Ghost Recon: Wildlands Collectibles

There are a number of collectibles in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, such as: Weapon Cases, Accessory Cases, Skill Points, Bonus Medals or Kingslayer Files. Here are the links to the pages where you can check the exact location of every item of the the specified type.

Update: Added Narco Road Bonus Medals, Skill Points and Weapon Cases.

Weapon Cases

Each weapon case contains one new weapon that will be added to your ingame arsenal when collected. Check the marker tooltip / description for more info about name or type of the weapon.

Weapon Cases

Weapon Cases, Narco Road

Weapon Cases, Fallen Ghosts

Accessory Cases

Each accesory case contains one additional weapon part that you can use to modify owned weapons. Check the marker tooltip / description for more info about accessory, name, category or weapon compatibility.

Accessory Cases

Skill Points

Skill points are required to unlock new or to upgrade already owned skills / abilities. Each "Skill Points" item, that can be found, adds 1, 3 or 5 skill points.

Skill Points

Skill Points, Narco Road

Skill Points, Fallen Ghosts

Bonus Medals

In total, there are 30 bonus medals. Bonus medals unlock a unique bonus for a certain skill. A medal is effective only when its related skill has been unlocked.

Bonus Medals

Bonus Medals, Narco Road

Kingslayer Files

Kingslayer files don't improve your skills, e.t.c. but they are an additional source of the backstory about Bolivia, the factions, legends...

1. Kingslayer Files, Barvechos

2. Kingslayer Files, Caimanes

3. Kingslayer Files, Espiritu Santo

4. Kingslayer Files, Flor De Oro

5. Kingslayer Files, Inca Camina

6. Kingslayer Files, Itacua

7. Kingslayer Files, Koani

8. Kingslayer Files, La Cruz

9. Kingslayer Files, Libertad

10. Kingslayer Files, Malca

11. Kingslayer Files, Media Luna

12. Kingslayer Files, Mojocoyo

13. Kingslayer Files, Monte Puncu

14. Kingslayer Files, Montuyoc

15. Kingslayer Files, Ocoro

16. Kingslayer Files, P.N. De Agua Verde

17. Kingslayer Files, Pucara

18. Kingslayer Files, Remanzo

19. Kingslayer Files, San Mateo

20. Kingslayer Files, Tabacal

21. Kingslayer Files, Villa Verde