Tadpole Swimming Test Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Side Quests

Category: Pioneer Scouts

Swim to each buoy and get back to shore on time

To complete this test, go to the Spruce Knob Lake marina.

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Quest stages of Tadpole Swimming Test

1. (Optional) Get a swimsuit

If I want to take the Pioneer Scouts Swimming Test, I'll need to find a swimsuit first.

If you don't have a swimsuit yet, you should be able to find one near or in the toilets at the back of the Spruce Knob Lake marina building.

(Optional) Get a swimsuit

2. Wear your swimsuit

Wear your swimsuit

3. Start the swimming test

Start the swimming test

4. Complete the Swimming Test in time [5:00]

I've started the Pioneer Scout's Swimming Test. I need to reach each buoy and return to the start before the timer runs out.

You have five minutes. There are five red, metal buoys floating in the lake. Swim to them in any order you like. Don't kill anything ("Be 'respectful' of any water life you bump into"), just beat the route as fast as you can.

4.1. Swim to each buoy (0/5)

Swim to each buoy (0/5)

4.2. Swim back to the start

Swim back to the start