Bastion Exploration Challenges

List of Exploration Challenges.

Bastion Regions Challenges

In total you have to find 103 locations: 63 Districts + 30 Landmarks + 10 Hidden Places (there are more of them but only ten of them count).

When you find all these places, you'll complete the Exploration Master Challenge.

Bastion Exploration Challenges

Bastion Collectibles Challenges


Arcanist Runes

Misplaced Writings

Legionnaire Tombs

Master Archivist

Can be "farmed", you can get the same item after death.

  • Arcanist Archives - gather 25 archives.
  • Dominion Intel - gather 25 intel.
  • Outlaw History - gather 25 history.
  • Scar Intel - gather 25 intel.
  • Sentinel Archives - gather 25 archives.