about who can teach you how to read. The easiest way to do this is at the end of the Train Hard, Fight Easy main story quest.
45Playing with the Devil Uzhitz To start this quest you should talk to Father Godwin.
46The Horse That Bolted Uzhitz To start this quest you should talk to Head Groom.
47Waldensians Rattay To start this quest you should talk to Sir Hanush of Leipa. You will find him somewhere in the Rattay castle area.
48A Man of the Cloth Rovna You can get this quest by talking to Villager in Rovna. You can do this quest together with one of the objectives of another quest - In God's Hands.
49Lost in Translation Some millhands in Budin have captured a Cuman raider. From what I've heard, none of them knows quite what to do with the captive.
50Masquerade Inn in the Glade You can start this quest by talking to Matthew. He will move here some time after completing the ...Is a Friend Indeed quest.


Alongside side quests, activities are special events that exist outside the main storyline of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance game.

- Name / Title Location Description
1Pickpocketing Rattay Miller Peshek promised to teach me how to pick pockets.
2Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! Rattay To start this quest you should talk to Milan. He walks around the city of Rattay.
3Thick as Thieves - Woyzeck To start this quest you should complete The Good Thief quest then talk to Miller Woyzeck.
4Thick as Thieves - Peshek Rattay Peshek the Miller is known to pack away not just bags of flour, but quite a few pilfered valuables from the Rattay townsfolk. He might have some work for me to do.
5Thick as Thieves - Simon To start this quest you should talk to Miller Simon. You will find it in his mill located northeast of Sasau.
6Interlopers You will receive this quest from Captain Robard after completing the Raiders quest.
7Beggars' Feast Rattay To start this quest you should talk to Alex. You must first complete the The Prey quest.
8Raiders You will receive this quest from Captain Bernard after completing the Ruin quest.
9Fat Profits Sasau The Sasau butcher offered me an interesting job. I'm to get him some game and he'll reward me generously. It's poaching, but a job's a job.
10Skin Talmberg To start this quest you should talk to Tanner Brada in Talmberg.
11Fishy Business in Uzhitz Uzhitz To start this quest you should talk to Uzhitz Fisherman.
12Chumps on the River Ledetchko I met an interesting fellow. He’s an archer by the name of Vatzek and he told me about this game. It’s called “Chumps” and is about hitting logs floating down the river.
13Revenge of the Cuman King Skalitz To start this quest you have to talk to Odd Bird. I'm not sure but to be able to do this quest you probably need to go far enough in the main story of the game and complete the Fishy Business in Uzhitz quest.
14Rob the Rich, Give to the Poor Rattay A scruffy vagabond from the refugee camp in Rattay wants me to do some pickpocketing for him.
15Green-Eyed Monster Sasau A farmhand with a grievance wants to get revenge, and he wants my help to do it.
16A Woman Scorned To start this quest you should talk to an Old Whore. You will find her near the Inn in the Glade.
17Ruin To start this quest you should speak with Captain Bernard in Rattay or in Neuhof if you are currently doing The Hunt Begins main story quest.
18Henry the Master Huntsman To be able to get this quests you have to complete Cherchez la Femme quest, and then you should talk to Scribe at Talmberg castle.
19Delicacies Andrew the innkeeper buys game. Hunting isn't exactly legal, but that's why there's plenty of coin in it!
20The Queen of Sheba’s Sword Sasau The Sasau swordsmith told me some pilgrim wandering the area said he had come from Jerusalem and had been selling fragments he claimed came from the sacred sword of the Queen of Sheba. The swordsmith would like to get his hands on those fragments and he offered me a handsome reward for helping him to achieve that.

Unknown / Cut from the game, etc.

The following quests are currently not available in the game. They are probably only remnants from the developer / beta version of the game. But it is also possible that someday they will appear in the game after some patch or in the form of DLC.

- Name / Title Location Description
1Six feet under Martin asked me to dig a grave for his friend Miroslav under a tree by the burnt-out farm.
2Rattay Tournament The glorious Rattay Tournament convened by Sir Hanush.
3Black Marketeer There's gossip going around that Leshek is selling supplies from the soldiers' encampment. I wonder if there's any truth in it.
4Blacksmith flute The Samopesh blacksmith is annoying his neighbours. When he's not hammering on his anvil, he starts tooting on his flute. One of his neighbours asked me to silence him by stealing his flute.
5A lesson in chivalry One of the soldiers bothers the innkeeper in Samopesh. I should take care of it.
6Locked out The Bailiff of Samopesch had one drink too many and lost his keys. It's a rather awkward situation, but I'm sure I can help him out. I should try and find the keys for him, or failing that, try and open his door some other way.
7Old sword I found an old sword. It might belong to someone nearby...
8Honeyed Words Rattay Young Lord Capon is in love. Again! And again he wants me to help him win the heart of the maiden in question.
9Lost sheep I came across a stray sheep in Samopesch. So I herded it back.
10No Rest for the Wicked Rattay Miller Woyzeck is dead. Everyone is convinced he took his own life, so he can't be buried in consecrated ground. Peshek wants me to arrange for a proper burial in the cemetery. There's no need to mention it won't be so easy…
11Lost sword A villager in Merhojed lost his sword. He supects soldiers from the nearby camp.
12Corpus Christi Uzhitz The poisoned cow is about to die and who else but I can save it?
13Our little house in Kuttenberg Ludmila from Merhojed is looking for an important document. Her brother-in-law Paul had it on him when he was killed on the burned farm. I should ask about it.
14Mayhem near Merhojed / Where there's smoke…[?] Someone raided and burned down the Kolbens' farm. The folk in the vicinity are in shock and some might be wounded. What's more, the attackers may still be in the area. Maybe the soldiers in the nearby encampment know more.
15An errand of mercy In the soldiers' encampment at Merhojed are wounded who need treatment.
16Sick Bastard Samopesh Samopesh farmer Josef is suffering from serious gastric problems and claims the blame lies with local innkeeper Marianna, who he says serves spoiled food and drink.
17Easing the pain There is wounded soldier on the burned farm near Merhojed. He is in great pain and I should try to find someone who can help him.