Praxilla's Admirer Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: The Lost Tales of Greece

Category: A Poet's Legacy

To start this quest you have to go to Boeotia and talk to Alkibiades and Orchimedes. You will find them near the Port of Kreusis.

On the coast of Boeotia there was a famed poetry festival. It was here that Alexios was tasked in aiding a young poet with wooing hisidol, the beautiful Praxilla.

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Icon of Alkibiades Alkibiades World Map

Objectives of Praxilla's Admirer

1. Gather Coral Roses x/5

Go to the location marked on your map and gather five Coral Roses.

Gather Coral Roses x/5

Gather Coral Roses x/5

2. Deliver the flowers to Orchimedes

Return to Orchimedes and talk to him.

Deliver the flowers to Orchimedes

No matter what you tell him, you will have to deliver the flowers to Praxilla.

3. Quest Completed

Reward: Rare XP

After completing Praxilla's Admirer you will get or will be able to get Lyre Lyre.