The Order of Hunters Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: Shadow from the East (Legacy of the First Blade)

Category: Legacy Quest

This quest will automatically appear in your quest log after the completion of quest Shadow of a Legend.

The mysterious Order of Hunters came to Makedonia to track Alexios down and eliminate him. But when he discovered their plan, he turned the hunters into the hunted.

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Prior quests

To begin The Order of Hunters you must first complete Shadow of a Legend.

Objectives of The Order of Hunters

1. Uncover and Assassinate the Hunters branch x/7

Akantha the Deceiver - She can be found in Leader House in Amphipolis.

Echion the Watcher - He can be found in Amphipolis.

Phratagounè the Keeper - She can be found near Bear Den.

Timosa the Physician - You can kill him while doing the Mysterious Malady quest. If you have made the wrong decision while doing a quest, you will find her later in the Seaside Hideout.

Bubares the Conspirator - You will kill him while doing the Revealing the Recruiter quest.

Konon the Fighter - Phratagounè the Keeper has clues about his location. He is in Xerxes's Sacrifice of the Nine ruins.

Pactyas the Huntsman - You will kill him while doing the Protector of Persia quest.

2. Quest Completed

Quest Completed

After completing The Order of Hunters you will get or will be able to get Order of the Storm.