World Map Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Map

A general map of the entire Deadfire Archipelago. Major and minor locations, bounty targets, mapping the archipelago quests' locations and more.

The Deadfire Archipelago marks the eastern edge of the "Known World." Dominantly populated by island aumaua who make up the tribes of the Huana, the chain of hundreds of islands spans thousands of miles. The Deadfire contains myriad climates and biomes that are home to a bewildering array of creatures. The last century has brought ambitious colonial traders, explorers, and pirates to the Deadfire, but travel east of the archipelago is blocked by the destructive storms of Ondra's Mortar.

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Quests that begin on World Map map

An alphabetical list of quests that begin on this map.

Points of interest

Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on World Map map.

Icon of Your Ship Your Ship You will board the ship for the first time after leaving Vilario's Rest.Related quests: Basic Provisions, Blow the Man Down, Skeleton Crew.

Major LocationsMajor Locations

Icon of Ashen Maw Ashen Maw Map: Ashen MawRelated quests: He Waits in Fire.

Icon of Bekarna's Observatory Bekarna's Observatory Map: Bekarna's ObservatoryRelated quests: Bekarna's Folly.

Icon of Bentbranch Bog Bentbranch Bog Map: SayukaRelated quests: Hunting Season.

Icon of Cignath Mór Cignath Mór This location is available during the Overgrowth quest. Map: SayukaRelated quests: Overgrowth.

Icon of Crookspur Crookspur Map: CrookspurRelated quests: A Shrewd Proposition, Cruel Cargo.

Icon of Dunnage Dunnage Map: Dunnage

Icon of Engwithan Digsite Engwithan Digsite Map: Engwithan DigsiteRelated quests: To Hunt a God.

Icon of Fort Deadlight Fort Deadlight Map: Fort DeadlightRelated quests: Blow the Man Down.

Icon of Harbingers' Watch Harbingers' Watch Map: Harbingers' WatchRelated quests: An Honored Guest.

Icon of Hasongo Hasongo Map: Hasongo

Icon of Hōhina Ravine Hōhina Ravine Map: Tikawara

Icon of Motare o Kōzi Motare o Kōzi Map: Motare o Kōzi

Icon of Neketaka Neketaka Maps: Neketaka, Queen's Berth, Neketaka, The Gullet, Neketaka, Periki's Overlook, Neketaka, Serpent's Crown, Neketaka, The Sacred Stair, Neketaka, The Brass Citadel

Icon of Oathbinder's Sanctum Oathbinder's Sanctum Map: Oathbinder's SanctumRelated quests: Lost Dues in Good Faith.

Icon of Ori o Koīki Ori o Koīki Map: Ori o KoīkiRelated quests: Fruitful Alliance.

Icon of Pāhowane Pāhowane Map: Pāhowane

Icon of Poko Kohara Ruins Poko Kohara Ruins Map: Poko Kohara RuinsRelated quests: The Storms of Poko Kohara.

Icon of Port Maje Harbor Port Maje Harbor Map: Port Maje

Icon of Sayuka Sayuka Map: Sayuka

Icon of Splintered Reef Splintered Reef Map: Splintered Reef

Icon of Tikawara Tikawara Map: Tikawara

Icon of Vilario's Rest Vilario's Rest Map: Vilario's Rest

Icon of Junvik Village Junvik Village

Icon of Ukaizo Ukaizo Related quests: The City Lost to Time.

Bounty TargetsBounty Targets

Here you will find opponents which you must defeat to complete Bounty quests.

Icon of Beina Beina Beina + 2 x Goldpact Paladin + Goldpact Priest + Mercenary Cipher. Nomad's Brigandine (superb armor).Related quests: Bounty - Beina.

Icon of Flamewalker Vessali Flamewalker Vessali Flamewalker Vessali + 2 x Flame Nāga Marauder + 2 x Flame Nāga Archer. Orishia (neck).Related quests: Bounty - Flamewalker Vessali.

Icon of Ikorno Ikorno Ikorno + 2 x Mercenary Fighter + 2 x Mercenary Rogue. Fleshmender (superb light armor).Related quests: Bounty - Ikorno.

Icon of Meryel the Mad Meryel the Mad Meryel the Mad + Rusted Copper Construct + 3 x Revenant. Fine Rod, Fine Padded Armor, Stone of Power.Related quests: Bounty - Meryel the Mad.

Icon of Nomu the Marauder Nomu the Marauder Related quests: Bounty - Nomu the Marauder.

Icon of Onadere the Temptress Onadere the Temptress Onadere the Temptress + 2 x Wraith + 2 x Earth Blight.Related quests: Bounty - Onadere the Siren.

