The Exiled Lands Conan Exiles Map

World Map of Conan Exiles, including Volcano and Swamp biomes. The Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles is the location where the game takes place. Discovery locations such as vistas, camps, dungeons, caves and teachers and other interactable NPCs, fast travel obelisks, recipes, emotes, world bosses and chests, etc.

I awoke, stripped naked, in the sands of a vast desert. There were no people to be seen, just some ruins and the vast emptiness of the sands. I was disoriented, but I chose a direction and set out, hoping to find anybody or anything.

Note: This map is under construction!

The map below is interactive. Use mouse drag/roller or mobile device gestures to move it or resize it. Tap or mouse over map markers for tooltips with additional information.

Points of interest

Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on The Exiled Lands map.

Icon of Forgotten City of Xel-ha Forgotten City of Xel-ha

Icon of Mounds of the Dead Mounds of the Dead

Icon of New Asagarth New Asagarth

Icon of Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

Icon of The Black Galleon The Black Galleon

Icon of The Den The Den

Icon of The Summoning Place The Summoning Place

Icon of The Temple of Frost The Temple of Frost

Icon of The Unnamed City The Unnamed City


Icon of Aquilonian Dance Aquilonian Dance

Icon of Belly Dance Belly Dance

Icon of Blow Kiss Blow Kiss

Icon of By Crom / Kneel / Pray Standing / Pray Sitting / Grovel By Crom / Kneel / Pray Standing / Pray Sitting / Grovel

Icon of By Mitra / Kneel / Pray Standing / Pray Sitting By Mitra / Kneel / Pray Standing / Pray Sitting

Icon of By Yog / Kneel / Pray Standing / Pray Sitting By Yog / Kneel / Pray Standing / Pray Sitting

Icon of Cheer Cheer

Icon of Chicken Chicken

Icon of Cimmerian Dance Cimmerian Dance

Icon of Comb Hair Comb Hair

Icon of Come Here Come Here

Icon of Cross Arms Cross Arms

Icon of Fist Punch Fist Punch

Icon of Khitan Dance Khitan Dance

Icon of Polite Laugh / LaughBig Polite Laugh / LaughBig

Icon of Push-ups Push-ups

Icon of Score Score

Icon of Seduce Seduce

Icon of Show Off Show Off

Icon of Sigh Sigh

Icon of Slit Throat Slit Throat

Icon of Snake Dance Snake Dance

Icon of Spank Spank

Icon of Spit Spit

Icon of Squirm Squirm

Icon of Submissive Submissive

Icon of War Dance War Dance

Icon of Yawn Yawn


List of non-player characters (NPCs) you can talk to, some of them will be able to teach you new religion, new emotes, etc.

Icon of Arcos the Wanderer Arcos the Wanderer Emote: Polite Clap

Icon of Braga Braga

Icon of Braga Braga

Icon of Conan Conan

Icon of Enis The Gobbler (Cook) /  Sayd Secretkeeper (Alchemist) Enis The Gobbler (Cook) / Sayd Secretkeeper (Alchemist)

Icon of Firis Flickertongue (Tanner) Firis Flickertongue (Tanner)

Icon of Jamila the Pirate Queen Jamila the Pirate Queen Emote: Salute

Icon of Master of Ceremonies Master of Ceremonies

Icon of Mek-kamoses Mek-kamoses Emote: By Set Religion: Acolyte of Set

Icon of Mountaineer Mountaineer Recipes: Mountaineer

Icon of Muriela the Artisan Muriela the Artisan Emote: By Mitra Religion: Acolyte of Mitra

Icon of Nunu the Cannibal Nunu the Cannibal Emote: Cheer Religion: Acolyte of Yog

Icon of Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac Petruso the Sandstorm Maniac He is in Sandswept Ruins. Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) for Jagged Scourgestone Piece, Shattered Scourgestone Piece, Broken Scourgestone Piece.

