Praxilla's Legacy Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest

Group: The Lost Tales of Greece

Category: A Poet's Legacy

To get this quest, you need to talk to Praxilla again after completing the Repairing the Lyre quest. She will be waiting for you in her camp.

Achaikos in hand and ready to perform, Alexios Escorted Praxilla to the poetry festival.

Prior quests

To begin Praxilla's Legacy you must first complete Repairing the Lyre.

Objectives of Praxilla's Legacy

1. Escort Praxilla

Follow her to the stage.

Escort Praxilla

2. Talk to Praxilla

If you want to please Praxilla and the audience, choose bold options (Praxilla told you her favorite poem at the beginning of this quest.)

  1. "The most beautiful thing I leave is the light of the moon." or "The most beautiful thing I leave is the light of the sun."
  2. "Second are the shining stars and the face of the moon." or "Second are the shining eyes and the face of my lover."
  3. "Then ripe cucumbers, apples, and pears too." or "Then ripe peaches, figs, and pomegranates too."

Talk to Praxilla

3. Protect Praxilla by killing the thugs

Protect Praxilla by killing the thugs

4. Talk to Praxilla

Talk to Praxilla

If in quest Lyre Lyre you have advised Orchimedes to meet his mother ("Try talking to Praxilla."), then he will appear and reconcile with his mother. If you have chosen the second option, he will not be here.

Talk to Praxilla

5. Quest Completed

Rewards: Epic XP, Epic Drachmae, Ornate Bow (Epic Bow)