Tadpole Archery Test Fallout 76 Quest

Group: Side Quests

Category: Pioneer Scouts

Score enough bullseyes in time

In order to complete this task you have to go to the shooting range. There is one in Camp Lewis a.k.a. Pioneer Scout Camp.

To complete this test you must have a crossbow. If you don't have a crossbow yet, you can craft one. On the shooting range you will find a crossbow plan and a weapons workbench.

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Quest stages of Tadpole Archery Test

1. Tadpole Archery Test Start

Press the button to start the test.

Tadpole Archery Test Start

2. Wait for the test to begin [0:20]

Equip your crossbow, etc.

3. Score all 5 bullseyes with a crossbow in time [1:30]

I've stumbled upon an automated Pioneer Scout archery test. Should be a good chance to test my skills!

Score all 5 bullseyes with a crossbow in time [1:30]

3.1. Warning: Stay at an acceptable distance!

Don't get too close to the targets.

4. (Quest completed)

I've passed the Pioneer Scout archery test! My steady aim came through!

(Quest completed)

5. (Quest failed)

I failed the Pioneer Scout archery test. I'll need to be faster next time.


I failed the Pioneer Scout archery test by moving out of bounds. I'll need to keep the right distance next time.