The Ranger Rage 2 Mission

This is the first mission you will receive when you start a new game. It is a kind of tutorial that will familiarize you with the basic rules of the game, controls, etc.

Vineland is under attack by some sort of crazy mutants. Time to get out there and do what I was born to do - protect Vineland by any means necessary!

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Objectives of The Ranger

1. Grab your weapons

Take your weapons - pistol and wingstick, and move on.

Grab your weapons

You will meet the first character, Lily Prowley, who will be a part of your adventure.

Grab your weapons

2. Leave the guardhouse

Use the zipline to get down.

Leave the guardhouse

3. Reach the courtyard

Move forward with Lily until you reach the area where you will see Ranger Jersey fight a big monster. The fight will end in the death of both of them.

Reach the courtyard

4. Put on the Ranger armor

Put on the Ranger armor

5. Reach the courtyard

Go forward, eliminate the enemies until you reach the place where you meet Erwina Prowley.

Reach the courtyard

You will also have the opportunity to meet the main evil character - General Cross. "The meeting" will end in the death of Erwina Prowley.

Reach the courtyard

6. Enter the Presidio

Go to the building, use the scanner to open the door and go inside.

Enter the Presidio

7. Listen to Prowley's holo-recording

Listen to what the hologram has to say to you about the Ark.

Listen to Prowley's holo-recording

8. Investigate the Ark

Go up to the ark in the adjacent room, open it and use the nanotrite injector. Follow the tutorial and you will receive a new skill - Dash.

Investigate the Ark

9. Listen to Prowley's holo-recording

Go back to the hologram and listen again to what she has to say to you. You will receive new missions: Blackout, Wasteland Celebrity, Ground Control, and Project Dagger.

Listen to Prowley's holo-recording

10. Return to Lily

Go back to Lily.

Return to Lily

You will receive your first vehicle - Phoenix, and you will be able to leave Vineland and start exploring the open world of the game.

Return to Lily

After completing The Ranger you will get or will be able to get Blackout, Ground Control, Wasteland Celebrity and Project Dagger.