Event: Fasnacht Day Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Event Quests

Category: The Forest

Join the fun during the Fasnacht Day parade and earn a chance at a festive mask!

Note: Currently, this page contains raw quest data only. I know that it is not much, and I will try to update it with more valuable information as soon as possible.

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Quest stages of Event: Fasnacht Day

1. Talk to the Master of Ceremonies

Looks like there's some kind of party going on. Apparently I need to check in with the Master of Ceremonies. Sounds fun!

2. Find the Protectron Marchers (x/5)

The Master of Ceremonies says there's going to be a parade but the marchers haven't show up yet. I need to go find them.

3. Donate Eggs from the stream to the Pantry (x/20)

4. Defeat the Honey Beasts at the Honey Haus

5. Donate Intestines from animals at the Butcher's Cooler (x/12)

6. Donate Beeswax from the Honey Haus hives to the Candlemaker (x/10)

7. Help the Decorator with the Barn (x/4)

8. Bring Old Fasnacht Steins to the Museum for Analysis (x/10)

9. Make Music with the Musician

10. Add Wood to the Bonfire (x/50)

11. Prepare for the Parade to Begin

12. March with the Fasnacht Parade

The parade has started and all of the protectrons are wearing their Fasnacht masks now.

13. Light the Bonfire

14. Defend the Parade Marchers

The parade was attacked by huge toads, there were tongues flying everywhere.


The parade was attacked again, this time by suiciding super mutants with bombs!

14.1. Destroyed Marchers (x/5)

15. (Optional) Pop Balloons During the Parade (x Popped)

16. -

We managed to finish the parade but it wasn't easy. Now we just need to burn up Old Man Winter.