The Missing Link Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Main Quests

Discover what happened to Madigan and continue his vital mission to fight the Scorched.

Note: Currently, this page contains raw quest data only. I know that it is not much, and I will try to update it with more valuable information as soon as possible.

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Prior quests

To begin The Missing Link you must first complete Into the Fire.

Quest stages of The Missing Link

1. Follow Madigan's Trail

I need to find out what happened to Madigan, as his mission was critical to dealing with the Scorched. I should check out his last known location: The Top of the World.

To complete this objective you have to go to the Top of the World and use the lift to get to the Observation Level. To make it possible you have to complete a Signal Strength quest for Rose.

Follow Madigan's Trail

2. Complete Rose's Quests to Gain Her Trust

Madigan is dead, but a raider robot named Rose knows where the Scorched Detector Uplink he was trying to set up is located. She won't tell me any more until I gain her trust by completing a series of tasks for her.

To gain her trush you have to complete Flavors of Mayhem quest.

3. Retrieve the Uplink

After gaining Rose's trust, she revealed that the uplink is in the raider cache. I just need to go grab it.

4. Go to the Free States Bunker

The uplink is damaged. I need to take it to the Free States Bunker. They made it, so hopefully I can find out how to fix it there.