To the Hall of Echoes Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 3 - I, the Godwoken

Type: Main Quest

Starting Map: Lady Vengeance

This quest will start after you being moved to the alternative version of Hall of Echoes. It will happen when, when fighting Dallis during the attack on Lady Vengeance, Malady will finish casting her spell.

I have found myself in the Hall of Echoes. It seems different somehow...

Prior quests

To begin To the Hall of Echoes you must first complete Lady o' War.

Quest stages of To the Hall of Echoes

1. God Hanging

Go ahead, go over the bridge that will appear when you approach sufficiently close to the edge of the abyss and get close to the Spirit Tree on which the gods are hanging.

I found the Gods, cursed and hanging from a Spirit Tree. Perhaps if I were to bless them, it would ease their suffering.

God Hanging

2. God Cursed

Try to talk to any of the gods.

I tried to talk to the Gods, but their curse seems to be inhibiting them.

3. God Blessed

Use Bless skill and bless your god (Rhalic for humans, Tir-Cendelius for elves, etc.)

The Gods were able to speak after being blessed. I was told that the Void did this to them, and that it must be stopped before it consumes everything. I was told to unlock more of the dormant powers that lie within. Once those powers were developed, I could ascend to become the next Divine, and defeat the Void.

4. Return To LV

After the conversation you will be teleported back to the Lady Vengeance.

My God has returned me to the Lady Vengeance, berthed in a strange cove within the Hall of Echoes. I should look for Malady.

5. Empty LV

This state will be added to your journal automatically when you come back from the Hall of Echoes.

The Lady Vengeance seems to be empty. I should look for signs of others.

Empty LV

6. Alexandar Disappeared

Talk to Malady. You will find her in the cage in which Alexander was being held and ask her about missing people.

I learned that Alexandar vanished from captivity aboard the Lady Vengeance when it was transported to the Hall of Echoes.

Alexandar Disappeared

7. Meistr

According to Malady, I must now seek out Meistr of the Seekers. She lives in the port of Driftwood, along Reaper's Coast.

8. End Act

The Lady Vengeance is embarking for Reaper's Coast...

End Act

After completing To the Hall of Echoes you will get or will be able to get Powerful Awakening.