NPCs, Ori o Koīki Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Points of interest

List of NPCs you will encounter on the map of Ori o Koīki. You can talk to them, sometimes you can buy something from them or sell them something. It may happen that as a result of a conversation or your actions, they will become aggressive towards you.


All known locations on the map Ori o Koīki

Apāroshow map

Buraposhow map

Related quests: A Shrewd Proposition, Tip of the Spear

He walks around, from here to Brazier. He has/drops Exceptional Scepter and Necklace of Fireballs.

Kipehashow map

Convince her to lower the lift for you.

Ruāsareshow map

Related quests: Cruel Cargo, The Painted Masks, Tip of the Spear, Fruitful Alliance

He has/drops Kahua Hozi (superb spear).