Cora Harper: Duty Calls Mass Effect: Andromeda Mission

Type: Allies and Relationships

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This quest will be automatically added to your journal when you come back to the Tempest after completing Cora Harper: A Foundation mission.

Prior missions

To begin Cora Harper: Duty Calls you must first complete Cora Harper: A Foundation.

Mission objectives of Cora Harper: Duty Calls

1. Read e-mail from Cora

Read the email "Come see me?" from Cora.


Got an urgent matter that needs personal attention. Come by next time you're on the Tempest. I'll clear your calendar.

Cora x

2. Speak to Cora on the Tempest

Speak to Cora on the Tempest

"I want you" (sex scene) or "No sex. Just stay" (romantic).

Speak to Cora on the Tempest