Wild West Online Game Guide

There is a large open game world in Wild West Online, so its map will be included in this guide for sure. You will also find here a list of PvE missions. What else? I would like to know it myself, time will tell ;-)

Wild West Online

Wild West Online is an open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and much, much more.

Your actions decide if you'll be a hero, a villain or something else entirely in this R-Rated adult's playground, where you choose if you want to follow the law of the land or throw the good book out the window. But dig deeper and you might start to suspect there's more going on here than just lawmakers and lawbreakers - underneath the surface this west is even wilder than meets the eye.

Official website: http://playwwo.com/

We all came to this new world for a reason. Some looking for thrills of the frontier, some seeking riches and some just looking for a new beginning. Some folk sought justice, some sought revenge, and some just trying to run from something.

The first Wild West Online official gameplay video

On the video below you can see the first Wild West Online gameplay. The executive producer of the game briefly shows off such elements of their game as: character creation, social activities available in one of the towns, getting new quests, ingame map, riding a horse, exploration and finally the combat.


World Map - This is a map of the game world currently available in the early access alpha version of the Wild West Online game. As you may notice, a large part of the world is still inaccessible and will be available at a later date. In spite of this, crossing the currently available area takes a while.

10 x Locked Chest; 7 x Safe; 25 x Campsite; 11 x Cabin; 30 x Location; 29 x Others


Wild West Online Game Guide

Start date of Wild West Online alpha tests announced

612 Games announced today that early access alpha tests of Wild West Online will become available to Pioneer- and Collector-edition owners starting September 15, 2017. Alpha 1 tests will take place during three consecutive weekends: ...