Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Game Guide

Update #1: This guide is under construction and so far it contains only some raw quest data from the game. I know that it is not much, so I will try to update it with more valuable information as soon as possible.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a role-playing video game that is played from an isometric perspective. It is a sequel to successful RPG Pillars of Eternity from 2015.

The second installment takes place in the eponymous Deadfire archipelago. Because the area consists of many small islands, the player has to travel both by land and by sea. Deadfire will feature customizable boat stronghold serving both as a mobile base for exploring uncharted islands and scripted ship-to-ship encounters.

Hunt a god. Save your soul.


Vilario's Rest - Map of Vilario's Rest and the Sea Cave. This is the first location you visit in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire after creating the character and completing the prologue.

1 x Companion; 5 x NPC; 2 x Trap; 7 x Enemy; 3 x Chest; 14 x Loot; 10 x Herbs, etc.; 7 x Transition; 2 x Others

Port Maje - Map of Port Maje and its subzones such as: Port Maje Harbor, Gorecci Street, Sātahuzi, Rinco's Home, Governor Clario's Estate, The Kraken's Eye, Port Maje Jail, Chieftain's Lodge or Mokeha's Lodge.

1 x Companion; 18 x NPC; 1 x Enemy; 3 x Hidden Object; 6 x Chest; 3 x Locked Door; 48 x Loot; 8 x Herb, etc.; 25 x Transition; 1 x Others

Engwithan Digsite - Map of Engwithan Digsite and its subzones such as: Arena Sub-level or Ruin Interior - Ancient Training Hall, Luminous Adra Pool or Foreman's Quarters.

1 x Companion; 2 x Locked Door; 4 x Switch, etc.; 12 x Enemy; 4 x Chest; 1 x Hidden Object; 22 x Loot; 8 x Herb, etc.; 11 x Transition; 7 x Trap; 23 x Ashen Body; 4 x Others

Neketaka, Queen's Berth - Map of Neketaka, Queen's Berth and its subzones such as: Bardatto Estate, Luminous Adra Mill, Queen's Berth District Homes, Sanza's Map Emporium, The Wild Mare, Vailan Trading Company Headquarters or Valera Estate.

15 x Chest; 6 x Hidden Object; 3 x Pet; 33 x NPC; 61 x Loot; 38 x Transition; 6 x Others

Neketaka, The Gullet - Map of Neketaka, The Gullet and its subzones such as: The Hole, Delvers' Row, Undercroft, Old City, Old City Overlook, Old City Ruins, Biha's Home, Enoi's Home, Pitli's Sanctuary, Thelys' Home or Dereo's Lair.

4 x Pet; 19 x NPC; 4 x Locked Door; 16 x Enemy; 5 x Hidden Object; 10 x Chest; 47 x Loot; 31 x Transition; 13 x Others

Neketaka, Periki's Overlook - Map of Neketaka, Periki's Overlook and its subzones such as: Arkemyr's Manor, Watershapers Guild, Luminous Bathhouse, The Dark Cupboard, Marihi's Metalworks, Iolfr's Raiments, Cuitztli's Exotic Herbs or ...

1 x Pet; 1 x Trap; 14 x NPC; 13 x Enemy; 4 x Hidden Object; 69 x Loot; 16 x Herb; 37 x Transition; 9 x Others

Neketaka, Serpent's Crown - Map of Neketaka, Serpent's Crown and its subzones such as: ...

9 x Others

Tikawara - Map of Tikawara and Hōhina Ravine.

1 x Pet; 13 x NPC; 3 x Enemy; 18 x Loot; 3 x Herb; 12 x Transition; 3 x Trap; 4 x Others

Poko Kohara Ruins - Map of Poko Kohara Ruins.

1 x Hidden Object; 9 x Loot; 6 x Enemy; 6 x Transition; 4 x Others

World Map - A general map of the entire Deadfire Archipelago.

7 x Major location; 15 x Minor location; 2 x Others

Recently added or updated quests

Here is a list of recently added or modified quests. To see the full list of quests, follow this link - List of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Quests.

Name / Title Start location Description
Velvet Glove, Brass Fist Neketaka A Vailian named Bertenno stole Rokowa's Fingers, a pair of expensive gloves belonging to the wizard Arkemyr. Fassina, the clerk at the Dark Cupboard, needs the gloves returned before she gets in deep water with her master.
The Archmage's Vault Neketaka Rauatai and the Huana each have a claim over the Harapo Epic - an ancient tablet currently in the possession of the wizard Arkemyr. Both Tumara and Netehe are eager to make a grab for the tablet. Either of them would be grateful if the Epic happened to fall into their hands.
Sealed Fate Neketaka I found Degnos outside of the Luminous Bathhouse lamenting the loss of his satchel. He said he left it inside one of the rooms on the second floor of the bathhouse, but the guards wouldn't let him back inside to retrieve it.
Bounty - Pūrākau Neketaka A drake called Pūrākau has taken roost at an oasis northeast of Maje Island, where it torments travelers seeking water and rest. The locals have offered a generous reward for Pūrākau's head.
Bounty - Meryel the Mad Neketaka Meryel the Mad is an animancer with no respect for life. A long history of bloodthirsty experiments have earned her a price on her head.
The Storms of Poko Kohara Neketaka A vein of luminous adra is rumored to lie among the uncharted ruins of Poko Kohara. Governor Lueva Alvari of the Vailian Trading Company has already sent one expedition to uncover this vein, but has received no report on their status.
Plucked Fruit Tikawara The last of the tribe's koīki fruit is missing. Mukūmu believes that Tamau stole it, but Tamau insists he's innocent.
Broodmother's Fury Tikawara Himuihi worries that the lagufaeth of Tikawara pose a grave threat to the village. She wants the broodmother dead.
The Cornett's Call Neketaka Once you made a fame in Neketaka, The Gullet, Dereo, the local crime boss will send a messenger to you who will invite you to his lair through the Narrow. Correct way (from The Gullet): Go right, go right, go left and tell the guards "Dereo sent a messenger for me".
Harsh Medicine Neketaka Several Roparu in the Gullet have fallen ill with drowner's lung, a deadly and contagious disease. Pitli, a priestess from the Children of the Dawnstars, is caring for them in secret and needs medicine.

To see the full list of quests, follow this link - List of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Quests.