Colonel Merlo Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mission

Group: Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts DLC

Type: Story Mission

Colonel Merlo's out of his lair. The disruption of the Extranjeros operations and the death of 3 of his top men forced him out to handle the situation. This is the moment we aimed to create. Eliminate him.

Prior missions

To begin Colonel Merlo you must first complete Cruzar, Hide and Seek and To the Death.

Objectives of Colonel Merlo

1. Reach the objective

Go to combat outpost, SW of Puerto Chico village in eastern precinct.

Reach the objective

2. Find Colonel Merlo

It was enough that I used rebel spotting skill on the central part of the outpost and the mission objective changed.

Find Colonel Merlo

2.1. Interrogate Merlo's pilot

The pilot is in the building in the center of the outpost. To get there you need to go through Armeria building or use a Unidad vehicle to open one of two closed gates.

Interrogate Merlo's pilot

Start by eliminating four elite snipers on the towers and alarm ofc :-)

Get to the pilot, grab him, and interrogate him.

Interrogate Merlo's pilot

Colonel Merlo is waiting for you on a bridge about one kilometer away. Of course he will not be there alone.

Find Colonel Merlo

3. Kill Colonel Merlo

Colonel Merlo is on top of the bridge. All roads leading to the bridge are blocked. There are plenty of special forces in the area, elite snipers, jammers, armored, and covert ops soldiers. There are also Unidad helicopters flying around.

Hint: You can use an explosive drone to destroy the helicopter(s) and stay undetected.

Kill Colonel Merlo

Kill Colonel Merlo

Kill as many as you can from a long distance, use sync shots, etc. Try to stay undetected as long as possible, when some of them start hunting for you, stay hidden, wait for them, and kill them one by one.

When it's possible, go to the container where Merlo is hiding, kick the door and kill him. He has a gun so ... throw in grenade? ;-)

Kill Colonel Merlo

Kill Colonel Merlo

4. Meet Socrates at the rally point and leave Bolivia

Go to Caimanes Charlie rally point. Don't worry, you will be able to continue your Bolivian adventure, get more weapons, skill points, etc.

Meet Socrates at the rally point and leave Bolivia

Meet Socrates at the rally point and leave Bolivia

5. Mission Complete

We leave Bolivia once again with the sense of a well accomplished mission. It's been an honor serving with you. Mè kheíron béltiston.