Meridian City / Khi Tasira Mass Effect: Andromeda Map

This is the map of the Meridian City also known as Khi Tasira. You visit this location during The Journey to Meridian mission. You should check this mission description for more information about this location, its secrets, etc.

The map below is interactive. Use mouse drag/roller or mobile device gestures to move it or resize it. Tap or mouse over map markers for tooltips with additional information.

Investigations at Khi Tasira reveal that the Remnant were built by a species or faction known as the Jardaan. This technology was intended to foster life that the Jardaan had created, using the vaults to manage planetary ecology strictly, controlled from a central point known as Meridian.

The Scourge destroyed the connection from Meridian to these vaults and deactivated many of the Jardaan's technological creations. The Jardaan left the cluster soon afterwards for an unknown location, leaving their technology behind as remnants of their civilization in Heleus.