Audiophile Far Cry New Dawn Mission

Group: Side Missions

Difficulty: II

This mission will automatically appear in your journal when you find the first MP3 player and have access to the Survivor Radio.

Find lost music players hidden in Hope County to add new music to survivor Radio. Upgrade Homebase to level 2 to unlock Survivor Radio.

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Mission objectives of Audiophile

1. FIND all the music players in Hope County 0/10

To complete this mission you must find all ten MP3 players. Click on any of the links below to get detailed information on where the MP3 player is located and how to get it.

  1. Big Mike's Dale
  2. Bradbury Woods
  3. Fillmore's Hovel
  4. Forgotten Barracks
  5. Frobisher's Memory
  6. Lake
  7. Rotgut Pass
  8. Sein's Sanctuary
  9. Sergey's Place
  10. Tombwater

2. Achievement / Trophy

Audiophile - Rediscover some sweet tunes for the new world. Find all hidden MP3 players.