Ethan’s Soul Far Cry New Dawn Mission

Group: Story Missions - Act 3 (Deep Cover)

Difficulty: III

This is the last mission ending the main storyline of Far Cry New Dawn. You will receive it upon completion of the Problem Solver mission.

Stop Ethan's madness.

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Prior missions

To begin Ethan’s Soul you must first complete Problem Solver.

Mission objectives of Ethan’s Soul

1. REACH Ethan and Joseph

Go to Joseph's Sanctuary. If you want to go there immediately after completing the Problem Solver mission then you can use a car that you will find near New Eden.

REACH Ethan and Joseph

Joseph and Ethan will be waiting for you at the top of the destroyed dam next to "Joseph's tree".

REACH Ethan and Joseph

2. DEFEAT Ethan

After eating an apple form the holy tree, Ethan will transform into a monster and run to the cave. You will follow him.


The fight against Ethan will take place in a large cave and will be hard, so it is best to improve the infirmary facility as much as possible in order to have as much hitpoints as possible. Updated More Medkits perk will also be helpful here. Of course it is recommended to have the best / elite weapons.


Some tips:

  • Note that Ethan has a few weak points. They are marked in orange. Hitting these points will inflict much more damage on him.
  • Run to the sides when he rushes towards you.
  • At certain points during the fight, he will be invulnerable (he will be glowing). Don't waste your ammo when he is at this state.
  • As soon as he starts picking up a rock from the ground, start running to the side to avoid his ranged attack.
  • Ammunition and medkits can be replenished using the crates located in the cave.


After the fight is over, the mission will end and you will be able to watch a cutscene from Joseph's and Ethan's past.



The last decision you will have to make is whether to fulfill Joseph's request, bring him God's justice and kill him, or let him live. To spare him, ignore the prompt.


3. REACH Rush's grave

Return to Prosperity and visit Rush's grave. You will find it right behind the walls of the settlement. This is the end of the main story of the game.

REACH Rush's grave

4. Achievement / Trophy

The End of Eden - Decide the fate of the Father.