Hide and Seek Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mission

Group: Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts DLC

Type: Story Mission

Province: Western Precinct

Finally, our network of new friends has provided us with intel on Major Rocha's location. He's an elusive man, you'll need your eagle eye.

Prior missions

To begin Hide and Seek you must first complete The Trail, Ghosts, Union Rights and Saving La Granja.

Objectives of Hide and Seek

1. Enter the camp and look for Major Rocha

Alarm tower, mortar, elite snipers, jammers, and a lot of covert ops soldiers.

Enter the camp and look for Major Rocha

When you reach the upper part of the camp, Rocha will try to escape.

Enter the camp and look for Major Rocha

2. Reach the West exit

Reach the West exit

3. Kill Major Rocha

Follow his footprints.

Kill Major Rocha

They are very well visible in thermo vision.

Kill Major Rocha

You will have to kill two covert ops soldiers ...

Kill Major Rocha

... and finally, Major Rocha himself.

Kill Major Rocha

After killing him, you will receive a new crossbow - Deimos Crossbow.

Deimos Crossbow, Crossbow

Upgraded version of the Phobos Crossbow.

4. Mission Complete

Major Rocha ought to be pleased he's become the specter he always dreamt he could be. "Ghost vs. Specters" ... that would be a kickass summer flick.

After completing Hide and Seek you will get or will be able to get Colonel Merlo (1 of 3).