Icon of Pūrākau Pūrākau Pūrākau + Xaurip Priest + Sigil of Darkness. Token of Faith (+2 Resolve) and Ring of the Solitary Wanderer (+1 Resolve, grants Lone Wolf).Related quests: Bounty - Pūrākau.

Icon of Silent Dhwrgas Silent Dhwrgas Silent Dhwrgas + 2 x Mercenary Cipher + 2 x Mercenary Monk.Related quests: Bounty - Dhwrgas the Ascetic.

Icon of Tahae Tahae Tahae + 2 x Brine Imp.Related quests: Bounty - Tāhae.

Icon of The Steel Preacher The Steel Preacher The Steel Preacher + Magranite Fanatic + 2 x Magranite Champion + Greater Flame Blight. Boltcatchers (hands).Related quests: Bounty - The Steel Preacher.

Icon of Uamoru the Pretender Uamoru the Pretender Uamoru the Pretender + 2 x Elder Panther + Bog Bat + Lion Companion + Giant Dank Spore. Aamiina's Legacy (exceptional bow).Related quests: Bounty - Uamoru the Pretender.

Icon of Urnox Breinth Urnox Breinth Urnox Breinth + 2 x Rathun Raider + 2 x Rathun Flamecaller. Bronlar's Phalanx (superb large shield).Related quests: Bounty - Urnox the Rathun.

Mapping the ArchipelagoMapping the Archipelago

You must visit these places to complete Mapping the Archipelago quests.

Icon of Cavern of Xaur Tuk-Tuk Cavern of Xaur Tuk-Tuk Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Port Maje.

Icon of Collapsed Coal Mine Collapsed Coal Mine Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: The Burning Shoals.

Icon of Fampyr's Crypt Fampyr's Crypt Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Razai Passage.

Icon of Flooded Cave Flooded Cave Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: The Burning Shoals.

Icon of Forgotten Catacomb Forgotten Catacomb Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara.

Icon of Hall of the Unseen Hall of the Unseen Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara.

Icon of Kohopa's Fang Kohopa's Fang Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Razai Passage.

Icon of Outcast's Respite Outcast's Respite Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Razai Passage.

Icon of Ruins of Amira's Roost Ruins of Amira's Roost Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef.

Icon of Sandswept Ruins Sandswept Ruins Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef.

Icon of Subterranean Temple Subterranean Temple Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara.

Icon of Temple of Tangaloa Ruins Temple of Tangaloa Ruins Related quests: Mapping the Archipelago: Port Maje.


Icon of Rekke Rekke A man drifting on a piece of Flotsam. Fighter or Brawler (Fighter + Monk) or Brute (Fighter + Barbarian).

Icon of Serafen Serafen Cipher or Barbarian or Witch (Barbarian + Cipher). You can recruit him soon after you repaired your ship on Port Maje Island and set sail for the first time. While sailing the waters, you will be approached by another ship. Serafen will be on board this ship.

Minor LocationsMinor Locations

Icon of Amira's Whisper Amira's Whisper Elewys' Locket.Related quests: The Lantern of Gaun.

Icon of Bent Bough Forest Bent Bough Forest

Icon of Blighted Bog Blighted Bog

Icon of Boa Hika Pass Boa Hika Pass

Icon of Boot-suck Bog Boot-suck Bog

Icon of Broken Spear Pass Broken Spear Pass Healing Hands.

Icon of False Mouth Forest False Mouth Forest

Icon of Howling Gorge Howling Gorge

Icon of Ilonet's Fork Ilonet's Fork

Icon of Imposter's Lament Imposter's Lament

Icon of Kābara Reku Shrine Kābara Reku Shrine

Icon of Koro River Delta Koro River Delta Pukestabber (superb dagger).

Icon of Matekau Landing Matekau Landing Related quests: The Last Sanctuary.

Icon of Maukotu's Canopy Maukotu's Canopy There is Trixie (Pet) here.

Icon of Raoa o Hāra Raoa o Hāra

Icon of Sentinel Hill Sentinel Hill

Icon of Shadowed Vale Shadowed Vale

Icon of Sunepū Beach Sunepū Beach

Icon of Tangaloa's Maw Tangaloa's Maw

Icon of Teo Ramunga Teo Ramunga

Icon of Toaku Biwha Trail Toaku Biwha Trail

Icon of Upoho Wharo Woods Upoho Wharo Woods

Icon of Wāpau Jungle Wāpau Jungle

Icon of Wēba o Tangaloa Wēba o Tangaloa

Icon of Whakura Pass Whakura Pass

Icon of Whēnura Cleft Whēnura Cleft