Blow the Man Down Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Quest

Group: Príncipi

Start location: Ship

You will get this quest as soon as you get your ship back and leave Port Maje Island. While sailing the waters, you will be approached by another ship and forced into speaking with Captain Furrante.

At the end of the conversation you will be able to invite Serafen (Cipher or Barbarian or Witch (Barbarian + Cipher) to your team. Two new locations will be added to the list of Known Locations - Dunnage and Fort Deadlight.

Furrante, leader of the Príncipi sen Patrena, has revealed the identity and location of the pirate that attacked me at sea - a captain named Benweth who has taken refuge at the pirate haven of Fort Deadlight. He suggested that I could seek my vengeance in Fort Deadlight, and that we have a mutual interest in seeing Benweth fall.

Solution of this quest without the need to fight the pirates:

- Hoist up a Príncipi flag and dock at Fort Deadlight's port.

- Go to Deadlight Court and talk to Mirke. You will find out what to do to make Benweth come to taverna and that Unlucky Ancret owes Snakes Eyes quite a debt.

- Place a Cinder Bomb inside the Harpsichord. You can do it later but you have to do it BEFORE you give Mirke the stew.

- Go outside and talk to Unlucky Ancret. Tell her that Snakes Eyes cheats, she will leave the post and you will be able to go further.

- Go to the Eastern Ramparts, use stealth and get God-Killer's Rum.

- Deliver the rum to Mirke. The party will start but you need to bring one more item to make it "wild".

- Go to Deadlight Dungeon and talk to Cookie Maina. The guards have already went to the room where the party is and left doors open. She will give you Special Stew.

- Go back to Mirke and give him the stew.

- Benweth will come down and start playing Harpsichord. Piano will explode and Beweth will die. If you haven't placed a bomb then you have to speak to Benweth and try to intimidate him or kill him.

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Quest stages of Blow the Man Down

1. Sail to Fort Deadlight.

Benweth has returned to Fort Deadlight. This entrenched fortress occupies a small island in the southwestern region of the Deadfire. All manner of pirate crews call Deadlight their home. Getting to Benweth, either through force or subterfuge, won't be easy.


The master of Fort Deadlight is Aeldys, leader of a large Príncipi subfaction. In her absence, Benweth runs the fortress, though most of its denizens are loyal specifically to Aeldys rather than him.

Furrante discourages a direct attack against the fort. Its walls, cannons and pirates pose great danger. Instead, he suggests infiltrating unseen or posing as a Príncipi crew.

If I were to fly a Príncipi bannerDeadlight then I could dock in its port pretending to be a pirate.

2. Locate Benweth.

I've arrived at Deadlight. Benweth is somewhere in the fort. Once I uncover his location, I can worry about how to reach him.


I've invaded Fort Deadlight by aggressive force. The pirates in the area are sure to openly oppose me.

I've docked in Fort Deadlight's port, guised as a fellow pirate. If the others discovered my ruse, it could lead to trouble.

I've approached Fort Deadlight by skiff under the cover of night. The pirates in the fortress have no reason to suspect me on sight, unless I'm caught where I shouldn't be.

The fort's ramparts and dungeons are currently barred to anyone but Benweth's own shipmates.

Benweth's guards use a horn to alert the fort to the presence of danger.

I've learned how to call off Deadlight's alarm by using a guard's horn, though it's not likely to work a second time.

3. Find a means to reach Benweth.

Benweth has taken residence in the higher floors of the fort, behind locked doors and loyal pirate guards. The direct route to him appears well-defended, but perhaps there are less obvious ways to get around these obstacles.


It may be possible to draw Benweth out of Deadlight's well-defended captain's quarters by luring him with a raucous party at the fort's mess hall, the Court.

Mirke thinks that some of Aeldys' special rum is just what the pirates need to throw a party at Deadlight's Court. A shipment of this prized liquour is now being loaded by crane on the eastern ramparts of the fort.

Lamond has promised to unlock a door to the fort's higher floors if I will free his crew from the brig in Deadlight's dungeons.

Lamond's crew is imprisoned in the brig, found in the southeastern part of the dungeons. The keys to the cells should be by the jailer's post or on her person.

I've acquired Aeldys' private stock of rum. Mirke will be happy to get her hands on it.

I've freed Lamond's crew from the brig.

4. Confront Benweth.

I've found a way into the restricted areas that lead to Deadlight's captain's quarters where Benweth currently resides. While a direct approach is now possible, I can consider other options to deal with him.


Benweth has been known to play the harpsichord at Deadlight's Court during wild parties.

Mirke needs some special stew from the cook to kick up the party's intensity at Deadlight's Court.

Getting to the cook in the northern side of the dungeons requires passing its powder store rooms - and Benweth's guards.

Lamond has a plan to flush Benweth out of his inner quarters and into the open, away from his guards.

Lamond will be ready to steal the Drake after I dispose of Benweth's crew in the private docks under Deadlight's dungeons.

Once the docks are cleared, I'm to ring the bell atop the western ramparts to let Lamond know it's time to steal Benweth's ship.

I've acquired the special stew that Mirke needs.

I've cleared the private docks. As soon as I sound the ship departure signal from the ramparts, Lamond will sail away with Benweth's ship, the Drake.

5. Endings

I've made an impression on the pirates of the Deadfire by defeating Benweth. Captain Furrante, who resides in the island of Dunnage, will be pleased to learn of the meddlesome pirate's demise.

I've made an impression on the pirates of the Deadfire by exacting vengeance upon Benweth, even if I spared his life in the end. Captain Furrante, who resides in the island of Dunnage, will be pleased to learn of my success.

Someone critical to this quest has died.