Icon of Risa the Brutal (Taskmaster) Risa the Brutal (Taskmaster)

Icon of Secas The Smith (Blacksmith) Secas The Smith (Blacksmith)

Icon of The Archivist The Archivist He is in The Archives. Recipes: Cartographer

Icon of The Outcast The Outcast Religion: Altar to Ymir

Icon of Warmaker Klael Warmaker Klael

Icon of Yakira, Priestess of Derketo Yakira, Priestess of Derketo Religion: Pleasure Place of Derketo


Once you have interacted with Obelisks you will be able to fast travel to them from your base. In order to do that you need to talk to The Archivist, learn Cartography and build a Map Room.

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

Icon of Obelisk Obelisk

World BossesWorld Bosses

World Bosses are considered "end game content". Kill them, loot the skeleton key and find the legendary chest. Nice loot is waiting for you inside. You must be level 60 to open these chests.

Icon of Bug Bug

Icon of Bug Bug

Icon of Bug Bug

Icon of Crocodile Crocodile

Icon of Crocodile Crocodile

Icon of Crocodile Crocodile

Icon of Crocodile Crocodile

Icon of Crocodile Crocodile

Icon of Dragon Dragon

Icon of Rhino Rhino

Icon of Rhino Rhino

Icon of Rhino Rhino

Icon of Rocknose Rocknose

Icon of Scorpion Scorpion

Icon of Scorpion Scorpion

Icon of Scorpion Scorpion

Icon of Spider Spider

Icon of Spider Spider

Icon of Spider Spider

Icon of Spider Spider There are 2 spiders here.

Icon of Tiger Tiger

Icon of Tiger Tiger

Icon of Tiger Tiger

Icon of Undead Undead

Icon of Undead Undead

Icon of Undead Undead

Icon of Undead Undead

Icon of Undead Undead


Icon of Black Hand Banners Black Hand Banners

Icon of Buccaneer Buccaneer

Icon of Darfari Banners Darfari Banners

Icon of Dogs of the Desert Banners Dogs of the Desert Banners

Icon of Relic Hunter Banners Relic Hunter Banners

Icon of Specialist Brewing I Specialist Brewing I

Icon of Specialist Brewing II Specialist Brewing II

Icon of Specialist Cooking I + VI Specialist Cooking I + VI

Icon of Specialist Cooking II Specialist Cooking II

Icon of Specialist Cooking III Specialist Cooking III

Icon of Specialist Cooking IV Specialist Cooking IV

Icon of Specialist Cooking IX Specialist Cooking IX

Icon of Specialist Cooking V Specialist Cooking V

Icon of Specialist Cooking VII Specialist Cooking VII

Icon of Specialist Cooking VIII Specialist Cooking VIII

Icon of Specialist Cooking X Specialist Cooking X

Icon of Totems Totems

Icon of Vanquisher of the King Beneath Vanquisher of the King Beneath It's inside The Barrow King cave.

