Habitat 7 Mass Effect: Andromeda Map

Map of the surface of the planet Habitat 7 - Mass Effect: Andromeda. You visit this planet just once, at the beginning of the game, during Planetside mission. You won't be able to come back here later!

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Points of interest

Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on Habitat 7 map.

Icon of Start Start You start here.Related quests: Planetside.

Alien BuildingAlien Building

Icon of Alien Building Alien Building

Icon of Alien Ruins Alien Ruins Planetside - Optional: Investigate the alien ruins. Related quests: Planetside.


Icon of Cave Cave Planetside - Optional: Explore the cave. Related quests: Planetside.

Mission ObjectiveMission Objective

Icon of Alec Ryder Alec Ryder Planetside - Locate the Pathfinder.Related quests: Planetside.

Icon of Crashed Alien Ship Crashed Alien Ship Planetside - Optional: Investigate the crashed alien ship. Related quests: Planetside.

Icon of Damaged Fuel Cell Damaged Fuel Cell Planetside - Optional: Test your weapon on a damaged fuel cell. Related quests: Planetside.

Icon of Fisher Fisher Planetside - Protect Fisher. Planetside - Optional: Scan the dead alien bodies. Planetside - Optional: Search the shuttle wreckage for supplies. Related quests: Planetside.

Icon of Greer Greer He is inside a small cave. You can access the cave from the north. Planetside - Optional: Locate Greer. Related quests: Planetside.

Icon of Kirkland Kirkland Planetside - Optional: Check on Kirkland. Related quests: Planetside.

Icon of Shuttle Alpha Shuttle Alpha Planetside: Investigate the flares. Locate the second shuttle. Locate other members of the Pathfinder team. Related quests: Planetside.

The planet known as Habitat 7 was one of the "golden worlds" selected by the Andromeda Initiative for early settlement. Signs pointed to a lush and biologically diverse tropical region that could easily support an outpost.

With no communications from the Nexus or sister arks upon arrival in the Heleus Cluster, the Hyperion approached Habitat 7 to begin survey and settlement operations as soon as possible, but even visual assessments showed that the planet was no longer viable. Habitat 7 is now a storm-wracked world with an unbreathable argon-nitrogen atmosphere. Intense magnetic activity in unknown metallic elements interacts with the storms, causing interesting but highly destructive electrical phenomena.