NPCs Conan Exiles Points of interest

All known locations on the map The Exiled Lands

Arcos the Wanderershow details

Emote: Polite Clap

Bragashow details

Bragashow details

Conanshow details

Enis The Gobbler (Cook) / Sayd Secretkeeper (Alchemist)show details

Firis Flickertongue (Tanner)show details

Jamila the Pirate Queenshow details

Emote: Salute

Master of Ceremoniesshow details

Mek-kamosesshow details

Emote: By Set

Religion: Acolyte of Set

Mountaineershow details

Recipes: Mountaineer

Muriela the Artisanshow details

Emote: By Mitra

Religion: Acolyte of Mitra

Nunu the Cannibalshow details

Emote: Cheer

Religion: Acolyte of Yog

Petruso the Sandstorm Maniacshow details

He is in Sandswept Ruins.

Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) for Jagged Scourgestone Piece, Shattered Scourgestone Piece, Broken Scourgestone Piece.

Risa the Brutal (Taskmaster)show details

Secas The Smith (Blacksmith)show details

The Archivistshow details

He is in The Archives.

Recipes: Cartographer

The Outcastshow details

Religion: Altar to Ymir

Warmaker Klaelshow details

Yakira, Priestess of Derketoshow details

Religion: Pleasure Place of Derketo