Mercy is Power Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: Chapter 6 - The Hunt for Dallis

Starting Map: The Nameless Isle

You can start this task while still on the Nameless Island, just find and read the Letter from Windigo. Otherwise, you must talk to Fretful Rat or Paladin Sauer.

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Icon of Letter from Windigo Letter from Windigo The Nameless Isle

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Quest stages of Mercy is Power

1. TNI Letter

Find and read Letter from Windigo.

We learned that Windego, the witch who first attacked us on the Merryweather, is still alive. She has lost the favour of her masters however - if we cross paths with her again, perhaps we can finally deal with her.

TNI Letter

2. Talked To Rat

Talk to Fretful Rat in the Barracks.

We spoke to a rat, that begged us to help its mistress, who is imprisoned in the cells beneath the Magister Barracks.

Talked To Rat

3. Paladin Told About Witch

Talk to Paladin Sauer.

We met some Paladins guarding a door in the cells. They claimed that a witch is being held prisoner beyond.

Paladin Told About Witch

4. Entered The Room

Enter the cells and come close to the cage with Windego inside.

We gained access to the inner chamber, where the Paladins are keeping the prisoner in a strange magical cage.

Entered The Room

5. Talked To Paladin

Talk to Loremaster Olyvie.

We spoke with Paladin Loremaster Olyvie. She doesn't know what to do with the prisoner, who has been here since the Magisters were still in control.

Talked To Paladin

5.1. Paladin Left

Persuade Loremaster Olyvie to leave the area.

The Paladins will no longer be an issue.

5.2. Paladin Killed

Paladin Loremaster Olyvie is dead.

6. Puzzle Solved

Use the device located next to the cage.

We learned how to free Windego.

Puzzle Solved

7. Talked To Windego

We spoke to the prisoner - it's Windego. She has lost faith in the God King, and wants to be freed.

7.1. Windego Left

If you let Windego go, then she will give you Charm Voidwoken Skillbook.

Windego is free from her cage. She still needs to free herself of the God King's Covenant however, and intends to break into the vault of Linder Kemm - she believes that a Swornbreaker can be found there, which will free her at last.

7.2. Fight Windego

We decided to fight Windego.

8. Gave Sworn Breaker

We gave Windego a Swornbreaker. Finally free, she departed for the Hall of Echoes.

9. Close Left ARX Windego

We ventured onwards, without exploring this matter any further.

10. Close Left ARX Secret

We have ventured onwards, without investigating the matter of the prisoner.

11. Close Left ARX Prison

We have ventured onwards, without freeing Windego.

12. Quest Reward

Quest Reward