Tower Cast Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mission

Group: Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts DLC

Type: Side Mission

This is one of the side missions added in Fallen Ghosts DLC - Rebel Support: Vehicle Drop-Off. You need to complete three missions of this type, one in each precinct, to unlock the final one.

Decrease the time between the use of the skill "VEHICLE DROP-OFF" and another Rebel Support.

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Objectives of Tower Cast

1. Start the broadcast

Kill any guards, go to the top of the tower, and activate the switch that starts the broadcast.

Start the broadcast

Start the broadcast

2. Defend the radio tower [03:10]

It will be a tough fight. Opponents will come from many sides, there will be many of them and in addition you can not go too far from the tower.

Hint: One of the tower levels (that with ammo crate) is a bit better fortified, you should stay there or even you can try to hide there :-)

Defend the radio tower [03:10]

3. Reward for completing all four Tower Cast missions

MK14 Occult, Sniper Rifle

Santa Blanca customized version of the MK14.