Darfari-Cannibals CampsDarfari-Cannibals Camps

Icon of Bonebreaker's Bend Bonebreaker's Bend

Icon of Cannibal's Rest Cannibal's Rest

Icon of Carver's Crest Carver's Crest

Icon of Death's Shadow Camp Death's Shadow Camp

Icon of Dustdevil Ridge Dustdevil Ridge

Icon of Fleshtearer Falls Fleshtearer Falls

Icon of Gallaman's Overlook Gallaman's Overlook

Icon of Heartsblood Rise Heartsblood Rise

Icon of Howling Plateau Howling Plateau

Icon of Marrowman's Height Marrowman's Height

Icon of Narrowneck Span Narrowneck Span

Icon of Raider's Ridge Raider's Ridge

Icon of Ravager's Cleft Ravager's Cleft

Icon of Riverwatch Camp Riverwatch Camp

Icon of Skulker's End Skulker's End

Icon of Spinebreaker's Flank Spinebreaker's Flank

Icon of The Corner of Bones The Corner of Bones

Icon of The Cursed Way The Cursed Way

Icon of The Dryfalls The Dryfalls

Icon of Thugra's Stand Thugra's Stand

Icon of Witness Camp Witness Camp

Black Hand CampsBlack Hand Camps

Icon of Anchor Point Anchor Point

Icon of Bilgewater Break Bilgewater Break

Icon of Captain's Quarters Captain's Quarters

Icon of Deathwhisper Camp Deathwhisper Camp

Icon of Deckswab's Retreat Deckswab's Retreat

Icon of Flotsam Flotsam

Icon of Jamilla's Liberty Jamilla's Liberty

Icon of Lookout point Lookout point

Icon of Marauder's Muster Marauder's Muster

Icon of Sailstitch Camp Sailstitch Camp

Icon of Scavenger's Berth Scavenger's Berth

Icon of Scoundrel's Gateway Scoundrel's Gateway

Icon of Scupper's Shelter Scupper's Shelter

Icon of Spotter's Squat Spotter's Squat

Icon of Sullys's Ambush Sullys's Ambush

Icon of Talier's Berth Talier's Berth

Icon of Tarman's Berth Tarman's Berth

Icon of The Pocket The Pocket

Icon of The Sandspit The Sandspit

Icon of Voyager's Vigil Voyager's Vigil

Icon of Watchers Waystation Watchers Waystation

Cimmerian CampsCimmerian Camps

Icon of Stargazer's Crest Stargazer's Crest

Dogs of the Desert CampsDogs of the Desert Camps

Icon of Bonepicker Camp Bonepicker Camp

Icon of Claw Outcrop Claw Outcrop

Icon of Howler's Lode Howler's Lode

Icon of Hunter's View Hunter's View

Icon of N'batu's Pack N'batu's Pack

Icon of Ruins of al-Merayah Ruins of al-Merayah

Icon of Sharptooth Passage Sharptooth Passage

Icon of Waterhole Outlook Waterhole Outlook

Frost Giant CampsFrost Giant Camps

Icon of Blizzard's Overwatch Blizzard's Overwatch

Icon of Crystalline Chasm Crystalline Chasm

Icon of Flamemist Camp Flamemist Camp

Icon of Icekeeper Hollow Icekeeper Hollow

Icon of The Outcast Camp The Outcast Camp

Icon of Ymir's Delusion Ymir's Delusion

Lemurian CampsLemurian Camps

Icon of Pagoda of Boundless Lusts Pagoda of Boundless Lusts

Vanir CampsVanir Camps

Icon of Coldfish Camp Coldfish Camp

Icon of Desertwatch Desertwatch

Icon of Freya's Hovel Freya's Hovel

Icon of Ghostward Tower Ghostward Tower

Icon of Godsward Tower Godsward Tower

Icon of Lian's Watch Lian's Watch

Icon of Mammothrider's  Shanty Mammothrider's Shanty

Icon of Meadowwatch Meadowwatch

Icon of Meltwater Crag Meltwater Crag

Icon of Nordhof Nordhof

Icon of Rimefisher's Hut Rimefisher's Hut

Icon of Sandward Tower Sandward Tower

Icon of Stormwatch Stormwatch

Icon of The Wardtowers The Wardtowers

Icon of Trapper's Cabin Trapper's Cabin

Relic Hunters CampsRelic Hunters Camps

Icon of Southlake Southlake

Icon of Temple Quarter Temple Quarter

Icon of Waterside Waterside

