Mo' Mommies, Mo' Problems Far Cry New Dawn Mission

Group: Side Missions

Difficulty: III

In order to receive this mission, you must first recruit Sharky Boshaw, mission Adventures in Babysitting. When you do this, you will find him in Prosperity. Talk to him and you will get this mission.

Baby Blade's birth mommy Gina is being forced to drive in the Highwaymen Prisoner run. Help her win the unwinnable race.

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Mission objectives of Mo' Mommies, Mo' Problems

1. REACH the Derby Arena

Go to The Meat Grinder.

REACH the Derby Arena

2. REACH the sniper's nest

Go up to the tower.

REACH the sniper's nest

3. DEFEND Gina / KILL Gina's Opponents

You have to kill the other drivers and the snipers surrounding the arena. You can snipe from the tower, or you can go down and fight in the arena. You can use explosives, rocket or grenade launchers, etc.

DEFEND Gina / KILL Gina's Opponents

DEFEND Gina / KILL Gina's Opponents

DEFEND Gina / KILL Gina's Opponents

4. TALK to Gina

TALK to Gina

5. Reward

Gina Guerra (Gun for Hire - Heavy Gunner)