Aya Mass Effect: Andromeda Map

Map of the surface of the planet Aya - Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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Points of interest

Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on Aya map.

Icon of Angaran Shuttle Model
Angaran Shuttle Model
Icon of Athabasca Class Freighter Model
Athabasca Class Freighter Model
Icon of Docking Access Controls
Docking Access Controls

To the Tempest.

Icon of Liam
Icon of Peebee

New MissionNew Mission

Icon of Ambassador Rialla
Ambassador Rialla
Icon of Arbiter Renaav
Arbiter Renaav
Icon of Avela Kjar
Avela Kjar
Icon of Daanfre
Icon of Enroh Bosaan
Enroh Bosaan
Icon of Maariko
Icon of Merixus
Icon of Sohkaa Esof
Sohkaa Esof


Icon of Armor Merchant
Armor Merchant
Icon of General Goods Merchant
General Goods Merchant

Sells: Remnant Fighter Model

Icon of Materials Merchant
Materials Merchant
Icon of Quartermaster Istaal
Quartermaster Istaal

Weapons Merchant

Mission ObjectiveMission Objective

Icon of Agricultural Scientist
Agricultural Scientist

Sells: Quilloa Seeds

Icon of Anaret
Icon of Aqueduct Engineer
Aqueduct Engineer

Sells: Ionic Water Filters

Icon of Arbiter Ohmdaal
Arbiter Ohmdaal
Icon of Arbiter Vraagen
Arbiter Vraagen
Icon of Assistant Medic
Assistant Medic

He is in infirmary (lower level).

Icon of Avela Kjar
Avela Kjar
Icon of Daanesk
Icon of Decontamination Console
Decontamination Console
Icon of Helruul
Icon of Holographic Message Terminal
Holographic Message Terminal
Icon of Holographic Message Terminal
Holographic Message Terminal
Icon of Holographic Message Terminal
Holographic Message Terminal
Icon of Holographic Message Terminal
Holographic Message Terminal
Icon of Jarryn Sjek
Jarryn Sjek
Icon of Ljeta

She is in infirmary (lower level).

Icon of Moshae Sjefa
Moshae Sjefa
Icon of Saalro
Icon of Solar Technician
Solar Technician

Sells: Solar Amplifiers

Icon of Sorvis Lenn
Sorvis Lenn
Icon of Vuhlren
Icon of Xaan Ingil
Xaan Ingil
Icon of Yuraalt

Aya is an anomaly in the Heleus Cluster: a lush planet where a Remnant site appears to be active. It is a sanctuary for the angara, the only known sentient species local to Heleus, and guarded fiercely against outsiders. This is helped by Aya's position relative to Heleus' black hole, whose gravitational lensing effect makes Aya harder to detect. The Scourge also makes the approach to Aya extremely dangerous for untrained pilots. Scans indicate numerous kett wrecks lost in the Scourge nearby, picked clean by angaran salvagers.

Aya is also the headquarters of the Angaran Resistance movement against the kett, whose leaders advise Aya's planetary governor, Paaran Shie. Director Tann has ordered that Aya is not only to be considered sovereign territory, but a military power. While the Tempest and its crew were allowed to visit peacefully, the Nexus is advising extreme caution to other potential visitors, and ordering the distribution of "early contact" guidelines.