Icon of Westwall Westwall

Icon of Westwall Prison Westwall Prison


Icon of Drifter's Rest Drifter's Rest

Icon of Mitra's Serenity Mitra's Serenity

Icon of Muriela's Hope Muriela's Hope

Icon of Shaman's Rise Shaman's Rise

Icon of Wightwatch Lookout Wightwatch Lookout


Icon of Palace of the Witch Queen Palace of the Witch Queen

Icon of The Black Keep The Black Keep

Icon of The Dregs The Dregs

Icon of The Passage The Passage

Icon of The Well of Skelos The Well of Skelos

Icon of Undergate Undergate


Icon of Bin-Yakin's Seal Bin-Yakin's Seal

Icon of Cavern of Fiends Cavern of Fiends

Icon of Dragonmouth Dragonmouth

Icon of Executioners Entrance Executioners Entrance

Icon of Gallaman's Tomb Gallaman's Tomb

Icon of Hanuman's Grotto Hanuman's Grotto

Icon of Jhil's Roost Jhil's Roost

Icon of Lockstone Cave Lockstone Cave

Icon of Scuttler's Shortcut Scuttler's Shortcut

Icon of Shaleback Hollow Shaleback Hollow

Icon of Sinner's Refuge Sinner's Refuge

Icon of Skittering Cavern Skittering Cavern

Icon of The Barrow King The Barrow King

Icon of The Crevice The Crevice

Icon of The Floe The Floe

Icon of The High Way The High Way

Icon of The Scraps The Scraps

Icon of Warren of Degenerates Warren of Degenerates

Icon of Weaver's Hollow Weaver's Hollow

Icon of Xalthar's Refuge Xalthar's Refuge


Icon of Bay of Hulks Bay of Hulks

Icon of Boundary Spillway Boundary Spillway

Icon of Bridge of Voormithadreth Bridge of Voormithadreth

Icon of Buccaneer Bay Buccaneer Bay

Icon of Canopy Outlook Canopy Outlook

Icon of Dagon's Claw Dagon's Claw

Icon of Devil's Squat Devil's Squat

Icon of Eyelet Lake Eyelet Lake

Icon of Fingerfang Rock Fingerfang Rock

Icon of Forkspring Hollow Forkspring Hollow

Icon of Frostneedle Forest Frostneedle Forest

Icon of Godsclaw Passage Godsclaw Passage

Icon of Godsight Spire Godsight Spire

Icon of Heliograph Heights Heliograph Heights

Icon of Hullshatter Cove Hullshatter Cove

Icon of Icespire Chasm Icespire Chasm

Icon of Imi's Cradle Imi's Cradle

Icon of Inlet of the Hook Inlet of the Hook

Icon of Ironbreaker Ridge Ironbreaker Ridge

Icon of Island of Unsightly Sirens Island of Unsightly Sirens

Icon of Messenger's Respite Messenger's Respite

Icon of Mire of Eternal Dreams Mire of Eternal Dreams

Icon of Oasis of Nekhet Oasis of Nekhet

Icon of Oasis Overlook Oasis Overlook

Icon of Pariah's Overwatch Pariah's Overwatch

Icon of Path of the Penitent Path of the Penitent

Icon of Pitfall Pass Pitfall Pass

Icon of Priestking's Retreat Priestking's Retreat

Icon of Relicwatcher Rise Relicwatcher Rise

Icon of Rhinohorn Ridge Rhinohorn Ridge

Icon of Riversend Riversend

Icon of Road of the Pilgrim Road of the Pilgrim

Icon of Rockfall Canyon Rockfall Canyon

Icon of Sandscour Pass Sandscour Pass

Icon of Scartalon Ridgeline Scartalon Ridgeline

Icon of Shattered Springs Shattered Springs

Icon of Skyfall Ridge Skyfall Ridge

Icon of Swagger Rock Swagger Rock

Icon of Telith's Island Telith's Island

Icon of Terrace of the Tenders Terrace of the Tenders

Icon of The Crevice The Crevice

Icon of The Crossway The Crossway

Icon of The Crowngrove The Crowngrove

Icon of The Dirgewood The Dirgewood

Icon of The Disjunction The Disjunction

Icon of The Forge of Ymir The Forge of Ymir

Icon of The Frozen Slopes The Frozen Slopes

Icon of The Hidden Way The Hidden Way

Icon of The Jawbone The Jawbone

Icon of The Pens The Pens

