New Herbarium Kingdom Come: Deliverance Quest

Group: Side Quests

Location: Sasau

To unlock this quest you have to complete Weeds quest then speak with Brother Nicodemus in the Sasau Monastery.

Brother Nicodemus asked me to help him with putting together a new herbarium.

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Prior quests

To begin New Herbarium you must first complete Weeds.

Quest objectives of New Herbarium

1. Get hold of an old book.

To make the herbarium I have to find a book. It doesn't matter what kind.

The foundation for every herbarium is a book, ideally old and in good condition. I managed to find one.

2. Pick one specimen of each plant for the herbarium.

I have to collect belladonna, chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, eyebright, St. John's wort, marigold, mint, herb Paris, poppy, sage, thistle, nettle, valerian and wormwood. Once I have them, I am to take them to Bother Nicodemus.

2.1. Belladonna

2.2. Chamomile

2.3. Comfrey

2.4. Dandelion

2.5. Eyebright

2.6. Herb Paris

2.7. Marigold

2.8. Nettle

2.9. Mint

2.10. Poppy

2.11. Sage

2.12. St. John's Wort

2.13. Thistle

2.14. Wormwood

2.15. Valerian

I've collected all fifteen herbs that Brother Nicodemus wants for his new herbarium.

3. Give everything to Brother Nicodemus.

Now I've got all the herbs and an old book, I only have to take them to Brother Nicodemus.

Once I had everything needed for the new herbarium, I gave it all to Brother Nicodemus. He was delighted, gave me a small reward and started scraping the ink of the book at once.