Task: The Angaran Initiative Mass Effect: Andromeda Mission

Type: Additional Tasks

Zone / Planet: Tempest

Director Tann reports that the angara have opened an embassy on Aya. Check in with the Initiative's representatives there to make sure things go smoothly.

To receive this mission you should read the email "Aya Diplomatic Efforts" from Director Jarun Tann. You should receive this email after you find the kett transponder on Kadara - objective "Retrieve the kett transponder from the badlands" of Hunting the Archon mission.

When we left our old home, we never planned on having to negotiate with an alien civilization for a new one. It's vital we placate the angara and keep them on our side. They've opened an embassy on Aya and our diplomatic team is already settling in. I'm counting on you to ensure our success.

You've established ties with the Resistance leader, the Moshae, and Aya's governor. Do all you can to learn everything about them and their supporters. The better we understand Aya's political structure, the more successful we'll be gaining their help colonizing Heleus.

Director Tann

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Icon of Ambassador Rialla Ambassador Rialla Aya

Mission objectives of Task: The Angaran Initiative

1. Visit the Andromeda Initiative embassy on Aya

The entrance to the embassy is in Governor's Office. Go there and talk to Ambassador Rialla. She has a new mission for you - The Vesaal.

Visit the Andromeda Initiative embassy on Aya

After completing Task: The Angaran Initiative you will get or will be able to get The Vesaal.