Beast Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest

Group: My Companions

Starting Map: Fort Joy

Quest will be added to your journal after Beast joins the team.

A dwarf named Beast has joined me. His experience as a sea captain will be surely useful.

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Quest stages of Beast

1. Read Operation Downfall

Read Stolen Letter. You will find it win Beast's bag.

The Beast of the Sea, as he is known, carried papers alluding to a certain 'Operation Downfall', which involves Lohar, the dwarven criminal in Driftwood. Whatever Downfall may be - for someone, somewhere, it bodes nothing but ill.

2. Start LV

I have invited a dwarf named Beast to join me. He is anxious to arrive at Driftwood, where he hopes to find a dwarf called Lohar, who can shed light on the dwarven queen's mysterious operation.

3. Fought Divine Order

Beast had faced the Divine Order while at sea. His companionship might prove useful in the long term.

4. Know Lohar Driftwood

Let Beast talk to Dwarf Warmaiden.

We have learned that Lohar, the dwarf Beast is searching for, is located in the village of Driftwood.

Know Lohar Driftwood

5. Duggan Met

Beast spoke to a dwarf named Duggan in the Sanctuary of Amadia. Duggan knows Lohar, the man Beast is looking for, and confirmed he does business in Driftwood. And that business isn't on the up-and-up, by the sounds of things.

6. LV Unselected Close

Beast has died, a victim of Dallis' attack on the Lady Vengeance.

7. Reaper's Coast Start

We've reached Reaper's Coast. Beast hopes to find a dwarf named Lohar nearby and have a word with him; he will know the truth about the dwarven queen's mysterious plans.

8. Questioning Assassin


I found Lohar in Effie's Emporium in Driftwood, and interrupted him in the midst of an interrogation. He says he is no longer helping Queen Justinia in her operations, but wants to stop her. It seems Beast has earned an unlikely ally; I should talk to Lohar further.

Questioning Assassin

9. Caravan Lohar

A panicking dwarf on Reaper's Coast told us we can find Lohar, Beast's lead, in Effie's Emporium, underneath the Black Bull - a tavern, by the sounds of it.

10. Killed Lohar

We killed Lohar - the best lead Beast had in his quest to disrupt Operation Downfall.

11. Believed Lohar

Let Beast talk to Lohar.

Lohar insists he's turned against Queen Justinia - but entrepeneurs like him never reveal information without a price. Beast means to do what he asks... for now.

Believed Lohar

12. Believed Lohar Arx

Lohar is clearly loyal to Queen Justinia no longer, and says I must do all I can to stop her from getting her hands on that Deathfog. I've got to get Beast to Arx before that shipment arrives.

13. Killed Lohar Leave

I killed Lohar, much to the chagrin of Beast, who immediately left the party to carve out his own path.

14. Hannag Letter

A letter found in the Wrecker Cave, seemingly destined for a certain Hannag. It mentioned that a Deathfog Delivery Device had been recovered and was being repaired.

15. Shipment To Arx

The Peackeeper's cargo has been shipped to the city of Arx. If Beast wants to stop Operation Downfall, our next destination is all too clear.

16. Shipmeant Death Fog

The Peacemaker was transporting Deathfog. The stuff is beyond deadly; what in the blazes are Justinia and her goons up to?

17. To Arx1

Defeat Mordus (lvl 11) then speak with him.

Justinia is having Deathfog shipped to Arx as part of Operation Downfall. Whatever the queen's plans, they are more insidious than Beast had presumed.

18. To Arx2

Queen Justinia's operation involves the deployment of Deathfog. We must travel to Arx and stop this madness!

19. Got Hat

Find Fran the Bicorne Hat.

Beast has retrieved his hat, a bicorne he affectionately refers to as Fran.

Got Hat

20. C O S Opposed Close

Beast chose to face me in battle for a chance at Divinity.

21. Peacemakers Crates

We have learned that there is a large cache of Deathfog hidden in the sewers beneath Arx.

22. Act3 Start

Beast's search for the truth about Queen Justinia's plans has led us to the city of Arx. The city is surely lousy with her agents - and the queen herself might not be far off.

23. Act3 Start Lohar Unfinished

We arrived in Arx. People from all races have come to celebrate Lucian's Day; perhaps we might find a new lead regarding Queen Justinia's plans.

24. Know Isbeil

Beast told us about Isbeil, Queen Justinia's advisor. She appears to hold undue influence over the queen.

25. Isbeil B R

We discovered that Queen Justinia's advisor Isbeil is a Black Ring agent. It seems the God King has been pulling the strings.

26. Isbeil Queen Encounter

We never imagined Queen Justinia could be party to an atrocity so heinous as to release Deathfog into an entire city. Yet this was her plan all along: throw the Divine Order into disarray with the genocide of Arx. To her, it seemed inevitable that they would turn their forces against her throne eventually - she wanted to strike first.

27. Assassination Attempt

Perhaps she was weak; perhaps she was malevolent. In either case, Justinia was a traitor, leaving behind a legacy of pain and a kingdom starved for a proper ruler.

28. Resolved

Beast and Queen Justinia found common ground for the sake of the dwarven people. She is now free of Isbeil's influence, and free to return to the kingdom.

29. Turned Assassination Attempt

I suggested to Beast that we give Queen Justinia a second chance to lead the dwarven people. He was none too pleased by the suggestion and attacked me.

30. Gen Leave Party

Beast has left my party.

31. Met Carson

Beast stumbled upon a childhood friend in the Fort Joy Arena by the name of Carson. He gave us a key that unlocks one of the prison's doors. Now, we just need to figure out which one.

32. Carson Key

We entered the Fort Joy prison using the key Carson gave to Beast. Freedom is nearer.

33. C O S Submitted

Beast wanted to ascend to divinity at the Well of Ascension. I agreed and will stand beside him.

34. C O S Allowed

Beast allied with me at the Well of Ascension in my quest to claim Divinity.

35. D N O T S Love

I spent a night of pleasure with Beast - glorious beard and all. I do not know if there is a future between us, but I am glad for the moments we shared.

36. D N O T S Not Love

I had a chance to spend a night of pleasure with Beast, but got cold feet.

37. Deathfog Leave

Beast took great offense to my use of Deathfog and left the party.

38. Crypt Denied

Beast's loyalty to his own people remains unfazed. He intends to fight me and ascend to Divinity.

39. Crypt Allowed

Beast has entrusted divinity with me.

40. TNI Deathfog Letter

Read Isbeil's Missive.

I found a letter written by Isbeil, Justinia's Advisor - one that details a large shipment of Deathfog to Arx. She refers to Justinia as a puppet; it seems the Gods King's influence has reached dwarven royalty.

TNI Deathfog Letter

41. Crypt Divine

Beast's loyalty to his own people remains unfazed, I decided to concede Divinity to him.

42. Beast Dead

Marcus Miles, the Beast o' the Sea, is dead.