Walk In The Park Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

It's a simple task, whose main purpose is to show you a way of acquiring new side operations.

DedSec provides tools to all members, allowing them to track our operations. You're welcome.

Prior operations

To begin Walk In The Park you must first complete Prologue.

Objectives of Walk In The Park

1. Reach the Mission Dolores Park

Go outside and go to the park located across the street.

Reach the Mission Dolores Park

2. Discover a Side Operation

Use the NetHack and look for an orange signal to locate side operation intel. Go to the source of the signal and talk to the guy. You will acquire a new side operation - A High Price to Pay.

Discover a Side Operation

At the end you will also receive a new main operation - CyberDriver.

After completing Walk In The Park you will get or will be able to get CyberDriver.