Watch Dogs 2 Collectibles

This page is dedicated to showing you where to find all the collectibles in Watch Dogs 2.

There are two types of collectibles depending on the way they can be accessed:

1. Some of the collectibles are inside cases, bags, e.t.c., which must be picked up. It means that you have to use the RC Jumper, or Marcus have to get close to them.

2. Other collectibles can be collected by hacking specific devices. Those collectibles can be collected from distance using your phone, RC Jumper or RC Quadcopter.

In order to get all collectibles in Watch Dogs 2 you should focus on buying and upgrading RC Jumper and RC Quadcopter. The most important upgrades are Enhanced Spring and Speed Boost.

Key Data

Key Data in Watch Dogs 2 is used to unlock specific skill trees in the ./Research App. Each Key Data is unique.

In total there are 24 Key Data scattered in the the San Fancisco Bay area. The Key Data are marked on your map by a white skull on a green diamond.

Here is the list of all Key Data and the skills they unlock - Key Data

Research Points

Along with the Key Data, the Research Points in Watch Dogs 2 allow you to unlock new hacking upgrades, which means that you should look for them as soon as possible.

The Research Points are marked on your map by a white skull on a black diamond, but only after you get really close or scan specific areas with NetHack.

Research Points, San Francisco

Research Points, Marin / Alcatraz

Research Points, Oakland

Research Points, Silicon Valley

Unique Vehicles

List of all unique vehicles you can find in Watch Dogs 2. Once you have them, they become automatically available in the Cars on Demand App, meaning you can call them in at any time during your adventure in San Francisco Bay area.

In total there are seven unique cars, one from each category: Heavy Vehicle, Muscle Car, Sports Car, Off-road, Performance Car, Motorcycle and Standard Vehicle.

Unique Vehicles

Paint Jobs

Paint Jobs are selectable skins for weapons and vehicles, as well as for RC Jumper or RC Quadcopter.

Jumper Paint Jobs

Quadcopter Paint Jobs

Vehicle Paint Jobs

Weapon Paint Jobs

Clothing Items

List of all clothing items hidden in the area of San Francisco Bay.

Clothing Items

The clothing items that you get as a reward after completing certain tasks:

Retro Cap CyberDriver - Operation CyberDriver

Newly Dawned Pinstripe Jacket - Operation False Profits

New Dawn Rags Mask - Operation False Profits

Fidel Cap WKZ - Operation Haum Sweet Haum

Swelter Outfit Sun Cap - Operation Looking Glass

!NViTE Swag Grey Cardigan - Operation Looking Glass

Nudle Swag Dev Team Short - Operation Limp Nudle

Button-Up Shirt Landscaper - Operation W4tched

T-Shirt FedSec - Operation W4tched

T-Shirt Money Puppet - Operation Hack Teh World

Laptop Bag Chinese - Operation Shanghaied

Sweatshirt East Beast - Operation Shanghaied

T-Shirt Thrussted - Operation Power To The Sheeple

!NViTE Swag T-Shirt - Operation Power To The Sheeple

Blume Swag Grey Cardigan - Operation Motherload

Blume Swag Pristine Pants - Operation Motherload

Capone Wiseguy Hat - Operation $911

Capone Pinstripe Slacks - Operation $911

Capone Pinstripe Suit - Operation $911

Throwback Gear: Aiden's Mask, Coat and Hat - Operation Shadows


Gnomes - Gnomes are needed to get one of the most unique outfits available in Watch Dogs 2 - Gnome Outfit. You must first go to the specific location, and find and hack the gnome laptop. Then you can travel to 10 gnome collectible locations. At the end, you have to visit the final location to pick up the outfit.