Ghosts Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mission

Group: Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts DLC

Type: Story Mission

Province: Western Precinct

The Extranjeros have deployed a covert ops squad to control one of the Rebels main weapons smuggling routes. We need to eliminate the squad.

Prior missions

To begin Ghosts you must first complete Intel Gathering.

Objectives of Ghosts

1. Interrogate the lieutenant

Interrogate the lieutenant

The lieutenant is in a small outpost, along with a few Extranjeros soldiers, including two elite snipers and three armored soldiers.

Interrogate the lieutenant

Kill his companions, grab him, and interrogate him.

Interrogate the lieutenant

2. Reach the ambush site

Go to the first map marker, aprox. 250 meters to the east then follow the road to the next nav points.

Reach the ambush site

There are several covert ops soldiers on your way. Use thermo-vision to detect them. You can use thermo-vision drone to do it from a long and safe distance.

Notice: Imo the best "tool" to eliminate covert ops soldiers is attack drone. You can shoot them undetected from a long distance.

Reach the ambush site

Reach the ambush site

2.1. Clean the area of covert ops Extranjeros (x2)

Once you reach the body hanging on the pole, you will receive a new mission objective.

Clean the area of covert ops Extranjeros (x2)

You have to kill two specific, nearby soldiers.

Clean the area of covert ops Extranjeros (x2)

Continue your journey to the next nav point. An additional problem will be the presence of Jammers. You should try to locate them with the help of a drone from a long distance, before being jammed, and eliminate them, eg with a sync shot.

Reach the ambush site

Reach the ambush site

2.2. Clean the area of covert ops Extranjeros (x5)

One more sub-objective, when you reach a small farm. Kill the five covert ops soldiers hiding around.

Clean the area of covert ops Extranjeros (x5)

3. Investigate the village

Go to Bahia Floresta village.

Investigate the village

4. Kill the Extranjeros squad

Three armored soldiers and several regular soldiers, kill them all!

Kill the Extranjeros squad

5. Mission Complete

This is one squad the region won't need to worry about. There's plenty more, but we're gaining ground.

After completing Ghosts you will get or will be able to get Hide and Seek (1 of 4).