The Tempest Mass Effect: Andromeda Map

This is the map of The Tempest, your personal space ship, used to travel between planets.

The map below is interactive. Use mouse drag/roller or mobile device gestures to move it or resize it. Tap or mouse over map markers for tooltips with additional information.

Points of interest

Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on The Tempest map.

New MissionsNew Missions

You will receive many new missions after using the email terminal and reading the relevant messages.

Icon of Crumbs Crumbs Related quests: The Visitor.


Various ship equipment. The most important of these is the email terminal, which serves as the source of many new missions.

Icon of AVP Status Control AVP Status Control

Icon of Buy / Sell Kiosk Buy / Sell Kiosk

Icon of Crew Info Board Crew Info Board

Icon of Email Terminal Email Terminal Related quests: Monkeys in Space, Task: Path of a Hero, The Firefighters.

Icon of Email Terminal Email Terminal Related quests: Monkeys in Space, Task: Path of a Hero, The Firefighters.

Icon of Galaxy Map Galaxy Map

Icon of Loadout Station Loadout Station

Icon of Music Music

Icon of Planetary Holo Planetary Holo

Icon of Re-Spec Station Re-Spec Station

Icon of Research Center Research Center

Icon of SAM SAM

Icon of SpaceX Rocket Model SpaceX Rocket Model

Icon of Special Delivery Cache Special Delivery Cache Deluxe / Collector's Edition items.

Icon of Strike Team Missions Strike Team Missions Related quests: First Strike.

Icon of Vidcon Vidcon Related quests: Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?, Night on the Town, The Little Things That Matter, Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten.

Icon of Wardrobe Wardrobe

Mission ObjectivesMission Objectives

Icon of End of Crumb Trail End of Crumb Trail Related quests: The Visitor.

Icon of Pyjak Pyjak Related quests: Monkeys in Space.


Companions move around the ship as you progress through the game. The positions of the places where they most often reside, are marked on the map.

Icon of Cora Cora

Icon of Drack Drack Related quests: Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal.

Icon of Gil Gil

Icon of Kallo Jath Kallo Jath

Icon of Lexi T'Perro Lexi T'Perro

Icon of Liam Liam

Icon of Peebee Peebee

Icon of Suvi Suvi

Icon of Vetra Vetra

The Tempest is a survey ship designed for long-range, long-term exploration under a Pathfinder’s command. Its light weight and efficient design allow it to operate with a small crew and minimal resources.

Built by the Andromeda Initiative, the Tempest makes use of several once-proprietary technologies, including an IES stealth system originally developed by the Systems Alliance. Many of these systems were permitted on the condition that the Tempest only operate in the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Tempest’s engine is a variation on the arks’ ODSY drives that allow long-term operation, capturing a percentage of the static buildup in capacitors. The recycled electrical charge powers several of the Tempest’s onboard systems.

As a Pathfinder vessel, the Tempest has research and development facilities, laboratories, and a well-appointed meeting space to accommodate dignitaries, anticipating any potential first contact scenarios.