Now That’s Entertainment Far Cry New Dawn Mission

Group: Story Missions - Act 3 (Deep Cover)

Difficulty: II

You can start this mission at any time during Act 1 or Act 2 by talking to Irwin Smalls, but it is only necessary to complete this mission to receive the Inside Job mission after completing the Through the Wringer mission.

Fight in the Highwaymen's Fighting Pit.

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Mission objectives of Now That’s Entertainment

1. PUNCH the machine

PUNCH the machine

PUNCH the machine

2. STASH your weapons

STASH your weapons

3. FOLLOW Irwin

Jump on the zipline and follow him.



4. ENTER the sewer junction

ENTER the sewer junction

5. TALK to Irwin's assistant

There is only one path and it will eventually lead to the exit from the tunnels. There will be a boy waiting for you outside.

TALK to Irwin's assistant

TALK to Irwin's assistant

6. ENTER the processing room

Follow the boy. Your arena nickname will be LOLLIPOP! ;-).

ENTER the processing room

ENTER the processing room

7. REACH the Pit

Go ahead until you reach the arena.

REACH the Pit

8. ENTER the Pit

Enter the arena. Take the medkits lying on the ground, they could be useful for you. The More Fist Damage perk will make fighting here a bit easier.

ENTER the Pit

9. SURVIVE the first round

In the first round your opponents will be dogs and bandits with baseball bats. When you take down one of them, pick the bat and use it.

SURVIVE the first round

At the end of the round the medkit will be thrown into the arena. Take it if you need it.

10. SURVIVE the second round

In the second round the opponents will be stronger, some will also have better bats. So when you defeat one of them, replace your weapon with a better one. Beware of a red barrel, it cound be dangerous - I have not tested :-P. There will also be a wild pig.

SURVIVE the second round

11. SURVIVE the third round

In the third round, part of the arena will be set on fire.

SURVIVE the third round

12. DEFEAT the Champion

The Champion will zipline into the arena.

DEFEAT the Champion

His biggest advantage is his shield but after enough hits the shield will be destroyed.

DEFEAT the Champion

DEFEAT the Champion

13. KNEEL before the crowd

Go to the waypoint and crouch down.

KNEEL before the crowd

14. LEAVE the Pit

LEAVE the Pit

15. TALK to Irwin

Walk through the pipes to the exit and return to the bridge. Irwin will be there waiting for you.

TALK to Irwin

TALK to Irwin

TALK to Irwin

16. TAKE back your gear

TAKE back your gear

After completing Now That’s Entertainment you will get or will be able to get Inside Job (1 of 2).