Test of Judgment Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: The Lost Tales of Greece

Category: Divine Intervention

A mysterious woman tasked Alexios with solving a strange riddle. But perhaps the strangest riddle was the woman herself.

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Objectives of Test of Judgment

1. Investigate the graveyard


  • Who is the most dangerous god?

Investigate the graveyard

When you examine all five clues, Dorykleidas will come.

Investigate the graveyard

2. Kill the furious man

Kill the furious man

3. Talk to the mysterious woman

Talk to the mysterious woman

You have to choose which of the gods is more dangerous. If you think that it is Apollo then you will get the quest Test of Faith, and when you decide that it is Poseidon then you will get the quest Test of Character.

4. Quest Completed

Rewards: Epic XP, Legendary Drachmae

After completing Test of Judgment you will get or will be able to get Test of Faith and Test of Character.