Task: The Witnesses Mass Effect: Andromeda Mission

Type: Additional Tasks

Zone / Planet: Tempest

Moshae Sjefa urges you to speak with the few remaining angara on Aya who remember how the kett conquered their people. The Moshae believes these elders' insights can aid the Initiative's struggle against the kett.

To receive this mission you have to read the email "Wisdom" from Moshae Sjefa. You will receive it after completing Hunting the Archon mission.

Translated from Shelesh:

If you intend to fight the kett, you should understand that enemy as we do. There are still a few of us who remember what it was like when the kett first came - and how our lives changed once we discovered their true intentions. Learn what our elders have to teach you. I've told them you're coming, and given you the means of finding them on Aya.

With respect,

Moshae Sjefa

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Mission objectives of Task: The Witnesses

1. Speak to each of the angaran elders about the kett

Talk to each of the three elders.

1.1. Speak to Anaret on Aya

Speak to Anaret on Aya

1.2. Speak to Daanesk on Aya

Speak to Daanesk on Aya

1.3. Speak to Vuhlren on Aya

Speak to Vuhlren on Aya