Operations Watch Dogs 2 Operations

This is a list of Watch Dogs 2 operations.Click on the title of the operation to get more information about it.

- Name / Title Type of operation Description
1Prologue Main operation After starting the game for the first time, you will find yourself in the backyard of the Blume ctOS server farm facility in San Francisco.
2Walk In The Park Main operation It's a simple task, whose main purpose is to show you a way of acquiring new side operations.
3CyberDriver Main operation Hook Motion Pictures (HMP) has released a trailer for a new action thriller: CyberDriver.
4False Profits Main operation DedSec propaganda took a hit thanks to the Church of the New Dawn. Sitara's pissed, but eager to come up with a retaliation plan.
5Haum Sweet Haum Main operation It's never a dull moment with Wrench around. Time to meet up with him at his garage and figure what's up.
6Looking Glass Main operation There's trouble at the Hackerspace and you need to figure out what's happening - fast.
7Limp Nudle Main operation With Raymond f'ing Kenney on our side, we've got what it takes to go after Blume. Ray and Sitara seem to have the first step figured out.
8Hacker War Main operation Your network got hacked and DedSec's scrambling to fix the problem. Time to see what's up.
9W4tched Main operation Sometimes, you have to cut loose, and DedSec needs some R&R.
10Eye For An Eye Main operation Horatio has gone missing and DedSec is worried about him. You need to track him down.
11Hack Teh World Main operation Ray's got some prime intel to share. Meet him and listen up.
12Shanghaied Main operation Looks like the man-in-the-middle play off Blume's satellite backbone is paying off in dividends. Time to visit the Hackerspace to see what else DedSec scored.
13Robot Wars Main operation DedSec plans to get inside Tidis proper and expose their secret programs, but to get past security, we need a plan. Since we're dealing with Tidis, the plan need to be bulletproof.
14Power To The Sheeple Main operation The Galilei satellite has yielded some pretty interesting information about the upcoming election, so time to have some fun.
15Motherload Main operation It's the end game, and to take down Dusan and Blume, Marcus has to bring everyone together for one last big op.
16$911 Side operation Josh has picked up an anomaly in Blume's crime prediction algorithm. Meet him at the Hackerspace to take a look and gather more info.
17A High Price to Pay Side operation In order to scam pharmaceutical baron Gene Carcani, we're going to need proof that we're Bobo Dakes. Meaning we need to swipe an unreleased track from the guy. You can find him in San Mateo.
18Always On Side operation To start this operation you need to hack the phone of Cindy Nonstop's follower.
19Bad Publicity Side operation To start this operation you have to hack the phone of some guy who is somewhere in San Francisco City.
20Bottom Dollar Side operation The task can be obtained from the girl wearing a shirt with DedSec logo, which you can find in the area of Silicon Valley.
21eKart Challenge Side operation This is one of the first side missions available to you in the game. You will receive it after completing CyberDriver.
22Ghost Signals Side operation To start this side operation you need to hack Blume exterior speaker. You will find it in the northern part of San Francisco City.
23Haum Intruder Side operation Now that Pervert Cole's complete details have been exposed, it's time to give him a taste of his own medicine.
24Infected Bytes Side operation To start this side operation you need to hack the guy whose phone has been infected. You will find him somewhere in San Francisco City area.
25Kickin It Old School Side operation In all of San Francisco, there's this one spot that's a total dead zone. No ctOS presence. Now we've got a better idea of where the jamming originated, but not who's doing it or why.
26Paint Job Side operation Feel like you're up for a challenge? Try out this bit of real estate.
27Pink Slips Side operation To start this side operation you need to hack the phone of the former employee of the Pharmingtons.
28Primary Target Side operation A major NSA "cyberterrorism" operation is underway in the Bay Area and we suspect they're on the trail of HaDoCk. They're communicationg with a third party, but who the hell could it be? Time to do some snooping.
29Proviblues Side operation To start this operation you need to talk to the unhappy customer of ProviBlue insurance company. You will find him in San Francisco City.
30Ripcode Side operation To start this operation you need to hack into the phone of a woman being a resident of Oakland who is experiencing sudden high costs to all her household services.
31Rodentia Academy Side operation People have been reporting weird people in rat masks hanging around the Museum of Modern Art. DedSec is going to find them and hack them to try to figure out what's going on.
32Schadenfreude Side operation DedSec got a tip on where Steven Bader, a champion of free speech oppression, exercises. Wouldn't it be unfortunate if an "exercise fail" video slipped out and went viral?
33Shadows Side operation To start this side operation you need to find and talk to a DedSec member who can be found somewhere in the area of San Francisco.
34Stolen Signals Side operation To start this operation you have to hack the antenna mounted on top of the building located south of Coit Tower.
35The Name Game Side operation You can start this operation by hacking one of the electronic devices attached to the constantly ringing pay phones. They are marked on the map with orange phone icon.
36Ubistolen Side operation To start this operation you need to hack the phone of Elliott Chen, Marketing Director at Ubisoft. He stands in various locations throughout the Silicon Valley.
37Whistleblower Side operation Our intel says defense contractor Graystrom is putting the serious hurt on one of their whistleblowers. We can't have whistleblowers taking hits like this for telling the truth.