Icon of The Silkwood The Silkwood

Icon of Warrior's Walk Warrior's Walk

Icon of Wreck of the Martyr Wreck of the Martyr

Icon of Wreck of the Wagtail Wreck of the Wagtail

Icon of Xalthar's Crossing Xalthar's Crossing


Icon of A Light to Guide Them Home A Light to Guide Them Home

Icon of Algar's Overlook Algar's Overlook

Icon of Avenue of the Sun Avenue of the Sun

Icon of Bjornar's Stand Bjornar's Stand

Icon of Bleakwood Ruins Bleakwood Ruins

Icon of Boulevard of the North Star Boulevard of the North Star

Icon of Bridge of the Betrayer Bridge of the Betrayer

Icon of Carrowmore Carrowmore

Icon of Chaosmouth Chaosmouth

Icon of Circle of Swords Circle of Swords

Icon of Citadel of the Triumvirate Citadel of the Triumvirate

Icon of Dagon's Embrace Dagon's Embrace

Icon of Dagon's Eye Dagon's Eye

Icon of Deathwhisper Ruins Deathwhisper Ruins

Icon of Descent of Dagon Descent of Dagon

Icon of Deserter's Gutter Deserter's Gutter

Icon of Eastern Barracks Eastern Barracks

Icon of Gate of the Moon Gate of the Moon

Icon of Hand of the Maker Hand of the Maker

Icon of King's Niche King's Niche

Icon of Klael’s Stronghold Klael’s Stronghold

Icon of Lakewatch Lakewatch

Icon of Lower Staging Area Lower Staging Area

Icon of Mek-kamoses's Spire Mek-kamoses's Spire

Icon of Penitent's Crossing Penitent's Crossing

Icon of Ravaged Barrows Ravaged Barrows

Icon of Ring of Silence Ring of Silence

Icon of Road of the Righeteous Road of the Righeteous

Icon of Ruined Outpost Ruined Outpost

Icon of Ruins of Old Nebthu Ruins of Old Nebthu

Icon of Ruins of Velstad Ruins of Velstad

Icon of Ruins of Xullan Ruins of Xullan

Icon of Sanctuary Ruins Sanctuary Ruins

Icon of Sandswept Ruins Sandswept Ruins

Icon of Shattered Bridge Shattered Bridge

Icon of Shrine of the Oracle Shrine of the Oracle

Icon of Skyholme Ruins Skyholme Ruins

Icon of The Archives The Archives

Icon of The Arena The Arena

Icon of The Aviary The Aviary

Icon of The Black Garden The Black Garden

Icon of The Breach The Breach

Icon of The Broken Highway The Broken Highway

Icon of The Broken Highway The Broken Highway

Icon of The Broken Highway The Broken Highway

Icon of The Broken Highway The Broken Highway

Icon of The Broken Highway The Broken Highway

Icon of The Broken Highway The Broken Highway

Icon of The Celestial Plaza The Celestial Plaza

Icon of The Cursed Mound The Cursed Mound

Icon of The Dawn Gate The Dawn Gate

Icon of The Eye that Never Closes The Eye that Never Closes

Icon of The Great Dam The Great Dam

Icon of The Imperial Highway The Imperial Highway

Icon of The Northern Aqueduct The Northern Aqueduct

Icon of The Sentinels The Sentinels

Icon of The Shattered Basin The Shattered Basin

Icon of The Shattered Stairs The Shattered Stairs

Icon of The Sinkhole The Sinkhole

Icon of The Slave Pits The Slave Pits

Icon of The Slave Road The Slave Road

Icon of The Slaveway The Slaveway

Icon of The Southern Aqueduct The Southern Aqueduct

Icon of The Spawning Pools The Spawning Pools

Icon of The Tower of Bats The Tower of Bats

Icon of The Tradeway The Tradeway

Icon of Tyros's Passage Tyros's Passage

Icon of Upper Staging Area Upper Staging Area

Icon of Walkway of the Devout Walkway of the Devout

Icon of Watcher of the Passage Watcher of the Passage

Icon of Weeping Ruin Weeping Ruin

Icon of Westwatch Keep Westwatch Keep

Icon of Xel-ha Docks Xel-ha Docks