The Trail Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mission

Group: Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts DLC

Type: Story Mission

Province: Western Precinct

The war against the Extranjeros starts with a battle for the civilian support. This village's been badly hit by Extranjeros kill squads. One of my contacts is waiting for you with intel.

Prior missions

To begin The Trail you must first complete Intel Gathering.

Objectives of The Trail

1. Meet Socrates' contact

Go to a small town located in the westernmost part of the precinct and talk to the man in one of the houses.

Meet Socrates' contact

2. Track the death squad

Follow the blood trail.

Track the death squad

And then follow the road down to the marina.

Track the death squad

3. Interrogate the villagers

Talk to the villagers, one of them will provide you an information you need.

Interrogate the villagers

4. Reach the island

Use the boat. There is surface-to-air missile launcher on the island.

Reach the island

You can undetected land on a small island located to the west.

Reach the island

5. Clear the camp (x20)

There are exactly twenty soldiers on the islands. Five of them are elite snipers, the rest are ordinary soldiers.

Clear the camp (x20)

6. Mission Complete

Extranjeros base purged.

Never forget what you saw there. This is why we are fighting. This isn't a normal operation. This is resistance.

After completing The Trail you will get or will be able to get Hide and Seek (1 of 4).