The Remnant Tiller Mass Effect: Andromeda Mission

Type: Heleus Assignments

Zone / Planet: H-047c

The Outlaws discovered a Remnant device in a Remnant conservatory on H-047c that they believed would unlock vast quantities of helium-3 to exploit. Attain that supply for the Initiative.

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Icon of Remnant Conservatory Remnant Conservatory H-047c

Prior missions

To begin The Remnant Tiller you must first complete From the Dust.

Mission objectives of The Remnant Tiller

1. Find the Remnant conservatory

The entrance to the conservatory is in the dome located in Crater: Santiago. There are no outlaws there. As usual, use the gravity well to get down to the vault.

Find the Remnant conservatory

Find the Remnant conservatory

2. Map of the Remnant Tiller on H-047c

Select "Open link in new tab / window" for full size map.

Map of the Remnant Tiller on H-047c

3. Explore the Remnant conservatory

Use the console shown in the screenshot below (A) to summon a friendly observer.

Explore the Remnant conservatory

Scan the console shown in the screenshot below (B) and wait until the observer approaches and activates the console. You can move on.

Explore the Remnant conservatory

In the next room (the big one with forcefields) turn right.

You can go straight to the mission objective point but there are two additional "puzzles" in this vault. First one in the right section of the vault, and the second one in the left section of the vault. Both require summoning of friendly observer.

Right side of the vault

Find the console which you can use to spawn another friendly observer (C).

Explore the Remnant conservatory

Use the observer to activate the nearby "observer only" console (D) in the same way as you did in the first room. It will open up two small rooms on nearby walls with two more consoles. First activate the console with one glowing crystal behind it (1), then activate the second console (with 2 crystals) (2).

Explore the Remnant conservatory

Move to the next room. Be carefull, don't let the hostile Remnants to kill your friendly observer! Use the observer to activate next console (F). Two more secret rooms with consoles will open. Activate the console with three glowing crystals behind (3), then activate the console with four crystals (4). Now you can enter the final room with glyph and chests.

Explore the Remnant conservatory

Now you can go through the "floating isle" in the middle to the left section of the vault.

Left side of the vault

This "puzzle" is easier - there is one console that can be used to summon observer (I), and three "observer controlled" consoles (L) (M) (N) in the rooms which open five small secret rooms on the left side of the vault. I recommend to clear all the rooms before summoning the observer (including Elite Destroyer and his companions in the final room) so they won't kill your friendly observer.

Explore the Remnant conservatory

4. Activate the Tiller

Use the console and solve the Remnant puzzle.

Activate the Tiller

Correct puzzle solution.

Activate the Tiller

You can now leave the vault and go back to the Nomad.

Notice: You can't leave Nomad while on the surface of H-047c because an environment is not suitable. So if you want to come back to the Tempest and leave the planet, then you have to use Nomad Extraction option to do it. Default controls to do this are: [T] for PC, [Triangle] for PS4, and [Y] for Xbox One.